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1. Bryan Fuller Bryan Fuller Writer, Hannibal Self professed Star Trek geek who watched and loved the Trek series "Deep Space Nine" and set out to write for them. At the time, Star Trek had an open script submission policy and Fuller contributed a spec, leading to a pitching opportunity. When he had sold a couple of stories to Deep Space Nine, Fuller was hired to be a full staff writer for sister Trek series "Voyager" in its fourth season...
2. Sean Paul Lockhart Sean Paul Lockhart Actor, Milk
3. Rosemary Cooper Rosemary Cooper Actress, The Return of Boston Blackie
4. Ward Wood Ward Wood Actor, Air Force
5. Ray Hyke Ray Hyke Actor, Red River
6. Julie Gibson Julie Gibson Actress, Three Smart Saps
7. John Kauffman John Kauffman Actor, I Will Fight No More Forever
8. Olive Hasbrouck Olive Hasbrouck Actress, The Shamrock and the Rose
9. Slim Gaut Slim Gaut Actor, Jeep Herders
10. Don Happy Don Happy Stunts, Pee-wee's Big Adventure
11. Merle Gilson Merle Gilson Animation Department, Hollywood Bowl Merle lived in North Hollywood, California, for many years before moving back to Lewiston, Idaho, where he had been educated and graduated from high school. Over the years, when he would visit his family, he frequently spoke to students in local schools. In retirement he was always ready to create a personalized Mickey Mouse drawing for children who would visit him.
12. Dan Peterson Dan Peterson Actor, Norman Waiting
13. Colin Chase Colin Chase Actor, The Range War
14. Jason Schmidt Jason Schmidt Self, 2002 World Series
15. Jake Scott Jake Scott Self, Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans
16. Craig Smith Craig Smith Music Department, Le nozze di Figaro
17. Irv Faling Irv Faling Actor, Breakheart Pass
17 names.