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1. Willy Fritsch Willy Fritsch Actor, Woman in the Moon
2. Georg Thomalla Georg Thomalla Actor, Der keusche Lebemann One of the most popular and prolific character comedians of post-war German cinema, Georg Thomalla began his working life as an apprentice cook. In 1932, he joined a theatrical troupe and, before long, acted on stage in Berlin. After the war, he became a celebrated star of cabaret, an ensemble member of the 'Kabarett der Komiker'...
3. Lotte Loebinger Lotte Loebinger Actress, Das kalte Herz
4. Berta Waterstradt Berta Waterstradt Writer, Besondere Kennzeichen: keine
5. Hans Bellmer Hans Bellmer Self, Film sur Hans Bellmer
6. Maria Rouvel Maria Rouvel Actress, Der keusche Lebemann
7. Barbara Dickmann Barbara Dickmann Actress, Hochkant
7 names.