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1. Paul Muni Paul Muni Actor, Scarface Paul Muni was born Sept. 22, 1895, in Lemberg, Austro-Hungarian Empire, to Salli and Phillip Weisenfreund, who were both professionals. His family was Jewish, and spoke Yiddish. Paul was educated in New York and Cleveland public schools. He was described as 5 feet 10 inches, with black hair and eyes...
2. Eli Mintz Eli Mintz Actor, All My Children Brother of well known yiddish actor Ludwig Satz, made his debut in old Austria-Hungary as a child actor in the Yiddish classic "The Dybbuk". After arriving in USA in 1927 he worked as waiter, presser and clothing salesman before finally landing roles in Yiddish theater in New York. He changed his name Eduard (Edward) Satz in Eli Mintz, in order to make it on his own.
3. Bernard Siegel Bernard Siegel Actor, Laugh, Clown, Laugh
4. Leo Fuchs Leo Fuchs Actor, Avalon Fuchs, the son of Yiddish actress Mame Springer, Fuchs started his career as a stage actor, often writing his own music and lyrics. Generally a comedian, Fuchs was charming and debonair in his characterizations.
5. Arthur 'Weegee' Fellig Arthur 'Weegee' Fellig Actor, The 'Imp'probable Mr. Wee Gee
6. John Gottowt John Gottowt Actor, Nosferatu
7. Jakob Gimpel Jakob Gimpel Music Department, Gaslight
8. Zofia Batycka Zofia Batycka Actress, Kobieta, która sie smieje
9. Krystyna Feldman Krystyna Feldman Actress, Mój Nikifor Born on March 1st, 1916 in Lwów. Parents: Katarzyna Sawicka-Feldman (mother) was an opera singer and Ferdynand Feldman (father) was a known actor. Education: National Institute of Theatre in Warsaw. Career: City Theatre in Lwów (debut in the "Kwiat paproci" ("Fern Flower") in 1937), Stage in Zimna Woda (during II World War...
10. Slávka Procházková Slávka Procházková Actress, Lidé pod horami
11. Benjamin Murmelstein Benjamin Murmelstein Self, Le dernier des injustes
12. Amvrosi Buchma Amvrosi Buchma Actor, Arsenal
13. Leon Luszczewski Leon Luszczewski Actor, Pan Tadeusz
14. Liliana Zamorska Liliana Zamorska Actress, Jak byc kochana
15. Zuzanna Lozinska Zuzanna Lozinska Actress, Klakier
16. Karolina Salanga Karolina Salanga Actress, Miasteczko
17. Walter Darewahl Walter Darewahl Actor, Top Banana
18. Maria Gella Maria Gella Actress, Kalosze szczescia
19. Bronislaw Bronski Bronislaw Bronski Actor, Rekopis znaleziony w Saragossie
20. Wojciech Ruszkowski Wojciech Ruszkowski Actor, Co mój maz robi w nocy
21. Edward Raczkowski Edward Raczkowski Actor, Faraon
22. Józefina Bielska Józefina Bielska Actress, Skandal na ulicy Szopena
23. Artur Mlodnicki Artur Mlodnicki Actor, Ashes and Diamonds
24. Olga Orlenska Olga Orlenska Actress, Zlota maska
25. Juliusz Luszczewski Juliusz Luszczewski Actor, Marysia i Napoleon
26. Barbara Orwid Barbara Orwid Actress, Gwiazdzista eskadra
27. Herman Lercher Herman Lercher Actor, Austeria
28. Marian Palewicz Marian Palewicz Actor, Halka
29. Ludwig Satz Ludwig Satz Actor, His Wife's Lover
30. Boguslaw Marlen Boguslaw Marlen Actor, Dom na pustkowiu
31. Stanislaw Dabrowski Stanislaw Dabrowski Actor, Tyrannenherrschaft
32. Henryk Vogelfänger Henryk Vogelfänger Actor, Wlóczegi
33. Kazimierz Justian Kazimierz Justian Actor, O czym sie nie mówi
34. Mario Kranz Mario Kranz Actor, Die große Schuld
35. Wladyslawa Nawrocka Wladyslawa Nawrocka Actress, Za wami pójda inni...
36. Janina Ipohorska Janina Ipohorska Writer, Kapitan Sowa na tropie
37. Emilia Rózanska Emilia Rózanska Actress, Ochrana warszawska i jej tajemnice
38. Ludwik Lawinski Ludwik Lawinski Actor, The Colditz Story
39. Emilia Ziólkowska Emilia Ziólkowska Actress, Krótki film o milosci
40. Morris Strassberg Morris Strassberg Actor, The Power of Life
41. Muhammad Asad Muhammad Asad
42. Elzbieta Wieczorkowska Elzbieta Wieczorkowska Actress, Wiano
43. Adam Królikiewicz Adam Królikiewicz Actor, The Ashes
44. Siegwart Gruder Siegwart Gruder Actor, S1
45. Hedda Zinner Hedda Zinner Writer, Die Schauspielerin
46. Antonina Barczewska Antonina Barczewska Actress, Amator
47. Adam Drzewicki Adam Drzewicki Cinematographer, Tajemnice Nalewek
48. Maria Bogda Maria Bogda Actress, Kobiety nad przepascia
49. Krystyna Ankwicz Krystyna Ankwicz Actress, Cham
50. Marian Jednowski Marian Jednowski Actor, Z ramion w ramiona
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