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1. Roma Downey Roma Downey Actress, Touched by an Angel Roma was raised in Derry, then went to the Brighton Art College in England where she received her bachelor's. After that, she attended the London Drama Studio, where she was awarded Most Promising Student of the Year when she graduated. Roma was nominated for the Helen Hayes Best Actress Award in 1991 while touring the US with Abbey Theatre's production of "The Playboy of the Western World"...
2. Andrew Simpson Andrew Simpson Actor, Notes on a Scandal Andrew Simpson attended the Foyle School of Speech and Drama, and was taught by Sandra Biddle in his home city of Derry in Northern Ireland. Andrew's mum and dad are Marion and Paddy and he has two older sisters, Charlotte and Sarah and a younger brother, Patrick, all of whom have also attended Miss Biddle's excellent training school for drama...
3. Bronagh Gallagher Bronagh Gallagher Actress, Pulp Fiction Bronagh Gallagher is an Irish-born singer and actress. Born in 1972 in Northern Ireland, Bronagh became involved in the performing arts, including music and drama during her teenage years. She later joined a local amateur drama group known as the Oakgrove Theatre Company. Bronagh made her screen debut in 1989...
4. Amanda Burton Amanda Burton Actress, Bronson Amanda Burton was born and raised in Derry, Northern Ireland. Leaving aged 18 to train as an actress at Manchester Polytechnic School of Theatre. Amanda has since become one of Britain's most respected and admired actresses often taking on leading strong roles in dramas. She is the mother of two daughters Phoebe (b. 1989) and Brid (b. 1990) and lives in London.
5. James Burke James Burke Writer, Connections 2
6. James Hewitt James Hewitt Self, The X Factor: Battle of the Stars
7. Noel Willman Noel Willman Actor, Doctor Zhivago
8. Andrew McClay Andrew McClay
9. Aoife Wilson Aoife Wilson Self, How Video Games Changed the World
10. Phil Coulter Phil Coulter Music Department, The Water Babies
11. Neil Hannon Neil Hannon Soundtrack, Amélie
12. Baltimora Baltimora Soundtrack, Beverly Hills Ninja
13. Gerry Anderson Gerry Anderson Writer, A City Dreaming
14. Feargal Sharkey Feargal Sharkey Self, Top of the Pops
15. Seamus Heaney Seamus Heaney Writer, Stay
16. Maurice O'Callaghan Maurice O'Callaghan Actor, Pilgrim's Progress
17. Margo Harkin Margo Harkin Producer, Bloody Sunday: A Derry Diary A founding member of Derry Film & Video, a Channel 4 franchised workshop. In 1992 she founded Besom Productions Ltd, of Derry, Northern Ireland. This company specializes in education programmes and arts documentaries. Margo was Vice Chairperson of the former Northern Ireland Film Council and executive member of the Irish Film Institute...
18. Henry McCullough Henry McCullough Self, The Passing Show: The Life and Music of Ronnie Lane
19. Eoghan Quigg Eoghan Quigg Self, The X Factor
20. Joyce Cary Joyce Cary Writer, The Horse's Mouth
21. Martin McGuinness Martin McGuinness Self, Endgame in Ireland
22. Reece G. Donnell Reece G. Donnell Producer, The New Family
23. Paul Ramsey Paul Ramsey
24. Aileen Reid Aileen Reid Self, Commonwealth Games
25. Colm Villa Colm Villa Director, Sunset Heights
26. Harry Gregg Harry Gregg Self, Spirit of '58
27. Frederick Catherwood Frederick Catherwood Self, Election 74
28. Fiona Henderson Fiona Henderson Actress, Reporting Scotland
29. George Farquhar George Farquhar Writer, National Theatre Live: 50 Years on Stage
30. Peter Marshall Peter Marshall Self, Come Dancing
30 names.