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1. Madge Sinclair Madge Sinclair Actress, The Lion King Madge Sinclair was born Madge Dorita Walters on April 28 1938 in Kingston, Jamaica, married young and had two sons. Madge worked as a teacher in Jamaica until she was 30. She left her two boys with their father and went to New York City to be an actress. She began modeling and later acted with the New York Shakespearean Festival and at Joseph Papp's Public Theatre...
2. Sandra 'Pepa' Denton Sandra 'Pepa' Denton Self, Good Hair Sandra Denton "Pepa" was born in Kingston, Jamaica on November 7, 1964. Her family moved to Queens, New York when she was a child. In 1985, while studying nursing at Queens Borough College, she met Cheryl 'Salt' James. They began rapping together. In 1986, they formed 'Salt-N-Pepa'. Sandra made her debut that year...
3. Ziggy Marley Ziggy Marley Soundtrack, 50 First Dates
4. Evan Parke Evan Parke Actor, King Kong
5. Peter Williams Peter Williams Actor, The Chronicles of Riddick
6. Sean Paul Sean Paul Soundtrack, 2 Fast 2 Furious
7. Frank Silvera Frank Silvera Actor, Killer's Kiss He was a highly successful black actor/director in the 1950s and 1960s who - because of his light-skinned appearance - transcended race and ethnicity in his performances. In motion pictures, Frank Silvera was cast as black, Latino, Polynesian and "white"/racially indeterminate (due to black + white film stock's lack of discernment when rendering light-skinned African-Americans)...
8. Shaggy Shaggy Soundtrack, Showtime
9. Louie Rankin Louie Rankin Actor, Belly
10. Roxanne Beckford Roxanne Beckford Actress, Something's Gotta Give
11. David Reivers David Reivers Actor, Poseidon
12. Patrick Ewing Patrick Ewing Self, Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks
13. Sanya Hughes Sanya Hughes Actress, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
14. Marguerite LeWars Marguerite LeWars Actress, Dr. No
15. Errol Brown Errol Brown Soundtrack, Zodiac
16. Philip Akin Philip Akin Actor, P2
17. Jenna Wolfe Jenna Wolfe Self, Episode dated 6 September 2014
18. Patrick Kerton Patrick Kerton Stunts, X-Men: Days of Future Past
19. Spragga Benz Spragga Benz Soundtrack, After the Sunset
20. Paula O'Hara Paula O'Hara Actress, American Gun
21. Richard Chevolleau Richard Chevolleau Actor, Four Brothers
22. Nahtasha Budhi Nahtasha Budhi Actress, The Last Run When Nahtasha Budhi enters a room, men and women alike cannot help but pay attention. With her exotic beauty, insatiable energy, and insurmountable charm, she captivates every person she meets. Budhi first caught worldwide attention with her acting debut when she was four! Budhi's knack for acting did not go unnoticed...
23. Ester Anderson Ester Anderson Actress, A Warm December
24. Bushwick Bill Bushwick Bill Actor, Night Vision Bushwick Bill was born under the name Richard Stephen Shaw in Kingston, Jamaica, on December 1, 1966. His father is a merchant marine, and his mother a maid. According to a source from the Houston Chronicle, he is a high school dropout, and reads at the fourth grade level. He has failed a majority of courses in his freshman year in high school...
25. Nicholas Simmons Nicholas Simmons Stunts, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
26. Damian Marley Damian Marley Soundtrack, Knocked Up
27. Cedella Marley Cedella Marley Self, Africa Unite: A Celebration of Bob Marley's 60th Birthday
28. Kedar Brown Kedar Brown Actor, Enemy
29. Kirk Fraser Kirk Fraser Producer, Without Bias Kirk Fraser was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He grew up in Lanham, Maryland, where he attended Parkdale High, and Laurel High School. After taking a television production class in his senior year, an interest in Filmmaking developed. He continued to advance his education in Filmmaking and attended Howard University in Washington, D.C...
30. Jeff Henry Jeff Henry Actor, The Day I Tried to Live Jeff got his acting break in The Exorcist III with George C. Scott and followed this break to Los Angeles. Jeff landed many national commercials upon his arrival in Los Angeles; "Golden Grahams Cereal" with Andre Agassi, "Gatorade," "The Reebok Dan & Dave campaign" with Supermodel Amber Smith...
31. Alrick Brown Alrick Brown Writer, Kinyarwanda Recognized as one of Filmmaker Magazine's 25 New Faces to Watch and an Emerging Film Maker in Vanity Fair, Alrick Brown is an award winning writer, director, and producer. His collective works have screened in over 65 festivals worldwide, earning numerous awards and honors. His first feature, Kinyarwanda...
32. Larrington Walker Larrington Walker Actor, Human Traffic
33. Saskia Garel Saskia Garel Actress, A Tale of Two Bunnies Saskia Garel was born in Kingston, Jamaica and immigrated to Toronto, Canada at an early age. Her exotic looks are a result of just the right blend of a Spanish-Jamaican father and a Chinese-Jamaican mother. She launched her music career in a huge way as one half of the BMG Recording group Love & Sas...
34. Charles Hyatt Charles Hyatt Actor, Cool Runnings
35. Louise Bennett Louise Bennett Actress, Who Finds a Friend Finds a Treasure
36. Karin Taylor Karin Taylor Self, Playboy: Playmate Profile Video Collection Featuring Miss June 1999, 1996, 1993, 1990 Gorgeous, buxom and shapely stunner Karin Katherine Taylor was born on November 28, 1971 in Kingston, Jamaica. She's of Jamaican, Chinese and Brazilian descent. Karin and her family moved to Orlando, Florida when she was little. Taylor attended Catholic school and was a church alter girl. She worked...
37. 'Sister' Carol East 'Sister' Carol East Soundtrack, Rachel Getting Married
38. Bunny Wailer Bunny Wailer Self, Reincarnated
39. Desmond Dekker Desmond Dekker Soundtrack, Forgetting Sarah Marshall
40. Vincent Ford Vincent Ford Soundtrack, The Social Network Vincent "Tata" Ford grew up in the tough Trenchtown ghetto of Kingston, Jamaica where a near neighbor was Bob Marley, five years his junior. The two became friends, and it was Ford who mentored the young Marley and kept him from getting into serious trouble. It was in Ford's apartment that the song "No Woman...
41. Winston Riley Winston Riley Soundtrack, The Interview
42. John Barnes John Barnes Self, Bend It Like Beckham
43. Annika P. Smith Annika P. Smith Actress, Inferno
44. Sharon Marley Prendergast Sharon Marley Prendergast Actress, The Mighty Quinn
45. Cherine Anderson Cherine Anderson Actress, One Love
46. Gregory Isaacs Gregory Isaacs Soundtrack, Fish Tank
47. Michael London Michael London Actor, Cool Runnings
48. Anton Phillips Anton Phillips Actor, Last Summer
49. Sandy Daley Sandy Daley Actress, Another Planet In her first audition, Jamaican-born, Toronto-bred beauty Sandy Daley scored the lead role in Christene Browne's feature film, ANOTHER PLANET. It is the story of a young black woman from Toronto who searches for her identity and discovers her African roots on a Quebec farm. Film critics have described Daley as a young Susan Sarandon...
50. Dennis Scott Dennis Scott Actor, Cliff's Wet Adventure
1-50 of 144 names.