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1. Nino Castelnuovo Nino Castelnuovo Actor, The English Patient
2. Antonio Albanese Antonio Albanese Actor, Qualunquemente Born in Lombardy to Sicilian parents, he studied at the Civic Drama School in Milan, then opted to pursue an acting career. His first experiences as a comedian date back to 1992, when he made his debut at the Zelig Theatre in Milan. He showcased his acts on the popular Maurizio Costanzo talk show and collaborated with actor-comedian Paolo Rossi...
3. Leonardo Pazzagli Leonardo Pazzagli Actor, One Kiss
4. Riccardo Valsecchi Riccardo Valsecchi Editor, Schwarzkopf BRD: Martin Luther King in Berlin! A graduate at the University of Bologna, Riccardo Valsecchi is a writer, photographer and film-maker who has worked in Middle East and East and West Europe for many international outlets and projects. he published his first book, "I travel to the East" in 2011. Since 2015 he lives in New York
5. Giancarlo Badessi Giancarlo Badessi Actor, Caligula
6. Michela Vittoria Brambilla Michela Vittoria Brambilla Self, Green Hill: Una storia di libertà
7. Claudio Dozio Claudio Dozio Editorial Department, Alex & Co.
8. Carlo Maria Pensa Carlo Maria Pensa Writer, Il romanzo di un giovane povero
9. Antonio Rossi Antonio Rossi Self, Buona la prima!
10. Antonio Ghislanzoni Antonio Ghislanzoni Writer, Aida
11. Carlo Mauri Carlo Mauri Cinematographer, The Ra Expeditions
11 names.