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1. Birgit Minichmayr Birgit Minichmayr Actress, Downfall
2. Paul Haslinger Paul Haslinger Composer, Fear the Walking Dead Paul Haslinger is an Austrian musician and composer. He lives and works in Los Angeles. Paul began his career as a member of Electronic Music pioneers Tangerine Dream. He toured with the band extensively from 1985-90 and contributed to projects such as the album "Underwater Sunlight" (1986), as well as the films "Near Dark" (1987) and "Miracle Mile" (1988)...
3. Hedwig Bleibtreu Hedwig Bleibtreu Actress, The Third Man
4. Fritz Eckhardt Fritz Eckhardt Actor, Hallo - Hotel Sacher... Portier!
5. Geli Raubal Geli Raubal Geli Raubal born Angela Maria Raubal, June 4, 1908 in Linz, Upper Austria, Austria-Hungary, was rumoured to be Adolf Hitler's mistress. Geli and her young sister Elfriede accompanied their mother, Angela Raubal, half sister of Adolf Hitler, when she became Hitler's housekeeper in 1925. Raubal was 17 at the time and spent the next six years in close contact with her half-uncle...
6. Richard Tauber Richard Tauber Actor, April Blossoms Second only to the great Caruso, Austrian opera singer Richard Tauber is revered as one of the world's finest Mozartian tenors to come out of early to mid-20th century Europe. He was born in 1891 of modest means in Linz, Austria, the illegitimate son of soubrette Elisabeth Seiffert, who sang locally as well as toured...
7. Alexander Hammid Alexander Hammid Director, Meshes of the Afternoon
8. Valie Export Valie Export Director, Die Praxis der Liebe
9. Hans-Peter Heinzl Hans-Peter Heinzl Actor, Lex Minister
10. Peter Faerber Peter Faerber Actor, Tom Turbo
11. Andy Baum Andy Baum Composer, Das Waisenhaus für wilde Tiere
12. Christoph Brunner Christoph Brunner Editor, Das Leben des C. Brunner
13. Marietta Millner Marietta Millner Actress, We're All Gamblers
14. Tobias Ofenbauer Tobias Ofenbauer Actor, North Face
15. Gerlinde Döberl Gerlinde Döberl Actress, I.O.B. Spezialauftrag
16. Edgar Honetschläger Edgar Honetschläger Director, Omsch Edgar Honetschäger is an artist / filmmaker born in Austria. From 1989-91 lives in New York City, 1992-98 Tokyo, 2000-02 Rome/Palermo. 1988 art exhibitions in Europe, United States, Japan. 1993 he realization of the internationally acclaimed Performance-Project "Schuhwerk" in Tokyo und Yokohama, followed by 97 - (13 + 1)...
17. Susanna Kubelka Susanna Kubelka Actress, SOKO Donau
18. Fritz von Thurn und Taxis Fritz von Thurn und Taxis Self, Blickpunkt Sport
19. Kurt Huemer Kurt Huemer Actor, Hochzeit am Bodensee
20. Fred Jacobson Fred Jacobson Soundtrack, The Runner
21. Franz Gary Franz Gary Actor, Die Barrikade
22. Ervin Knausmyuller Ervin Knausmyuller Actor, War and Peace Ervin Knausmyuller was an Austrian anti-fascist who escaped from the Nazis and fled to the Soviet Union. There he made a new career as a journalist and film actor, and appeared in such anti-war films as Attack and Retreat and War and Peace. He was born Ervin Knausmyuller on December 12, 1912, in Linz...
23. Hubert Mann Hubert Mann Actor, Wohin und zurück - Teil 3: Welcome in Vienna
24. Wolfgang Wolfgang Actor, ZDF Hitparade
25. Andreas Steppan Andreas Steppan Actor, Oben ohne
26. Günther Lainer Günther Lainer Self, Was gibt es Neues?
27. Doris Pascher Doris Pascher Actress, Bride of the Wind
28. Herwig van Staa Herwig van Staa Self, Wir sind Kaiser
29. Harald Kicher Harald Kicher Cinematographer, Salzburg
30. Theo Geyer Theo Geyer Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Vater macht Karriere
31. Tarek Leitner Tarek Leitner Self, Das Wunder von Wien
32. Friedrich Jahn Friedrich Jahn Self, Münchner Bilderbogen
33. Berthold Mittermayr Berthold Mittermayr Director, Eis
34. Ilse Buck Ilse Buck Actress, Kottan ermittelt
35. Max Zehenthofer Max Zehenthofer Director, Salzburg
36. Josef Kirschner Josef Kirschner Self, Tritsch - Tratsch
37. Julia Sophie Schabus Julia Sophie Schabus Actress, Tödlicher Rausch
38. Herbert Eisenreich Herbert Eisenreich Writer, Wovon wir leben und woran wir sterben
39. Bernhard Bauer Bernhard Bauer Actor, Hiebfest
40. Inge Egger Inge Egger Actress, Sündige Grenze
40 names.