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1. Michael Ostrowski Michael Ostrowski Actor, Die unabsichtliche Entführung der Frau Elfriede Ott Michael Ostrowski was born to two school teachers on January 3, 1973 in Leoben, Austria as Michael Stockinger. During the time he studied English/American Studies and French at the University Graz he started to act in a theater group and instead of writing his dissertation he wrote the script for "Nacktschnecken"...
2. Martin Weinek Martin Weinek Actor, Kommissar Rex
3. Thomas Stipsits Thomas Stipsits Self, Was gibt es Neues?
4. Alma Seidler Alma Seidler Actress, Der Spinnenmörder
5. Cornelia Mooswalder Cornelia Mooswalder Self, Helden von morgen
6. Eva K. Anderson Eva K. Anderson Soundtrack, Christina Stürmer & Band - Wirklich alles!
7. Hannes Arch Hannes Arch Self, Focus: What Drives the World's Top Athletes
8. Günther Tschif Windisch Günther Tschif Windisch Actor, Wand vor der Wand
9. Artur von Schwertführer Artur von Schwertführer Cinematographer, Sprengbagger 1010
10. Andreas Neureiter Andreas Neureiter Production Manager, Museum Hours
11. Günter Peis Günter Peis
12. Dietmar Horcicka Dietmar Horcicka Actor, Unter Strom
13. Christina Pöckl Christina Pöckl Self, Kiddy Contest
13 names.