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1. Giulia Nahmany Giulia Nahmany Actress, Love by Design Giulia Nahmany is an actress and producer, born on the 16th of January, 1983 in [Kfar Saba], [Israel] to a Jewish Ashkenazi family. Giulia showed love for the performing arts since a young age, deciding that she would pursue this as a career. She began working during her teenage years, while attending the American International school of Bucharest...
2. Illana Diamant Illana Diamant Casting Director, Double Team
3. Jalal Masrwa Jalal Masrwa Actor, Sufat Chol
4. Niki Rubin Niki Rubin Actress, Methodic Niki was born in Kfar Saba, Israel, was raised in South Brunswick, NJ and now resides in New York, traveling all over the world for her work and passions. Having grown up with her Grandfather, Samuel Rubin "Sam The Popcorn Man" owning movie theaters and theaters in the Tri-State area, Niki joined him in his love for the arts...
5. Meyrav Feldman Meyrav Feldman Actress, Ha-Shminiya
6. Joshua Fitoussi Joshua Fitoussi Director, A Year in a Life Joshua was born in Israel in 1986 from an American mother and a French father. He did not stay very long in Israel, his parents moved to France. After the loss of his father in 1993, Joshua moved to Marseille, south of France. He stayed there till the end of high school. At the age of 17, he applied for a Scholarship to go one year abroad with the organization called AFS...
7. Idan Reichel Idan Reichel Soundtrack, Walk on Water
8. Michal Levi Michal Levi Actress, Lost Islands
9. Lee Biran Lee Biran Actor, Ha-Hamama
10. Itai Lev Itai Lev Director, Hamesh Dakot BeHalicha
11. Dorit Rabinyan Dorit Rabinyan Writer, HaBahur Shel Shuli
12. Mordechai Kirschenbaum Mordechai Kirschenbaum Self, London et Kirschenbaum
13. Avi Nusbaum Avi Nusbaum Writer, Eretz Nehederet
14. Oded Paz Oded Paz Actor, Ha-Pijamot
15. Ben Gotlieb Ben Gotlieb Actor, New Jack City
16. Adam Aarons Adam Aarons Actor, Petra Adam was born in Israel and raised in the United States by an American father and Israeli mother. At the age of 23 Aarons went to volunteer at a school in the rural village of Tafi Atome in Ghana, where he lived, taught and experienced poverty first hand. He currently holds a position on the board FLW.
17. Michal Poras Michal Poras Actress, Bruno Meohav
18. Maor Waisburd Maor Waisburd Camera and Electrical Department, Pitter Patter Goes My Heart
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