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1. Carroll Baker Carroll Baker Actress, The Game Carroll Baker was born Karolina Piekarski on May 28, 1931 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the daughter of a traveling salesman. She attended community college for a year and then worked as a dancer and magician's assistant. After a brief marriage, she had a small part in Easy to Love, did TV commercials...
2. Natalia Livingston Natalia Livingston Actress, General Hospital
3. Tim Kazurinsky Tim Kazurinsky Actor, Saturday Night Live Tim Kazurinsky is an American actor and screenwriter known for his tenure as both a writer and featured player on Saturday Night Live (1981-1984) and for his role as Officer Sweetchuck in the Police Academy film series. His screen writing credits include both TV and film, most notably "About Last Night...
4. Emil Sitka Emil Sitka Actor, Crimewave Orphaned at twelve, Sitka caught the acting bug while living with a priest in Pittsburgh. He road the rails as a hobo for years during the Depression before arriving in Hollywood in 1936. Theatre work, including directing, eventually brought him to the attention of a talent scout, who contracted him to Columbia Studios...
5. Steve Ditko Steve Ditko Writer, Spider-Man
6. Mark Polonia Mark Polonia Editor, Splatter Farm
7. Regis Parton Regis Parton Stunts, The Monster Squad
8. Helen Hughes Helen Hughes Actress, Billy Madison
9. Peter Vuckovich Peter Vuckovich Actor, Major League Former Major League baseball pitcher, 1975 to 1986. Pitched for the Chicago White Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, St. Louis Cardinals & Milwaukee Brewers. Was a member of the original Toronto Blue Jays team of 1977. A pitcher during his professional career, but portrayed a power hitting first baseman in the 1989 film "Major League".
10. Howard Wendell Howard Wendell Actor, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
11. Jon Kohan Jon Kohan Writer, Ernie & Cerbie
12. John Polonia John Polonia Director, Splatter Farm
13. Alan Freed Alan Freed Soundtrack, Goodfellas
14. Dean Santoro Dean Santoro Actor, Dogs
15. Richard Krisher Richard Krisher Actor, The Boston Strangler He was born on Aug. 22, 1938, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Mr. Krisher was a self-taught prodigy who toured the country giving presentations of his skill typing 160 words per minute under the sponsorship of the Royal Typewriter Co. Both a stage and screen actor, Mr. Krisher appeared in commercials, summer stock and on- and off-Broadway...
16. Jana Robbins Jana Robbins Actress, The Women
17. Pennie DuPont Pennie DuPont Casting Director, The Karate Kid Pennie DuPont has cast such films as Roxanne, the Karate Kid, Peggy Sue Got Married, the Seventh Sign, and Arizona Dream. She also did the west coast casting on Star 80 for director Bob Fosse, and Annie for John Huston. At the Burbank Studios she worked for Columbia and Tri Star until returning to New York...
18. Lawrence Cameron Steele Lawrence Cameron Steele Actor, Ghost Rider Lawrence is former professional Boxer & retired Police Detective. He was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, but grew up in the New Jersey town of Edison. He went to Edison High School. He pursued a career as a boxer and then became a police officer. Lawrence took up acting in 2003, after his wife suggested it would give him something to do rather than sit around the house...
19. Bob Cousins Bob Cousins Actor, The Whispering Blade Bob Cousins was born on February 5, 1962 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA. He is an actor and lifestyle model known for the television movie Containment (2015), and numerous television commercials and print ads. Bob has done several spokesperson videos for various companies world wide. He's also appeared in national ads and publications for major companies such as Loews Hotels and Resorts...
20. Jason Morgan Jason Morgan Transportation Department, Everest
21. E.K. Lincoln E.K. Lincoln Actor, Lessons in Courtship
22. Chad Kurtz Chad Kurtz Actor, Iron Man 3
23. Ashley Cantley Ashley Cantley Producer, The Meredith Vieira Show
24. Justin Spanko Justin Spanko Actor, 666: The Beast
25. Betty Medsger Betty Medsger Self, 1971
26. Josh Ling Josh Ling Production Manager, Green Lantern: The Animated Series
27. Ray Scott Ray Scott Self, AFL-NFL World Championship Game
28. Danny DeBalli Danny DeBalli Miscellaneous Crew, Shallow Hal
29. Jimmy Evans Jimmy Evans Actor, 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams
30. Shawn Fornari Shawn Fornari Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Ghost Hunters Shawn Fornari, a Western Pennsylvania native, has been directing films since he was 8 years old. At that tender age, Mr. Fornari fell in love with the art of storytelling through the lens of a camera... a love which has grown stronger through the years. In his youth, his dream of making movies often found him in tricky situations...
31. Larry Walton Larry Walton Self, NFL Monday Night Football
32. Daniel Kuttner Daniel Kuttner Editorial Department, Shameless Dan Kuttner was born of German immigrants. His father was a musician, a Cantor in a Jewish Temple and an orchestra conductor. His mother gave lectures about the Holocaust. When Dan was 14, his family moved from Johnstown, Pennsylvania to Omaha, Nebraska. When he graduated from Westside High School, he went to Austin...
33. Bruce Kent Bruce Kent Actor, Slap Shot
34. Jack Ham Jack Ham Self, The NFL on NBC
35. Buster Davis Buster Davis Music Department, Movie Movie Composer, songwriter ("Autumn's In the Air"), arranger and conductor, educated at Princeton University (Bachelor of Arts degree). He was a vocal arranger and conductor for Broadway musicals, including "Funny Girl" and "Fade Out - Fade In". Joining ASCAP in 1963, he collaborated musically with Marshall Barer...
36. Craig Grebeck Craig Grebeck Self, Sunday Night Baseball
37. Terry McGovern Terry McGovern Self, The Gans-McGovern Fight
38. Mary Jane Sanderson Mary Jane Sanderson Actress, Gentlemen of the West
39. Vince Tomak Vince Tomak
40. Kristal Uzelac Kristal Uzelac Self, Pontiac American Team Cup
41. Eddy Hudson Eddy Hudson Actor, Junior Miss
42. Cherie Tomak Cherie Tomak
43. Heather Haberman Heather Haberman
44. Steve Pieroni Steve Pieroni Actor, A Perfect Game
45. Pat Cummings Pat Cummings Self, The NBA on CBS
46. Charles Wakefield Cadman Charles Wakefield Cadman Soundtrack, Go West Composer, songwriter ("At Dawning"), author and pianist, educated at USC with a music degree and at the University of Denver with an honorary Ph.D. He studied music with Leo Oehlmer, Emil Paur, W. K. Steiver, and Luigi von Kunits. He was a music critic for the Pittsburgh Dispatch, and researched Indian music and customs...
47. Pete Duranko Pete Duranko Self, The NFL on NBC
48. George Linjeris George Linjeris Actor, Love-In '72
49. Artrell Hawkins Artrell Hawkins Self, The NFL on CBS
50. Tony Zanoni Tony Zanoni Actor, Killer Nerd
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