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1. Googie Withers Googie Withers Actress, Within These Walls Googie Withers began her acting career at the age of 12. She was dancing in the chorus in a West End revue when she was spotted by a Warner Brothers casting director. She went to do a screen test for them at the Riverside Studios and was invited to become an extra. On her first day at the filming of The Girl in the Crowd she arrived on the set just after Michael Powell had just sacked the second lead...
2. Margaret Lockwood Margaret Lockwood Actress, The Lady Vanishes Karachi-born Margaret Lockwood, daughter of a British colonial railway clerk, was educated in London and studied to be an actress at the Italia Conti Drama School. Her first moment on stage came at the age of 12, when she played a fairy in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in 1928. She had a bit part in the Drury Lane production of "Cavalcade" in 1932...
3. Angela Thorne Angela Thorne Actress, Three Up Two Down
4. Govind Nihalani Govind Nihalani Cinematographer, Dev
5. June Thorburn June Thorburn Actress, Tom Thumb
6. Ramesh Sippy Ramesh Sippy Director, Sholay
7. Tulsi Ramsay Tulsi Ramsay Director, Purana Mandir
8. Sadhana Sadhana Actress, Waqt Sadhana was born on September 2, 1941 and was named after her father's favorite actress Sadhona Bose. Her father and actor Hari Shivdasani were brothers, and Hari's daughter is actress Babita Kapoor. Sadhana was an only child and her parents made her the center of their lives; in fact, her mother home-schooled her until she was 8 years old...
9. Tariq Yunus Tariq Yunus Actor, Ashanti
10. Waheed Murad Waheed Murad Actor, Armaan
11. Gordon Honeycombe Gordon Honeycombe Actor, Then She Was Gone
12. Ravindra Dave Ravindra Dave Director, Raaz
13. K.P. Bhave K.P. Bhave Director, Shri Krishna Nardi
14. Suresh Sippy Suresh Sippy Producer, Shaan
15. N.R. Acharya N.R. Acharya Director, Azad
16. Pervez Malik Pervez Malik Director, Armaan
17. Naval Gandhi Naval Gandhi Director, Balidan
17 names.