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1. Franz Planer Franz Planer Cinematographer, Breakfast at Tiffany's Descended from a wealthy family of landowners in what was then Austria-Hungary, Franz Planer understood the importance of photography as an art form early in his life. He first stood behind the camera as a portrait photographer, working out of Vienna from 1910. He soon branched out, filming newsreels in Paris and...
2. Fritz Schulz Fritz Schulz Actor, 'S Wiesenhendl
3. Walter Serner Walter Serner Writer, The Tigress Walter Serner's life and especially his death have been shrouded in mystery. The last thing that was heard of him was a letter he wrote on October 13th, 1927. He disappeared and it is still unknown what happened or where and when he died. Serner's work was never really accepted by the literary establishment...
4. Václav Vích Václav Vích Cinematographer, Der Verlorene
5. Max Blonda Max Blonda Writer, From Today Until Tomorrow
6. Walter Kaufmann Walter Kaufmann Composer, This Modern Age
7. Franz Allers Franz Allers Music Department, Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates
8. André Mattoni André Mattoni Actor, Tartuffe
8 names.