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1. Joaquim de Almeida Joaquim de Almeida Actor, Desperado Joaquim de Almeida was born in Lisbon,Portugal. Son of two pharmacists and the sixth of eight kids, Joaquim showed signs at an early age that his future lay not in the family business. At the age of eighteen, after attending the theater course at the Lisbon Conservatory for two years, he left Portugal...
2. Maria de Medeiros Maria de Medeiros Actress, Pulp Fiction Maria de Medeiros is the oldest of three daughters by the pianist, maestro and composer António Vitorino D'Almeida and Maria Armanda Esteves. Her sisters are Inês de Medeiros, stage actress and film and stage director and Ana Medeiros, violinist, composer, and music teacher. Studied at Lycée Français Charles Le Pierre...
3. Diogo Morgado Diogo Morgado Actor, The Forest Diogo Morgado was most recently seen as "The Man" on the CW drama series, "The Messengers." But Diogo is perhaps best known in the United States for his portrayal of "Jesus" in 20th Century Fox's feature film "Son of God" and in The History Channel's Emmy nominated miniseries, "The Bible," which was the highest rated cable show of 2013...
4. Lúcia Moniz Lúcia Moniz Actress, Love Actually In 1990-91 Lúcia Moniz studied in the Music Academy of de Santa Cecília. After that she went to Minnesota to study in Eden Prairie High School. There she received the award for the best composer of the school. Lúcia was still pretty unknown in Portugal when she participated in the Portuguese national final 1996...
5. Joana Metrass Joana Metrass Actress, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Born in Lisbon, Portugal with Italian, French, Argentinian, Chinese and Cape Vert heritage. She moved to the U.S.A at 17 to do her senior year as an exchange student. She went back to Portugal where she attended the Portuguese National Conservatory, in between studies in New York and Italy . Worked for several years in the Portuguese film and TV industry...
6. Pedro Costa Pedro Costa Director, Horse Money
7. Ana Cristina de Oliveira Ana Cristina de Oliveira Actress, Taxi
8. Maria João Bastos Maria João Bastos Actress, Mysteries of Lisbon Raul Ruiz's critically acclaimed "Mysteries of Lisbon"(2010) put Maria João Bastos on the map of the European and International cinema and brought her roles in films like Valeria Sarmiento's "Lines of Wellington"(2012) or Michael Sturminger's "The Casanova Variations"(2014) starring John Malkovich. But long before that...
9. Pêpê Rapazote Pêpê Rapazote Actor, Coração Malandro Pêpê Rapazote is a Portuguese Actor who interestingly, used to be an Architect until discovering the Theatre stage. He then decided to study for two years to become an actor. His stage debut took place in 1998 and since then he's been on several theatre plays, TV series and movies. Speaking five languages...
10. Ricardo Pereira Ricardo Pereira Actor, Mysteries of Lisbon
11. Eduardo Serra Eduardo Serra Cinematographer, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
12. Filipe Duarte Filipe Duarte Actor, A Vida Invisível
13. Pedro Carmo Pedro Carmo Actor, Lumiar Pedro Carmo is an actor from Lisbon, Portugal. He has performed plays from Shakespeare, Racine, Brecht to Paula Vogel, J.P.Shanley or Jenny Schwartz. Some of his feature films have been selected to the Cannes Film Festival ("Misteries of Lisbon" by Raul Rouiz) and the Toronto Film Festival ("The Other Side of Ressurection" by Joaquim Sapinho)...
14. Ivo Canelas Ivo Canelas Actor, Florbela
15. Anabela Moreira Anabela Moreira Actress, Blood of My Blood
16. Duarte Gomes Duarte Gomes Actor, Bairro
17. Tiago Felizardo Tiago Felizardo Actor, Supervised
18. Gonçalo Waddington Gonçalo Waddington Actor, Até Amanhã, Camaradas
19. João Salaviza João Salaviza Director, Arena
20. Afonso Lopes Afonso Lopes Actor, Episode #9.220
21. Ana Moreira Ana Moreira Actress, The Mutants
22. Sofia Reis Sofia Reis Actress, Famished Sofia Reis was born in Lisbon, Portugal. Since she was a child Sofia Reis revealed her passion for acting. Her film debut took place in "Sostiene Pereira," a 1994 Italian film opposite Marcello Mastroianni, whose filming took place in Lisbon, with the soundtrack of the renowned Maestro Ennio Morricone...
23. José Fidalgo José Fidalgo Actor, Amália
24. Soraia Chaves Soraia Chaves Actress, Lines of Wellington She is a model who turned into a fantastic actress. Her first appearance as an actress was in "O Crime do Padre Amaro", a movie version of an successful Portuguese book. In this movie she has one of the leading roles, having to show her beautiful naked body. Soraia is now at SIC (Sociedade Independente de Comunicação), signing a contract with one of the biggest TV channel's in Portugal...
25. Nuno Lopes Nuno Lopes Actor, Lines of Wellington
26. Charlys Bella Charlys Bella Actress, From Both Ends 2
27. Ana Padrão Ana Padrão Actress, Amo-te, Teresa
28. Paulo Branco Paulo Branco Producer, Cosmopolis
29. Leonor Seixas Leonor Seixas Actress, Sei Lá Leonor Seixas loves it all: from Movies to Television to Theatre, and she's done it all too! Born and raised in Portugal, Leonor is a world traveler. Hollywood is her home base when she isn't working on location. She began her ballet training at the tender age of three, and attended the prestigious National Conservatory of Dance in Lisbon...
30. João Pedro Rodrigues João Pedro Rodrigues Director, O Fantasma
31. Sofia Ribeiro Sofia Ribeiro Actress, Eclipse em Portugal
32. Alexandra Lencastre Alexandra Lencastre Actress, The Dancer Upstairs Alexandra Lencastre was born in Lisbon, in 1965. She's one of the most talented and most popular Portuguese actresses. As a Philosophy student, became interested in the experience of a theatre group from the University. She left Philosophy and began her acting studies at the Theater School (Conservatório)...
33. Duncan Lamont Duncan Lamont Actor, Mutiny on the Bounty
34. Liliana Santos Liliana Santos Actress, O Pacto
35. Afonso Pimentel Afonso Pimentel Actor, Mysteries of Lisbon
36. Susana Mendes Susana Mendes Actress, Kiss Me
37. Rita Blanco Rita Blanco Actress, Amour
38. Catarina Wallenstein Catarina Wallenstein Actress, Eccentricities of a Blonde-haired Girl
39. Diogo Infante Diogo Infante Actor, Dying to Go Home
40. Pedro Carvalho Pedro Carvalho Actor, The Way He Looks
41. Vera Kolodzig Vera Kolodzig Actress, Episode #1.310
42. Miguel Nunes Miguel Nunes Actor, Silence Between Two Songs Born April 18th, 1988. He began his career at age of 12, with a role in a television show. At the age of eighteen he was among the cast of the most popular Portuguese TV show Morangos com Açucar IV, where he played a young boy wanting to become a professional skateboarder. He's first role in theatre was in a play by Jorge Amado directed by Rita Alagão...
43. Sofia Sá da Bandeira Sofia Sá da Bandeira Actress, The Walk
44. Patrick Mille Patrick Mille Actor, 99 francs
45. Edgar Pêra Edgar Pêra Director, A Janela (Maryalva Mix) The first phase of Edgar Pêra's work started in 1984, shooting Portuguese rock bands in a Nero-realist style, and reaches its acme with A Cidade de Cassiano /The City of Cassiano (1991). He directs his first feature in 1994 Pêra directs the cult movie Manual de Evasão LX 94/Manual of Evasion (for Lisbon 1994 Capital of Culture)...
46. Vanessa Almeida Vanessa Almeida Actress, Rendez-vous
47. Joana Solnado Joana Solnado Actress, The World Falls Apart (And Still People Fall in Love)
48. Paula Neves Paula Neves Actress, Noiva Precisa-se
49. Pedro Granger Pedro Granger Actor, Real Playing Game
50. Sara Matos Sara Matos Actress, Morangos com Açúcar - O Filme
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