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1. Forest Whitaker Forest Whitaker Actor, Platoon Forest Steven Whitaker has packaged a king-size talent into his hulking 6' 2", 220 lb. frame. He won an Academy Award for his performance as Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in the 2006 film The Last King of Scotland, and has also won a Golden Globe and a BAFTA. He is the fourth African-American male to win an Academy Award for Best Actor...
2. John Lee Hancock John Lee Hancock Director, The Blind Side
3. Rodney Carrington Rodney Carrington Actor, Beer for My Horses
4. Lee Jackson Lee Jackson Actor, Friday Night Lights
5. Andy Bowles Andy Bowles Actor, A Texas Tale Andy Bowles is an actor and filmmaker. Andy grew up in the small Texas town of Cedar Hill where he and his friends made their own independent movies out of pure love for the art. Andy studied acting in Hollywood for years with some of the best teachers in the industry. Andy formed APB Productions in 2004 and has continued pursuing his dreams of being an actor and filmmaker ever since....
6. Kenn Whitaker Kenn Whitaker Actor, Most Wanted
7. Leona Gage Leona Gage Actress, Tales of Terror
8. Jean Howard Jean Howard Actress, The Prizefighter and the Lady Howard often used her camera capturing moments from Hollywood during the 1940s & 50s. She photographed parties, gatherings, sports tournaments etc., shooting everyone from Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney, Richard Burton to Cole Porter, Judy Garland, Hedy LaMarr and Jennifer Jones. In 1989, a book of her photography was published, "Jean Howard's Hollywood" - a tribute to the golden days of Hollywood.
9. Lee Supercinski Lee Supercinski Producer, Futurama: Bender's Big Score
10. Karen Silkwood Karen Silkwood Self, Testify! Eco-Defense and the Politics of Violence Nuclear facility technician, union activist. Born in Longview, Texas. Silkwood, a nuclear plant laborer who died while investigating safety violations made by her employer, is viewed as a martyr by anti-nuclear activists; in 1983, her story was made into a film, Silkwood. On the night of November 13...
11. Tiffany Terrell Tiffany Terrell Actress, RahXephon
12. Jessica Right Jessica Right Actress, Booty I Like 5
13. Jack Wood Jack Wood Director, One Life to Live
14. Holly Martin Holly Martin Actress, Vertigo Summer
15. Desmond Dhooge Desmond Dhooge Actor, Paper Moon
16. Ben Idom Ben Idom Miscellaneous Crew, Pie-lette
17. Marv Fleming Marv Fleming Self, Super Bowl VII
18. Robert Newhouse Robert Newhouse Self, Super Bowl X
19. Austin Meyers Austin Meyers Visual Effects, The Expendables
20. Stephanie Shelan Katz Stephanie Shelan Katz Director, Touch of Heaven
21. Keithian De' Von Keithian De' Von Actor, Nola
22. Josh Scobee Josh Scobee Self, 2004 NFL Draft
23. Charlie Neal Charlie Neal Self, Game 6
24. Chae Balistreri Chae Balistreri Actor, Camp Kickitoo
25. Byron Hunt Byron Hunt Self, 1981 NFL Draft
26. Lacy Prince Lacy Prince Actress, Card Me If You Can
27. Byron Robinson Byron Robinson Editor, The Monster Walks
28. Weston Lyon Weston Lyon Cinematographer, Work of the Hour
29. Sarah Hale Sarah Hale Actress, Mirror, Mirror
30. Clint Tidwell Clint Tidwell Actor, The Right Girl
31. D'Lytha Myers D'Lytha Myers Actress, Aria Appleton
32. Marvin Fleming Marvin Fleming Actor, Heaven Can Wait Former NFL player with the Green Bay Packers and the Miami Dolphins, Fleming played in five Superbowl games (1966-67, and 1972-74).
33. Dustin Holloman Dustin Holloman Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, The Locker
34. Jamie Regan Jamie Regan Actor, The Vernonia Incident
35. James Street James Street Self, The Story of Darrell Royal
36. E. Jeff Davis E. Jeff Davis Actor, Agenda
37. Mandy Brint Mandy Brint Actress, Ghede Origins
38. Michael B. Lewis Michael B. Lewis Miscellaneous Crew, Black Swan
39. Lee Lacy Lee Lacy Self, 1979 World Series Video: Pittsburgh Pirates vs Baltimore Orioles
40. George Leverett George Leverett Actor, Dallas: The Early Years
41. Jim Evans Jim Evans Self, Signs of the Time
42. Ryan Zeeck Ryan Zeeck Producer, Donnybrook
43. Michael Lewis Michael Lewis Art Department, Driftwood
44. Maci Martin Maci Martin Cinematographer, The Hunt Chronicles
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