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1. Masanobu Andô Masanobu Andô Actor, Sukiyaki Western Django
2. Hiroshi Abe Hiroshi Abe Actor, Still Walking
3. Nanako Matsushima Nanako Matsushima Actress, Ring Like most beautiful Japanese actresses, she started out her career as a swim suit model. She was discovered in high school and landed her first job when she was nineteen. Over the next five years she would become one of the most famous models in Japan. Her first big role was when she was twenty-four in Kon'na koi no hanashi (1997) (TV) opposite Hiroyuki Sanada and Koji Tamaki...
4. Rina Takeda Rina Takeda Actress, The Tale of Iya
5. Naomi Morinaga Naomi Morinaga Actress, Captive
6. Kyôko Koizumi Kyôko Koizumi Actress, Tokyo Sonata
7. Mao Inoue Mao Inoue Actress, I Give My First Love to You
8. Kenya Sawada Kenya Sawada Actor, Street Fighter
9. Keita Saitou Keita Saitou Actor, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
10. Masaaki Uchino Masaaki Uchino Actor, 13 Assassins
11. Megumi Odaka Megumi Odaka Actress, Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla Megumi Odaka was born on May 9, 1972 in Kanagawa, Japan. When she was 12 years-old, she jump-started her film career as a voice actress for children's TV shows in Japan. In addition, with also being a singer, she released several singles and albums throughout the late 1980s. After participating in the "Toho Cinderella Contest" in 1989 with actress Yasuko Sawaguchi...
12. Nae Nae Actress, Letters from Iwo Jima
13. Natsuko Yashiro Natsuko Yashiro Actress, Rape!
14. Kenji Sahara Kenji Sahara Actor, Rodan Kenji Sahara was born Tadashi Ishihara on May 14, 1932 in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa, Japan. He came in second in the "Mr. Ordinary Contest" in 1953 and his cinema debut was as an extra in two small roles in Godzilla, one as a ship passenger and one as a journalist. However, his break-through in Toho Studios' sci-fi films came when he portrayed the male lead Shigeru in Rodan...
15. Tomoya Nagase Tomoya Nagase Actor, Yaji and Kita: The Midnight Pilgrims Tomoya Nagase is a Japanese singer and actor. He is the youngest member of TOKIO, a Johnny Entertainment musical group. He is the primary vocalist, in addition to playing the guitar alongside TOKIO's leader, Joshima Shigeru. Nagase is known as Nagase, Tomoya, Naga-kun, Tomo-kun, Baby or Tomobaby. He recently broke up with his long-time girlfriend...
16. Shôta Saitô Shôta Saitô Actor, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
17. Asuka Kurosawa Asuka Kurosawa Actress, A Snake of June
18. Akira Terao Akira Terao Actor, Ran Akira Terao is the son of the famous actor Jukichi Uno. After graduating from Bunka Gakuin University, he formed a rock band "The Savage" which experienced brief success thanks to their hit 'Itsumademo, Itsumademo'. In 1967, Kei Kuma hired him to play alongside his father in his film 'Tunnel of Kurobe'...
19. Naoko Watanabe Naoko Watanabe Actress, Noriko's Dinner Table
20. Miki Sugimoto Miki Sugimoto Actress, Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs Miki Sugimoto is almost inseparable from fellow 1970s Toei film star Reiko Ike. Both stared in numerous "sukeban" films throughout the 1970s and helped build a generation of "Toei porn". A fashion model and star of "Go Go Girl in All Night Fuji" (a Japanese TV program), she made her film debut in "Hot Springs Mimizu Geisha" (Onsen mimizu geisha) and was later known for her film "Zero Woman...
21. Yûzô Kayama Yûzô Kayama Actor, Red Beard The son of one of one of Japan's biggest male stars of the 1930s, 'Ken Uehara', the handsome and likable Yuzo Kayama became one of Japan's biggest male stars of the 1960s. And just as Uehara embodied the idea of a modern Japanese wartime hero, Kayama became symbolic of postwar Japanese affluence and confidence...
22. Masato Furuoya Masato Furuoya Actor, All Under the Moon
23. Shinobu Yaguchi Shinobu Yaguchi Director, Swing Girls
24. Tôru Furuya Tôru Furuya Actor, Paprika
25. Yôsuke Kubozuka Yôsuke Kubozuka Actor, Go
26. Osamu Mukai Osamu Mukai Actor, We Can't Change the World. But, We Wanna Build a School in Cambodia.
27. Saki Takaoka Saki Takaoka Actress, Crest of Betrayal
28. Marina Matsumoto Marina Matsumoto Actress, Motto kurutte motto hageshiku
29. Yûji Oda Yûji Oda Actor, Bayside Shakedown Oda Yuji's career in Japanese entertainment began in the late 80s when he released two record singles that went largely unnoticed. He also played supporting roles in a few films and tv shows. Yuji began to garner attention when he appeared in a 1989 tv romantic comedy called "Mama Haha Boogie", opposite Atsuko Asano (101st Marriage Proposal...
30. Yoshiyuki Tomino Yoshiyuki Tomino Writer, Kidô senshi Gandamu
31. Shôsuke Tanihara Shôsuke Tanihara Actor, Fudoh: The New Generation
32. Hiromi Tsuru Hiromi Tsuru Actress, Metal Gear Solid
33. Yuria Hidaka Yuria Hidaka Actress, Undead Pool
34. Yû Kashii Yû Kashii Actress, Death Note
35. Tomoko Ai Tomoko Ai Actress, Terror of Mechagodzilla
36. Shôgo Shimada Shôgo Shimada Actor, Tora! Tora! Tora!
37. Akira Kamiya Akira Kamiya Actor, Fist of the North Star
38. Wakana Yamazaki Wakana Yamazaki Actress, Detective Conan: The Private Eyes' Requiem
39. Koreya Senda Koreya Senda Actor, Tora! Tora! Tora!
40. Becky Becky Actress, Episode #4.10
41. Kyû Sakamoto Kyû Sakamoto Actor, Ue o muite arukô
42. Kimika Yoshino Kimika Yoshino Actress, Gozu
43. Hitomi Miwa Hitomi Miwa Actress, Ju-on: The Curse
44. Riko Narumi Riko Narumi Actress, How to Become Myself
45. Takako Tokiwa Takako Tokiwa Actress, Dirty Hearts
46. Hitomi Hitomi Actress, Nightmare Detective
47. Eri Tanaka Eri Tanaka Actress, Denji sentai Megaranger vs Carranger
48. Yuuta Mochizuki Yuuta Mochizuki Actor, Kamen Rider J
49. Miyû Sawai Miyû Sawai Actress, Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa
50. Ren Yamamoto Ren Yamamoto Actor, Godzilla
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