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1. Richard Wagner Richard Wagner Soundtrack, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Richard Wagner was a German composer best known for his operas, primarily the monumental four-opera cycle "Der Ring des Nibelungen". He was born Wilhelm Richard Wagner on May 22, 1813, in Leipzig, Germany. He was the ninth child in the family of Carl Wagner, a police clerk. Richard was only six months old when his father died...
2. Hertha Thiele Hertha Thiele Actress, Mädchen in Uniform
3. Johannes Franke Johannes Franke Actor, Summer Storm
4. Hellmuth Costard Hellmuth Costard Director, Besonders wertvoll
5. Karoline Kunz Karoline Kunz Actress, Jack Point Jack: An Interactive Movie
6. Rolf Kralovitz Rolf Kralovitz Actor, The Dunce
7. Hans Hermann Schaufuß Hans Hermann Schaufuß Actor, Eine einträgliche Stelle
8. Clara Schumann Clara Schumann Soundtrack, Management
9. Dunja Movar Dunja Movar Actress, Lampenfieber
10. Ann-Kristin Reyels Ann-Kristin Reyels Director, Jagdhunde
11. Ursula Langrock Ursula Langrock Actress, Anna Böckler
12. Stefan Paul Stefan Paul Director, Bob Marley Live in Concert
13. Peter Flinsch Peter Flinsch Self, Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals/The Love Contract/A Moment with... Camille Paglia Artist Peter Flinsch was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1920. He was drafted into compulsory military service during the Second World War. He was discovered embracing another man and was court-martialed. He was imprisoned and then sent to a punitive work detail. This may have saved his life because his former unit was sent to the Eastern Front...
14. Leonore Mau Leonore Mau Self, Táxi Lisboa
15. Helmut Walcha Helmut Walcha Soundtrack, The Tree of Life
16. Christian Führer Christian Führer Self, The Burning Wall
17. Karl Haubenreißer Karl Haubenreißer Actor, It Was a Gay Ballnight
18. Ulrike Böhnisch Ulrike Böhnisch Director, Çürük - The Pink Report
19. Johanna Karl-Lory Johanna Karl-Lory Actress, Germany Pale Mother
20. Walter Martin Walter Martin Actor, Ernst Thälmann - Führer seiner Klasse
21. Jesco von Puttkamer Jesco von Puttkamer Miscellaneous Crew, Star Trek: The Motion Picture
22. Hans Hartung Hans Hartung Self, Pablo Picasso Painter
23. Gerhard Klarner Gerhard Klarner Actor, Johanna
24. Jens Streifling Jens Streifling Self, Ode to Cologne: A Rock 'N' Roll Film
25. Wolfgang Fortner Wolfgang Fortner Composer, Corinna
26. Fritz Göhler Fritz Göhler Director, Kinder der Sonne
27. Konrad Spindler Konrad Spindler Self, Death of the Iceman
28. Eleonore Zetzsche Eleonore Zetzsche Actress, Vor dem Ruhestand
29. Michael Heubach Michael Heubach Composer, Die Geschichte vom goldenen Taler
30. Sydney John Kay Sydney John Kay Music Department, Cavalcade of Australia 1901-1951 Kurt Kaiser was born into a family of German-Peruvian descent in Leipzig, Germany on 3 November 1906. At first he pursued an engineering career in Berlin, but in 1927 he joined the German-Jewish showband The Weintraub Syncopators, and enjoyed considerable success. Kurt played trombone, clarinet and saxophone...
31. Daniel Flieger Daniel Flieger Actor, Die letzten 30 Jahre
32. Robert Kraft Robert Kraft Writer, Die Gespenster von Garden Hall
33. Anna Hopperdietz Anna Hopperdietz Actress, Alles gewagt, alles verloren
34. Carolin Becker Carolin Becker Actress, Die Abenteuer des jungen Nicholas Holmes
35. Wolfram Heicking Wolfram Heicking Composer, Anton the Magician
36. Armin Georgi Armin Georgi Miscellaneous Crew, Flora, Jolanthe und viertausend Hühner
37. Lene Voigt Lene Voigt Writer, Liebeserklärung an den sächsischen Humor
38. Christa Fassi Christa Fassi Self, Peggy Fleming
39. Amanda Lindner Amanda Lindner Actress, I by Day, You by Night
40. Max Mothes Max Mothes Actor, Die Morphinistin
41. Hans-Jürgen Beyer Hans-Jürgen Beyer Self, Episode dated 21 May 2006
42. Annemarie Renger Annemarie Renger Self, In the Name of the Revolution
43. Lothar Diettrich Lothar Diettrich Actor, Kassensturz
43 names.