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1. Mercedes Mason Mercedes Mason Actress, Quarantine 2: Terminal Born into a multi-national family, Mercedes Mason moved to the United States from Sweden at the age of 12. At age 13, she was discovered by FORD modeling agency launching her into an international modeling career while attending high school. While studying psychology in college, she booked her first audition opposite Vince Vaughn in 2006's...
2. Magnus Samuelsson Magnus Samuelsson Self, World's Strongest Man
3. Ludwig Göransson Ludwig Göransson Composer, We're the Millers
4. Tage Danielsson Tage Danielsson Writer, The Man Who Quit Smoking Tage Danielsson was born in 1928, in a working class home in Linköping, Sweden. He went to Uppsala University, and graduated as a Master of Arts in English, French and the history of literature. In 1956 he met Hans Alfredson at the Swedish Radio company. They worked together for almost thirty years and made variety shows...
5. Marie Göranzon Marie Göranzon Actress, Mother of mine
6. Lennart R. Svensson Lennart R. Svensson Actor, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
7. Alexander Bard Alexander Bard Soundtrack, For Love or Money
8. Owe Svensson Owe Svensson Sound Department, Fanny and Alexander
9. Björn Isfält Björn Isfält Composer, What's Eating Gilbert Grape
10. Ragnar Arvedson Ragnar Arvedson Actor, Supper for Two
11. Per-Axel Branner Per-Axel Branner Director, Hans livs match
12. Niklas J. Palm Niklas J. Palm Costume Designer, Dragon Wars: D-War
13. Mimmo Wåhlander Mimmo Wåhlander Actress, Skånska mord - Yngsjömordet
14. Steffo Törnqvist Steffo Törnqvist Self, Episode dated 10 April 2015
15. Ola Björkman Ola Björkman Actor, The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
16. Marianne Engström Marianne Engström Actress, Gentlemen
17. Anne Otto Anne Otto Production Manager, Lotta på Bråkmakargatan
18. Jessie Wessel Jessie Wessel Actress, Ådalens poesi
19. Anette Arvidsson Anette Arvidsson Actress, Giliap
20. Anders Lindström Anders Lindström Soundtrack, Spun
21. Thomas Funck Thomas Funck Actor, Charlie Strapp and Froggy Ball Flying High
22. Johan Uller Johan Uller Actor, Järnvägshotellet
23. Anna Hillberg Anna Hillberg Actress, Sigge Nilsson och jag
24. Hanna Uller Hanna Uller Actress, Det var bara tre som dog
25. Mats Ingerdal Mats Ingerdal Actor, Jim & piraterna Blom
26. Karin Lannby Karin Lannby Actress, Les Enfants Terribles
27. Filip Orrby Filip Orrby Visual Effects, Kurt Turns Evil Filip Orrby lives in Copenhagen but was born and raised in Linköping, Sweden. He works as 3d artist in Denmark, and designer for Delino Software. Delino Software develops nice web 2.0 applications such as www.kneg.se. He plays golf and watches movies on his sparetime which is nice. He likes the Danish soda Faxe 'something' and he drinks it every day at work. He plans to move to Malmö.
28. Folke Walder Folke Walder Actor, Pig Hunt
29. Louise Hoffsten Louise Hoffsten Soundtrack, Barb Wire
30. Anders Ehnmark Anders Ehnmark Writer, Chez nous
31. Carl Oscar Alsén Carl Oscar Alsén Director, Älskade Emma
32. Jan Arrendal Jan Arrendal Writer, Tuppen
33. Bruno K. Öijer Bruno K. Öijer Actor, Fatimas tredje hemlighet
34. Moniqa Sunnerberg Moniqa Sunnerberg Actress, Parade
35. Robert Nelson Robert Nelson Director, The Miracle
36. Victor Thorén Victor Thorén Actor, Skärgårdskavaljerer
37. Bengt-Arne Wallin Bengt-Arne Wallin Composer, Dear John
38. Thomas Johansson Thomas Johansson Self, Mästarnas Mästare
39. Kerstin Hedeby Kerstin Hedeby Actress, Dreams
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