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1. Kristin Booth Kristin Booth Actress, YPF Kristin Booth is a versatile performer experienced in film, television and theatre. Booth's feature film credits include several Toronto International Film Festival film selections, including Defendor and This Beautiful City; as well as the heist thriller, Foolproof, opposite Ryan Reynolds, On the Line, Detroit Rock City, Gossip, Cruel Intentions 2 and Kardia...
2. Lois Maxwell Lois Maxwell Actress, Goldfinger Everyone knows (or should know) Lois Maxwell as the one and only "Miss Moneypenny", but there's much more to her acting career than that. She started out against her parents' will, and without their knowledge, in a Canadian children's radio program, credited as "Robin Wells". Before the age of 15 she...
3. Brendan Meyer Brendan Meyer Actor, The Guest Brendan Meyer is an accomplished actor in both theatre and film/TV. He has filmed throughout North America: in LA, New Mexico, Toronto and Vancouver, as well as his home town of Edmonton. In addition to his writing and directorial debut, the short film, A Job, Brendan has written several screenplays and shorts that he hopes to direct and produce in the future...
4. Jeremy Ratchford Jeremy Ratchford Actor, Unforgiven
5. Wanda Cannon Wanda Cannon Actress, The 6th Day
6. Tracy Ryan Tracy Ryan Actress, Stealing Harvard Tracy Ryan was born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada in 1971. She went to school at the University of Toronto and graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama/Irish Studies combined major. A multitalented actor, she made her mark in theatre, film and television and has recently turned her talents to writing...
7. Christina Schmidt Christina Schmidt Actress, Mother and Child Reunion: Part 1 Christina Schmidt attended high school at Waterloo Oxford High School in Baden, Ontario and Cameron Heights Collegiate in Kitchener. She auditioned for and was picked from hundreds of Degrassi:The Next Generation hopefuls. Christina was cast as part of the original D:TNG cast for the leading role of Terri MacGregor...
8. Jason Reso Jason Reso Actor, Shoot 'Em Up
9. Kwesi Ameyaw Kwesi Ameyaw Actor, Man of Steel
10. David Morrell David Morrell Writer, First Blood David Morrell was born in 1943, shortly after his father was killed in action. His mother could not both raise him and have a job, so David was sent to an orphange. He went to Pennsylvania State University from 1966-70, where he was inspired by his teacher, writer William Tenn. In 1972 he wrote First Blood...
11. David Orth David Orth Actor, 2012 David Orth was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. He has had many leading roles in various TV shows, including most notably, The Lost World as Edward "Ned" Malone. He has also starred in Beyond Reality, the Ray Bradbury Theatre, and many others. David has been taught by some of Toronto's leading acting coach's...
12. Rocky Stone Rocky Stone Self, Toy Mountain Christmas Special Rocky began in the early 1980s as a stage actor/comedian. On October 15th of 1994, one week before his 23rd birthday, he became an Independent Talent Agent. After the first few months, he wasn't really sure if this was what he really wanted to do, as he had no previous experience at that point as an Agent...
13. Shawn Storer Shawn Storer Actor, The Time Traveler's Wife
14. Liza Fromer Liza Fromer Self, Episode dated 4 September 2014
15. Helen Boll Helen Boll Actress, Dumb & Dumber
16. Michael Mercy Michael Mercy Writer, The Passenger A graduate of the University of Waterloo's Film Studies program, Michael Mercy's range of projects is as diverse as his range of talents. The Canadian born filmmaker has produced music videos, shorts, television shows and the inspirational tear-jerker feature film, "Acuity." His narrative work ranges from drama to thriller to action-comedy...
17. Gail Dahms-Bonine Gail Dahms-Bonine Actress, The Silent Partner
18. Gary Krawford Gary Krawford Actor, Resident Evil 2
19. Darryl Sittler Darryl Sittler Self, Legends of Hockey
20. Troy Baker Troy Baker Miscellaneous Crew, Between Strangers
21. Diane Nyland Diane Nyland Actress, The Trouble with Tracy
22. Paul Constable Paul Constable Actor, Global Heresy
23. Bethany Kaster Bethany Kaster Editorial Department, Pride of Lions
24. Sylvia Zuk Sylvia Zuk Actress, Groupies
25. Carlos Velásquez-Corleto Carlos Velásquez-Corleto Actor, The Tales of Prince Badass
26. Matthew Crandall Matthew Crandall Writer, Prince Solitaire
27. Amanda Pereira Amanda Pereira Actress, Scratched Vinyl
28. R.J. Martin R.J. Martin Editorial Department, Strangers
29. Cam McLauchlin Cam McLauchlin Editorial Department, Pacific Rim
30. Michael Berz Michael Berz Soundtrack, Snow White
31. Rob Sargeant Rob Sargeant Actor, Stars, Sand & Dust Rob Sargeant was a graduate of Bealart (London, Ontario, Canada) 1985-1987 as a Film Major and Photography Minor. He went on to study 16mm Film Production at the London International Film School (London, England) in 1987. There he was invited to work with a fellow Egyptian film school student on a dramatic film in Cairo...
32. Adam Koebel Adam Koebel Cinematographer, Desperate Souls
33. Pavan Moondi Pavan Moondi Director, Diamond Tongues
34. Michael Kowalski Michael Kowalski Visual Effects, The Amazing Spider-Man
35. Beverlee Buzon Beverlee Buzon Actress, Cadet Kelly
36. The Missing Link The Missing Link Actor, Mister Universe
37. Byron Robertson Byron Robertson Actor, Wrestling with the Truth
38. Scott Stevens Scott Stevens Self, The Letter
39. Shelley Winsor Shelley Winsor Actress, Boogie with the Undead
40. Gary Dornhoefer Gary Dornhoefer Self, Broad Street Bullies
41. Philip Hoffman Philip Hoffman Director, All Fall Down
42. Margaret Millar Margaret Millar Writer, Beast in View
43. Howie Meeker Howie Meeker Actor, Hockey Night in Canada
44. Heidi Burrowes Heidi Burrowes Producer, Breakfast of Imbeciles
45. Ryan Weichel Ryan Weichel Stunts, La Femme Nikita Ryan Mark Weichel was born on April 15, 1973, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. He spent the first six months of his life in his birth city before moving a short distance north to the town of Elmira. His love for drama began in public school, where he landed lead roles in the productions "It Takes a Wizard"...
46. Robert J. Tavenor Robert J. Tavenor Actor, Talk to Me
47. Shelley Nieder Shelley Nieder Art Department, Marion Bridge
48. Dave Dias Dave Dias Writer, Caillou
49. Otis Barlow Otis Barlow Miscellaneous Crew, Jason X
50. Isabel Huggan Isabel Huggan Writer, Jack of Hearts
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