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1. Strother Martin Strother Martin Actor, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid American character actor who achieved considerable fame in the last decade of his life. A native of Kokomo, Indiana, Strother Martin Jr. was the youngest of three children of Strother Douglas Martin, a machinist, and Ethel Dunlap Martin. His family moved soon after his birth to San Antonio, Texas, but quickly returned to Indiana...
2. Selwyn Ward Selwyn Ward Actor, Power Rangers in Space
3. Leon Acord Leon Acord Actor, Old Dogs & New Tricks Leon was born in Kokomo, Indiana on May 23, 1963, and grew up on several different farms in the area. Moving frequently led Leon to develop a fantasy life at an early age, and he acted in high-school and community-theatre productions throughout Indiana. He attended Indiana University at Kokomo. He landed his first paying show-biz gig during this time...
4. Rebecca Klingler Rebecca Klingler Actress, The Green Mile Rebecca was born in Kokomo, Indiana and moved to the small college town of North Manchester as an infant. Her father taught Engilsh at Manchester College while Rebecca's mother raised their seven of which Rebecca was fourth. While attending The University of Evansville in southern Indiana, Rebecca played...
5. Ryan White Ryan White Actor, The Ryan White Story Ryan White was born in Kokomo, Indiana in 1971. A hemophiliac, Ryan regularly needed injections of blood products to survive. In 1985 at the age of 13, it was discovered that Ryan contracted the AIDS virus, sometime during the previous year, from tainted blood. His case got national attention when his school expelled him when they learned about his disease...
6. Steve Kroft Steve Kroft Self, 60 Minutes
7. Dustin Hubbard Dustin Hubbard Producer, For Christ's Sake
8. George W. Davis George W. Davis Art Director, The Twilight Zone
9. Norman Bridwell Norman Bridwell Writer, Clifford's Puppy Days Born in Kokomo, Indiana on February 15, 1928, illustrator/cartoonist Norman Bridwell has written over 120 books on children's favorite "Clifford the Big Red Dog". He continues to write an average of 2 books a year. After being told his illustrations of Clifford were too ordinary, a critic suggested he write a story to go along with them to help to sell the illustrations...
10. Andrea White Andrea White Actress, The Ryan White Story
11. Jason Powell Jason Powell Actor, We Were Soldiers
12. Christopher DeLisle Christopher DeLisle Actor, A Dog Named Christmas
13. Mike Dalzell Mike Dalzell Actor, Hoosiers
14. John O'Banion John O'Banion Actor, The Judas Project
15. Norma French Norma French Actress, Who Says I Can't Ride a Rainbow!
16. Galen Drake Galen Drake Actor, The Galen Drake Show
17. King Kennedy King Kennedy Actor, Seven Days' Leave
18. T. Lockwood Arbright T. Lockwood Arbright Actor, Citizen Kane
19. Andrew Martin Andrew Martin Actor, Nerdvana
20. Aricka Shuck Aricka Shuck Miscellaneous Crew, 8 Mile
21. Josh Gibson Josh Gibson Director, The Here and Now
22. Sean Cameron Sean Cameron Actor, The Last Castle
23. Joe Thatcher Joe Thatcher Self, Sunday Night Baseball
24. Joe Cameron Joe Cameron Actor, Libertaria
25. Sean Strebin Sean Strebin Miscellaneous Crew, Detour Wrote and directed first short horror film, Don't Go Into Winger Alone," in Manchester College around 1987. Continued film work with American Film Institute on student productions that were released as Downward Angel and NightStalker when he relocated to Glendale California in mid-90s. Worked as a entertainment journalist and moonlighted as bartender.
26. Tom Underwood Tom Underwood Self, 1981 American League Championship Series
27. Robert S. Richardson Robert S. Richardson Miscellaneous Crew, Captain Video and His Video Rangers
28. Bob Ferguson Bob Ferguson Actor, Last Chance Bob Ferguson was born in Kokomo, Indiana to Robert and Kathryn Ferguson. He attended Ball State University before pursuing his dream of acting and moving to L.A. in 1988. It was not until he moved back to his roots in Indiana that he got his acting break. He has two sisters, Debbie (Praed) and Chris (Williams)...
29. William H. Terhune William H. Terhune Editor, Babes in Toyland
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