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1. Armin Shimerman Armin Shimerman Actor, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
2. Steve Tisch Steve Tisch Producer, Forrest Gump
3. David Lee Russek David Lee Russek Actor, Guiding Light
4. Nicolas Roye Nicolas Roye Actor, Digimon Fusion Graduated from the University of New Orleans in 1999 where he won "Best Actor" for his portrayal of 'Pale' in 'Burn This'. He followed up with performances as Sebastian in 'Twelth Night' and Nicholas Beckett in 'What the Butler Saw'. Nick is the son of an Italian mother and a Spanish father. Real mother, Lisa Ann Collura, passed away in 1985.
5. Marc Ecko Marc Ecko Writer, Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure
6. Mylo Carbia Mylo Carbia Writer, The Ghost Huntress Born and raised in New Jersey, Mylo Carbia spent her childhood years writing to escape the horrors of growing up in a haunted house. As the daughter of the "Prince of Mambo" Eddie Carbia and goddaughter of actor Raul Julia, Mylo was surrounded by the entertainment industry at an early age. By the age of 17...
7. Hans Christianson Hans Christianson Actor, Games People Play: Hollywood Actor Hans Christianson was born in the small town of Lakewood, New Jersey, Hans Christianson had two aspirations as a child; the first was to play professional baseball and second, was to study acting. His childhood dream never died, and he managed to do both through college until an arm injury sidelined his big league aspirations...
8. Michael Kelber Michael Kelber Actor, HOA The youngest of five children, Michael Kelber was born in Lakewood, New Jersey. Although he was born in Lakewood, he was raised in Bricktown. His parents were divorced when he was just two years of age and he was raised by his mother, Patricia A. Kelber. After high school Michael attended college briefly before joining the United States Navy...
9. Darien Moultrie Darien Moultrie Miscellaneous Crew, Amityville: The Awakening
10. Sam Aaron Sam Aaron Actor, 200 M.P.H.
11. Robert Estrin Robert Estrin Editor, A River Runs Through It
12. Tim Davis Tim Davis Producer, Big Medicine
13. Bernard Mayers Bernard Mayers Music Department, The King and I
13 names.