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1. Philippe Noiret Philippe Noiret Actor, Il Postino: The Postman Philippe Noiret was one of French cinema's most familiar faces who appeared in more than 140 films in a career that spanned more than half a century. He was born on October 1, 1930, in Lille, Nord, France, into a middle class family of shopkeepers. His father was fond of literature. Young Noiret attended the College Janson-of-Sally in the 16th arrondissement in Paris...
2. Yvonne Furneaux Yvonne Furneaux Actress, La Dolce Vita
3. Julien Duvivier Julien Duvivier Director, Pépé le Moko Revered by such legendary fellow directors as Ingmar Bergman and Jean Renoir, Julien Duvivier is one of the greatest figures in the history of French cinema and of world cinema in general. He is perhaps the most neglected of the "Big Five" of classic French cinema (the other four being Jean Renoir, Rene Clair...
4. Renée Adorée Renée Adorée Actress, The Big Parade Renee Adoree was born Jeanne de la Fontein in Lille in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France, on September 30, 1898. She had what one could call a normal childhood. Her background is, perhaps, one of the most difficult to find information on any actress in existence. What we do know that her interest in acting surfaced during her teen years with minor stage productions in France...
5. Ovidie Ovidie Actress, Infidélité
6. Robert Gillespie Robert Gillespie Actor, Keep It in the Family
7. Lydia St. Martin Lydia St. Martin Actress, Nudité injustifiée
8. Faouzi Brahimi Faouzi Brahimi Actor, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Faouzi "Faz" Brahimi: Faouzi Brahimi, affectionately known in the industry as "Faz", was born and raised in Lille, France, where he discovered his passion for the industry at a young age. Studying at the prestigious "Beaux Visual Arts" Academy, Faz was formally trained as an actor and singer. Earning his business and marketing degree at IPRA Business School...
9. Renaud Verley Renaud Verley Actor, The Damned
10. Charles de Gaulle Charles de Gaulle Self, La visite du général de Gaulle au Québec
11. Maximilien Poullein Maximilien Poullein Actor, Virtual Revolution Maximilien Poullein was born on April 28, 1983 in Lille, France. Two separate encounters led him into wanting to become an actor. First one was screening "The Running Man" with Arnold Schwarzenegger : this Sunday morning at the age of six imprinted a major turning point in his love for the American cinema...
12. Thérèse Liotard Thérèse Liotard Actress, My Father's Glory
13. Bernard Verley Bernard Verley Actor, Chloe in the Afternoon
14. Nicolas Hulot Nicolas Hulot Writer, Ushuaïa nature
15. Philippe Muyl Philippe Muyl Writer, The Butterfly
16. Mona Dol Mona Dol Actress, The Fire Within
17. Mallaury Nataf Mallaury Nataf Actress, Le miel et les abeilles
18. Irène Tunc Irène Tunc Actress, Léon Morin, Priest
19. Francis Mischkind Francis Mischkind Producer, Jeux pour couples infidèles
20. Félix Oudart Félix Oudart Actor, Utopia
21. Cédric Le Maoût Cédric Le Maoût Actor, Quelque chose à vendre
22. Nathalie Vincent Nathalie Vincent Actress, Brigade Navarro
23. Marie-Laurence Marie-Laurence Actress, The Party
24. Eric Duvivier Eric Duvivier Director, La femme 100 têtes
25. Georges Dufaux Georges Dufaux Cinematographer, Une histoire inventée
26. Armand Bour Armand Bour Actor, La terre
27. Alain Decaux Alain Decaux Writer, Les misérables
28. Raphaël Duflos Raphaël Duflos Actor, L'instinct
29. Tadeusz Wojtych Tadeusz Wojtych Actor, The Pianist
30. Christine François Christine François Director, Le secret de l'enfant-fourmi
31. Steevy Boulay Steevy Boulay Self, Loft story, saison 1
32. Pierre Duvivier Pierre Duvivier Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, La fin du jour
33. Paul Pichonnier Paul Pichonnier Director, Images d'Ethiopie
34. Isabelle Aubret Isabelle Aubret Self, The Eurovision Song Contest
35. Aline Boone Aline Boone Actress, Epideo
36. Gene Massett Gene Massett Actor, Seventh Heaven
37. Elodie Monlibert Elodie Monlibert Writer, Les gazelles
38. Émile Delpierre Émile Delpierre Composer, Le beau Serge
39. Gélou Gélou Actress, C'est pas moi, c'est l'autre
40. Benoît Duquesne Benoît Duquesne Self, 13 heures le journal
41. Aurélien Sacaze Aurélien Sacaze Producer, Singularity
42. Richard Blareu Richard Blareu Music Department, The Blonde Witch
43. Daniel Le Comte Daniel Le Comte Director, Tout spliques étaient les Borogoves
44. Pierre Krieg Pierre Krieg Self, Mai 68
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