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1. Falk Hentschel Falk Hentschel Actor, Knight and Day Hentschel worked in London as a professional backup dancer for artists such as Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Paulina Rubio, Jamelia and others. Later he was hired as a choreographer and worked on many music videos and tours in Canada and Asia.In 2003, Falk decided to stay in Los Angeles for good and pursue his dream of becoming an actor...
2. Katja Kassin Katja Kassin Actress, Tangerine Tiny (5'1"), but buxom and shapely redhead stunner Katja Kassin was born on September 24, 1979 in Leipzig, Germany. The eldest of three children, Katja was ten years old when the Berlin Wall came down. Kassin's first job was selling ice cream at an Italian restaurant at age fifteen. Katja worked as a waitress for six years while attending both high school and college (she studied Political Science...
3. Peter Gilmore Peter Gilmore Actor, Warlords of the Deep German-born Peter Gilmore came to the UK at the age of six, to be raised by relatives. He quit school at age 14, and pursuing his dream of becoming an actor, attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts for a short time, before being expelled. A stint in the army led to the discovery that he had a talent for singing...
4. Peter Schneider Peter Schneider Actor, Berlin Calling Peter Schneider, born in 1975 in Leipzig, started after high school in 1995 to study music and from 1998-2002 acting at the University of Music and Theatre "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" in Leipzig, where he graduated with a master. Since then he has worked as an actor on theaters in Germany. Since an...
5. Richard Wagner Richard Wagner Soundtrack, Apocalypse Now Richard Wagner was a German composer best known for his operas, primarily the monumental four-opera cycle "Der Ring des Nibelungen". He was born Wilhelm Richard Wagner on May 22, 1813, in Leipzig, Germany. He was the ninth child in the family of Carl Wagner, a police clerk. Richard was only six months old when his father died...
6. Alfred Abel Alfred Abel Actor, Metropolis This elegant actor of the golden age of German cinema appeared in several masterpieces, before the cameras of such inspired geniuses as Lang, Lubitsch and Murnau. Vocation had come rather late in his life, though. Abel was indeed already 33 when he made his first film. Beforehand, he had been a forester...
7. Paul Kalkbrenner Paul Kalkbrenner Actor, Berlin Calling Even though reality shows have been trying to prove otherwise, a successful career as a musician, indeed as a pop star, cannot be forced with a pre-packaged crash course. As of 2010, Paul Kalkbrenner has tallied up more than 15 years of experience as a producer and live act, all the while learning what it means to go purposefully from one step to the next...
8. Rudolf Schündler Rudolf Schündler Actor, The Exorcist
9. Volker Brandt Volker Brandt Actor, Beweisaufnahme
10. Maximilian Klas Maximilian Klas Actor, Der Imagonaut
11. Eberhard Esche Eberhard Esche Actor, Spur der Steine
12. Susan Wayland Susan Wayland Self, Bianca Beauchamp: All Access
13. Hans Leibelt Hans Leibelt Actor, The Punch Bowl
14. Rolf Becker Rolf Becker Actor, Mr. Kaplan
15. Hanns Eisler Hanns Eisler Composer, Night and Fog Hanns Eisler was a German-Austrian-American composer and lyricist. He was known for his "Das Lied von der Moldau" ("La Chanson du Moldau", "The Song of the Moldau") used in the TV film Schweyk im zweiten Weltkrieg and also sang by Zarah Leander on TV. He did so many more songs in Hollywood, France, Austria and Germany.
16. Gisela Uhlen Gisela Uhlen Actress, The Marriage of Maria Braun
17. Eva Pflug Eva Pflug Actress, Lydia muss sterben
18. Hertha Thiele Hertha Thiele Actress, Mädchen in Uniform
19. Heiko Herlofson Heiko Herlofson Actor, Trojanische Pferde
20. Christine Wodetzky Christine Wodetzky Actress, The Odessa File
21. John Heyman John Heyman Producer, The Go-Between
22. Peter Ehrlich Peter Ehrlich Actor, Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald
23. Ingrid Ernest Ingrid Ernest Actress, Ingeborg
24. Lutz Dammbeck Lutz Dammbeck Director, The Net
25. Ernst Hausman Ernst Hausman Actor, Address Unknown
26. Dietrich Frauboes Dietrich Frauboes Actor, The Tin Drum
27. Richard Istel Richard Istel Self, Episode #2.2
28. Günter Junghans Günter Junghans Actor, Die Abenteuer des Werner Holt
29. Horst Beck Horst Beck Actor, Die Ermittlung
30. Horst Westphal Horst Westphal Actor, Cloud 9
31. Stefan Paul Stefan Paul Director, Bob Marley Live in Concert
32. Bruno Apitz Bruno Apitz Writer, Nackt unter Wölfen
33. Vera Oelschlegel Vera Oelschlegel Actress, Sleeping Beauty
34. Johannes Wieke Johannes Wieke Actor, Spur der Steine
35. Gudrun Ady Gudrun Ady Actress, Es wird nichts so fein gesponnen
36. Anja Anja Actress, Voluptuous Xtra 5
37. Gisela Dreyer Gisela Dreyer Actress, Transit ins Jenseits
38. Jürgen Brauer Jürgen Brauer Director, Gritta von Rattenzuhausbeiuns
39. Arik Lavie Arik Lavie Actor, Hole in the Moon
40. Lothar Blumhagen Lothar Blumhagen Actor, Unwiederbringlich
41. Hellmuth Costard Hellmuth Costard Director, Besonders wertvoll
42. Friedrich Heine Friedrich Heine Actor, Yoko
43. Elsa Bassermann Elsa Bassermann Actress, Madame Curie
44. Ludwig Zimmeck Ludwig Zimmeck Actor, Seven Days Sunday
45. Till Firit Till Firit Actor, Lostage
46. Karoline Kunz Karoline Kunz Actress, Jack Point Jack: An Interactive Movie
47. Stefan Wigger Stefan Wigger Actor, Die beiden Freundinnen
48. Clara Schumann Clara Schumann Soundtrack, Management
49. Rudolf Biebrach Rudolf Biebrach Actor, Falsche Scham - Vier Episoden aus dem Leben eines Arztes
50. Ursula Langrock Ursula Langrock Actress, Jim und Jill
1-50 of 226 names.