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1. Paolo Virzì Paolo Virzì Writer, Hardboiled Egg
2. Paolo Ruffini Paolo Ruffini Actor, The First Beautiful Thing Almost a high school drop out in his senior year, Paolino loves cinema, especially the one of the 70s. He also loves the actors and directors of that period: Steven Spielberg, Joe D'Amato, Martin Scorsese, Ruggero Deodato, Umberto Lenzi, etc... He appeared in several commercials and in the movie "Ovosodo" by Paolo Virzi'...
3. Francesco Bruni Francesco Bruni Writer, Easy!
4. Guglielmo Favilla Guglielmo Favilla Actor, Eaters
5. Pietro Mascagni Pietro Mascagni Soundtrack, Raging Bull
6. Luca Guastini Luca Guastini Actor, Exit: Una storia personale
7. Amasi Damiani Amasi Damiani Director, Amori morbosi di una contessina
8. Romano Albani Romano Albani Cinematographer, Phenomena
9. Luca Dal Canto Luca Dal Canto Director, Il cappotto di lana Born in Livorno (Leghorn, Tuscany, Italy) on the 21st of June 1981. Graduated in DAMS (Arts and Performing Arts - University of Florence 2004) Graduated in Cinema and Multimedial Production (University of Pisa - 2006) Independent author of documentaries, short films and backstage. He has worked as First or Second Assistant of director as Enrico Oldoini...
10. Emilio Cigoli Emilio Cigoli Actor, The Children Are Watching Us
11. Alfredo Bini Alfredo Bini Producer, The Gospel According to St. Matthew
12. Vivi Gioi Vivi Gioi Actress, Tragic Hunt
13. Alfio Contini Alfio Contini Cinematographer, Ripley's Game
14. Gianluca Favilla Gianluca Favilla Actor, Un paradiso senza biliardo
15. Doris Duranti Doris Duranti Actress, The Knight of Kruja
16. Carlo Romano Carlo Romano Actor, I Vitelloni
17. Siria Betti Siria Betti Actress, L'innocente
18. Stefano Sibaldi Stefano Sibaldi Actor, The Singing Princess
19. Roberto Rondelli Roberto Rondelli Actor, The First Beautiful Thing
20. Dino Di Luca Dino Di Luca Actor, The Cardinal
21. Graziano Diana Graziano Diana Writer, Ultrà
22. Galliano Sbarra Galliano Sbarra Actor, Roma
23. Maurizio Micheli Maurizio Micheli Actor, Allegro non troppo
24. Enzo Biliotti Enzo Biliotti Actor, La grande luce - Montevergine
25. Carlo Bosco Carlo Bosco Composer, Kiss Me Lorena
26. Carlo Baldacci Carli Carlo Baldacci Carli Writer, Il velo di Waltz
27. Emanuele Barresi Emanuele Barresi Actor, The First Beautiful Thing
28. Roberta Mari Roberta Mari Actress, Gli ultimi giorni di Pompeo
29. Giorgio Algranti Giorgio Algranti Actor, La bella vita
30. Mauro Misul Mauro Misul Actor, Amarcord
31. Alfredo Angeli Alfredo Angeli Director, The Strange Night
32. Aldo Montano Aldo Montano Self, La fattoria III
33. Virgilio Marchi Virgilio Marchi Production Designer, Umberto D.
34. Solange Solange Self, Matrimonio alle Bahamas
35. Karima Karima Self, Amiche per l'Abruzzo
36. Gino Barzacchi Gino Barzacchi Actor, Beach House Gino Barzacchi was born in Leghorn (Livorno) in 1954. Writer, actor and first of all professional body builder. Italian body builder champion category "natural" 5 times, he always fights against the doping the sports. He lives in Leghorn with his wife and doggy. Appeared in some movies in the latest 70s...
37. Dario Ballantini Dario Ballantini Actor, The First Beautiful Thing
38. Gerardo Orlando Gerardo Orlando Visual Effects, Kiss Me Lorena
39. Umberto Melnati Umberto Melnati Actor, La valigia dei sogni
40. Marino Scarfi Marino Scarfi Actor, The Naked Maja
41. Paolo Bettini Paolo Bettini Self, Episode #16.5
42. Galliano Masini Galliano Masini Actor, Star of the Sea
43. Gianfranco Baruchello Gianfranco Baruchello Director, Verifica incerta - Disperse Exclamatory Phase
44. Riccardo Bianchi Riccardo Bianchi Uncategorised
45. Francesco Guerrazzi Francesco Guerrazzi Writer, L'assedio di Firenze
46. Leonard Evilhost Leonard Evilhost Director, Boglin 1: Book of Boglins
47. Guido Cantini Guido Cantini Writer, Mother
48. Dino Falconi Dino Falconi Writer, Scarpe grosse
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