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1. Marion Michael Marion Michael Actress, Liane, Jungle Goddess
2. Renate Ewert Renate Ewert Actress, The Red Circle Born in Königsberg in 1935, Renate Ewert and her family had to leave their home and relocate to Hamburg during WWII. As she was determined to become an actress, she applied for the "Hamburger Kammerspiele" but was rejected. By doing synchronising jobs for foreign movies she finally got her first role in the third part of 08/15 at Home...
3. Harry Liedtke Harry Liedtke Actor, The Merry Jail
4. Charlott Daudert Charlott Daudert Actress, Seitensprünge Whatever her limitations as an actress, Charlott Daudert made up for with wide-eyed effervescence and a cute, feisty personality. The bubbly blonde began working life as editor of the children's section of a newspaper (as 'Aunty Charlotte') in her home town of Königsberg, East Prussia. She also dabbled in drafting costume designs...
5. Antje Weisgerber Antje Weisgerber Actress, Der Landarzt
6. Witta Pohl Witta Pohl Actress, Diese Drombuschs One of Germany's most popular actresses, Witta Pohl started to act on stage before she had major success in film and television. From 1983 to 1994, she starred in the leading role as the mother in the quite popular tv-series "Diese Drombuschs", her most memorable role. In the early Nienties she left...
7. Werner R. Heymann Werner R. Heymann Composer, Chocolat Werner Richard Heyman was active as a classical composer in Berlin from 1912. By the end of the decade, he also wrote songs for cabaret and served as musical director for Max Reinhardt from 1918 to 1919. In films with Ufa from 1923, he initially worked as assistant to the head of the music department Erno Rapee...
8. Rosemarie Pasdar Rosemarie Pasdar Actress, Made in U.S.A.
9. Ingeborg Lapsien Ingeborg Lapsien Actress, Frau L
10. Leopold Jessner Leopold Jessner Director, Hintertreppe
11. Solveig Müller Solveig Müller Actress, Der Weg ins Nichts
12. Algis Budrys Algis Budrys Writer, Who? While born in eastern Europe, he has lived in the US since 1936. He initially worked for his father, who was US representative of the Lithuanian government-in-exile. He began publishing science fiction in 1952 in the magazine "Astounding Science Fiction" (now "Analog").
13. Eugen Sandow Eugen Sandow Self, Ringkämpfer Sandow was already a great admirer of Greek and Roman statues of gladiators and mythical heroes when his father took him to Italy as a boy. By the time he was 19, he was already performing strongman stunts in side shows. The legendary Florenz Ziegfeld saw the young strongman and hired him for his carnival show...
14. Clemens Hasse Clemens Hasse Actor, Die Feuerzangenbowle
15. Käthe Kollwitz Käthe Kollwitz Writer, The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century
16. Willi Schrade Willi Schrade Actor, Die Suche nach dem wunderbunten Vögelchen
17. Max Kolpé Max Kolpé Writer, Germany Year Zero
18. Anneli Granget Anneli Granget Actress, Hafenkrankenhaus
19. Walter Tarrach Walter Tarrach Actor, Das kalte Herz
20. Michael Fengler Michael Fengler Writer, Warum läuft Herr R. Amok
21. Heinz Goldberg Heinz Goldberg Writer, The Living Dead
22. Irene Mann Irene Mann Miscellaneous Crew, Die Stadt
23. Leah Rabin Leah Rabin Self, Yitzhak Rabin: Warrior/Peacemaker
24. Hella Moja Hella Moja Actress, So ein Mädel
25. Willi Kollo Willi Kollo Composer, Wir tanzen um die Welt
26. Gerlind Reinshagen Gerlind Reinshagen Writer, Sonntagskinder
27. Annelise Matschulat Annelise Matschulat Actress, Der elegante Dreh
28. Lotar Olias Lotar Olias Composer, Symphonie in Gold
29. Wolfgang Weyrauch Wolfgang Weyrauch Writer, Und wenn's nur einer wär'
30. Gotthold Gloger Gotthold Gloger Writer, Hütes
31. Gerhard Rosenfeld Gerhard Rosenfeld Composer, The Rabbit Is Me
32. Peter Musäus Peter Musäus Actor, Frau W.
33. Jens Heilmeyer Jens Heilmeyer Actor, Ein Film für Cheyenne
34. Heinz Voss Heinz Voss Actor, Hotelboy Ed Martin
35. Ilse Kuklinski Ilse Kuklinski Actress, Papas neue Freundin
36. Olaf Ihlau Olaf Ihlau Self, Presseclub
37. Karl Schirdewan Karl Schirdewan Self, Cold War
38. Manfred Korytowski Manfred Korytowski Producer, Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl
39. Heinrich August Winkler Heinrich August Winkler Self, Die Deutschen
39 names.