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1. George Clooney George Clooney Actor, Gravity Born in Lexington, Kentucky, as son of Nick Clooney, a TV newscaster of many years, who hosted a talk show at Cincinnati and often invited George into the studios already at the age of 5. Avoiding competition with his father, he quit his job as broadcast journalist after a short time. George studied for a few years at Northern Kentucky University...
2. Michael Shannon Michael Shannon Actor, Man of Steel Michael Shannon grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, and began his professional stage career in Chicago. His first acting role was in "Winterset" at the Illinois Theatre Center. Over the next several years he continued working on the stage with such companies as Steppenwolf, The Next Lab and the Red Orchid Theatre...
3. Melissa McBride Melissa McBride Actress, The Mist
4. Jim Varney Jim Varney Actor, Toy Story Jim Varney became interested in theater as a teenager, winning state titles in drama competitions while a student at Lafayette High School in Lexington, Kentucky. At age 15 he played Ebeneezer Scrooge in a local children's theater production of "A Christmas Carol", and by 17 was performing professionally in nightclubs and coffee houses...
5. Josh Hopkins Josh Hopkins Actor, The Perfect Storm
6. Leah Lail Leah Lail Actress, Little Nicky Leah Lail became interested in acting when her father took her to see "A Chorus Line" on Broadway. Raised on a horse farm just outside Lexington, Kentucky, the younger of two sisters, Lail grew up as an animal lover and an avid reader. Her father is in road construction, while her mother raised horses...
7. Farah Fath Farah Fath Actress, Days of Our Lives Farah LeeAllen Fath was born in Lexington, Kentucky on May 1st, 1984. When she was only five, she decided to start a career in show-business. After finding success as a child model, she turned her attention to acting and at the age of 15 nabbed her first audition for the role of Mimi Lockhart on Days of our Lives...
8. Kevin Scott Richardson Kevin Scott Richardson Self, The Concert for New York City
9. Maria Arcé Maria Arcé Actress, The Girl Next Door Maria Arcé is an American TV and Feature Film actress. She began acting in the late 1990s, and became known after a series of roles in several major Hollywood films. Arcé gained initial fame during her teens while working as a commercial print model. One day Arcé caught the eye of an agent who convinced her to pursue acting more steadily...
10. Brian Littrell Brian Littrell Self, The Concert for New York City
11. Luce Rains Luce Rains Actor, 3:10 to Yuma Luce Rains grew up next to a horse farm in Lexington, Kentucky. Most of his childhood was spent mucking corrals, tending to livestock and building rock walls. He walked or rode his bicycle to school. His greatest pleasures were hiking and camping in the fields and forests around the farm, fishing in the lakes that extended out into the back country and reading Edgar Allen Poe...
12. Hope Riley Hope Riley Actress, The Holiday
13. Edward Faulkner Edward Faulkner Actor, McLintock! Fielden Edward Faulkner II was born on Leap Year (February 29), 1932, in Lexington, Kentucky, where his father owned and operated a prominent building supply company. His mother was a retired piano and music teacher. He was the second of two children; his sister (now deceased) was nearly 19 years old when he was born...
14. Angelina Valentine Angelina Valentine Actress, The Girl from the Naked Eye Buxom, luscious, and shapely brunette stunner Angelina Valentine was born Alexandra Colmenares on September 19, 1986 in Lexington, Kentucky. She's of mixed Italian and Venezuelan descent. Valentine grew up on a farm in rural Kentucky and attended Catholic private schools. Angelina started out in the adult entertainment industry dancing at a strip club in Kentucky...
15. Joyce Compton Joyce Compton Actress, The Awful Truth Good-looking, blond-haired actress, typically in roles conveying severe brainpower deprivation, in US films from 1925 through the early 50's.
16. Hollie L. Hummel Hollie L. Hummel Actress, Secret Games 3
17. Troy Gentry Troy Gentry Self, Boyz in the Woodz
18. Gabrielle Carmouche Gabrielle Carmouche Actress, The Lost Detail
19. Tony Moore Tony Moore Writer, Days Gone Bye
20. Hutchi Hancock Hutchi Hancock Actress, Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story
21. Chancellor Miller Chancellor Miller Actor, The Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton Island Born Aaron Chancellor Miller in Lexington, Kentucky at the University of Ky Hospital. He has two older brothers and an older sister. He and his mother moved from Valencia, Ca back to Ky in 2010.Chancellor wanted to go his senior yr to H.S. in his hometown of Maysville, Ky. Chancellor has always loved dancing since he could walk...
22. Renée McCarthy Renée McCarthy Miscellaneous Crew, The 14th Annual Critics' Choice Awards
23. Tabitha Stern Tabitha Stern Actress, Superheroine Tales
24. Gary McGurk Gary McGurk Actor, General Hospital
25. Heidi Fugeman Heidi Fugeman Producer, Spider-Man
26. Richard Hell Richard Hell Soundtrack, Pump Up the Volume Singer and bass guitarist in the Neon Boys and Television with schoolfriend Tom Verlaine, NYC mid-to late 1970's. Credited by many with inventing the "look" of punk rock - ripped clothes, spiky hair etc, he claims influenced by a portrait of French poet Arthur Rimbaud. Expelled from Television for...
27. Bryan S. Sexton Bryan S. Sexton Miscellaneous Crew, Wedding Crashers
28. J. Richey Nash J. Richey Nash Actor, Hitting the Cycle
29. Man o' War Man o' War Self, Glimpses of Kentucky
30. Gil Rogers Gil Rogers Actor, All My Children
31. Tori Wright Tori Wright Actress, Shiloh
32. Missy Hughes Missy Hughes Production Manager, The Kennedy Detail Missy Hughes was born November 1st in Lexington, Ky, USA as Alana Hughes. She began her career at age 16 with the highly acclaimed Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in New York City. She has appeared in multiple magazines and national ad campaigns, most notably, Seventeen, Japanese Elle, Maybelline, and several covers of Young Miss...
33. Dan Jesse Dan Jesse Actor, Angel of H.E.A.T. Dan Jesse has worked mainly as a stage actor in regional theatres, and is known primarily as a comic actor, although he has performed many dramas.
34. Brad Holbrook Brad Holbrook Actor, The Manchurian Candidate
35. Alex Simon Alex Simon Writer, Auteur Alex has been a lifelong cinemaniac, since seeing Charles Chaplin's City Lights, at the age of five. Following graduation from The University of Southern California's School of Cinema-Television, Alex had six screenplays produced as major motion pictures, the last of which, My Brother's War, won the Best Feature prize at the first annual Hollywood Film Festival in 1998...
36. Chris Lyon Chris Lyon Editor, Stay with Me
37. Chris Antonini Chris Antonini Visual Effects, The Avengers Chris Antonini was born in Lexington, Kentucky. After 10 years, he moved with his family to Atlanta, Georgia, where he grew up in the suburban South. Chris swam competitively through his college tenure at the University of Georgia, where he made several short films. Following his dreams, Chris moved to Los Angeles as an aspiring writer/director.
38. Lisa Sloan Lisa Sloan Actress, The River
39. Keith Herron Keith Herron Actor, You Are Alone
40. Melissa Evridge Melissa Evridge Self, Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 1992 Luscious, busty, and shapely golden-haired blonde bombshell Melissa Evridge was born on November 2, 1968 in Lexington, Kentucky. Her father works in the horse business. Evridge first began riding horses at age three. Melissa worked for a while at a bank. Evridge first appeared in "Playboy" in the pictorial "Girls of the Southeastern Conference" in the October...
41. Seabiscuit Seabiscuit Self, Seabiscuit: The Lost Documentary
42. Harold Littrell Harold Littrell Actor, The Ex
43. Maurine Dallas Watkins Maurine Dallas Watkins Writer, Chicago
44. Kelly Perdew Kelly Perdew Self, Toying with Disaster
45. Gaye Huston Gaye Huston Actress, Horoscope
46. Kaitlyn Walker Kaitlyn Walker Actress, Snoopy's Reunion
47. Chris Romano Chris Romano Producer, Blindness
48. Chris Offutt Chris Offutt Producer, I Don't Wanna Know
49. Miles Meehan Miles Meehan Actor, Lawn Dogs Miles Meehan was born and raised in Lexington, KY. He began his professional acting, singing and performing career at age 6 when he was cast in "Lawn Dogs." Following this roll, Miles continued working locally and regionally doing commercials and musical theater. Soon after "Lawn Dogs", Miles was cast in the independent film out of Memphis...
50. Mason Flynt Mason Flynt Actor, Caesar's Hard Hat Gang Bang
1-50 of 138 names.