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1. George E. Stone George E. Stone Actor, Some Like It Hot A minor prototype of the "Runyon-esque" character for more than three decades, Polish-born actor George E. Stone (né George Stein) was in actuality a close friend of writer Damon Runyon and would play a host of colorful "dees, dem and dos" cronies throughout the 1920s, '30s, and '40s. With great names such as Johnnie the Shiek...
2. Lili Valenty Lili Valenty Actress, Wild Is the Wind The multi-faceted Polish-born performer Lili Valenty appeared in a dozen or so Broadway plays in the 30s, 40s and 50s, then went on to enliven a number of routine on-camera projects in her twilight years. Born at the turn of the century, she received her start on the German stage where she became a star...
3. Max Bozyk Max Bozyk Actor, Yidl mitn fidl
4. Serge Silberman Serge Silberman Producer, Ran
5. Artur Rubinstein Artur Rubinstein Soundtrack, The Truman Show
6. Aleksander Bardini Aleksander Bardini Actor, Three Colors: White
7. Joseph Green Joseph Green Director, Yidl mitn fidl Born in Poland, Joseph Greenberg first came to the United States with a Yiddish acting company in 1924. In 1935 he made the first of four films in the tradition of the Yiddish cinema, but expanding that tradition to create polished performances with wide appeal. In 1937, following the success of the initial _Yidl Mitn Fidl (1935)_...
8. Wladyslaw Hancza Wladyslaw Hancza Actor, Kochaj albo rzuc
9. Alexander Tansman Alexander Tansman Composer, Paris Underground
10. Leo Rosten Leo Rosten Writer, Sleep, My Love
11. Lawrence Lipton Lawrence Lipton Writer, Alimony
12. Stanislaw Sielanski Stanislaw Sielanski Actor, Dorozkarz nr 13
13. Jacob Bronowski Jacob Bronowski Self, Television Tomorrow
14. Jadwiga Andrzejewska Jadwiga Andrzejewska Actress, The Promised Land
15. Jan Karski Jan Karski Self, Shoah
16. Janusz Paluszkiewicz Janusz Paluszkiewicz Actor, Pokolenie
17. Alessandro Fersen Alessandro Fersen Actor, Ulysses
18. Halina Buyno-Loza Halina Buyno-Loza Actress, Nie ma mocnych
19. Roman Cycowski Roman Cycowski Actor, Kabarett-Programm Nr. 6
20. Marian Nowak Marian Nowak Actor, Mother Joan of the Angels
21. Euzebiusz Luberadzki Euzebiusz Luberadzki Actor, The Deluge
22. Willy Zielke Willy Zielke Cinematographer, Triumph of the Will
23. Aleksander Marten Aleksander Marten Director, On a heym
24. Wladyslawa Skwarska Wladyslawa Skwarska Actress, Wesela nie bedzie
25. Lódia Silva Lódia Silva Actress, Noites Cariocas
26. Franciszek Dominiak Franciszek Dominiak Actor, Dzien wielkiej przygody
27. Janina Janecka Janina Janecka Actress, My Uncle from America
28. Henryk Szwajcer Henryk Szwajcer Actor, Zakazane piosenki
29. Avraham Chalfi Avraham Chalfi Actor, Floch
30. Alfred Savoir Alfred Savoir Writer, Bluebeard's Eighth Wife
31. Melania Sadecka Melania Sadecka Actress, Z biegiem lat, z biegiem dni...
32. Zygmunt Nowicki Zygmunt Nowicki Actor, Gdzie jest general...
33. Osip Abdulov Osip Abdulov Actor, Ostrov sokrovishch
34. Jerzy Zarzycki Jerzy Zarzycki Director, Robinson warszawski
35. Anatol Radzinowicz Anatol Radzinowicz Production Designer, First Spaceship on Venus
36. Boleslaw Bolkowski Boleslaw Bolkowski Actor, Zakazane piosenki
37. Mieczyslaw Moczar Mieczyslaw Moczar Writer, Barwy walki Polish general and politician. In the mid 60s he led the nationalist and anti-semitic group within the ruling Communist party. Minister of Internal Affairs since 1964 to 1968. In 1968 he inspired an anti-semitic campaign, as a result of which about 8 000 Polish citizens of Jewish descent were forced to leave Poland.
38. Wlodzimierz Borunski Wlodzimierz Borunski Actor, Personel
39. Kazimierz Brandys Kazimierz Brandys Writer, Samson
40. Zdzislaw Lubelski Zdzislaw Lubelski Actor, Szatan z siódmej klasy
41. Williband Hentschel Williband Hentschel Writer, Prelude to War
42. Ysrael Szumacher Ysrael Szumacher Actor, Unzere Kinder
43. Feliks Kalinowski Feliks Kalinowski Actor, Dzwony wieczorne. Róze i kolce zakazanej milosci
44. Leokadia Pilarska Leokadia Pilarska Actress, Jovita
45. Stefania Grodzienska Stefania Grodzienska Writer, Sprawa do zalatwienia
46. Shimen Dzigan Shimen Dzigan Actor, Unzere Kinder
47. Marian Slojkowski Marian Slojkowski Actor, Boleslaw Smialy
48. Krystyna Lisowska Krystyna Lisowska Actress, Krzyk
49. Ludoslaw Kozlowski Ludoslaw Kozlowski Actor, Czlowiek na torze
50. Kazimierz Korcelli Kazimierz Korcelli Writer, Awantura o Basie
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