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1. Ye Liu Ye Liu Actor, Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia Liu Ye's acting talents were apparent right from his first movie, Postman in the Mountains, for which he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at China's 1999 Golden Rooster Awards. Shortly after his graduation from Central Academy of Drama, Liu Ye won Best Actor at Taiwan's 38th Golden Horse Awards for his bold and splendid performance as a gentle...
2. Lei Hao Lei Hao Actress, Fu cheng mi shi
3. Chengpeng Dong Chengpeng Dong Actor, Tang ren jie tan an
4. Li Xin Li Xin Actress, Paris, je t'aime
5. Ruriko Asaoka Ruriko Asaoka Actress, Goyôkin
6. Xiaolong Zhang Xiaolong Zhang Actor, Zhan lang
7. Lu Zhang Lu Zhang Director, Gyeongju He started his film work since 2000, while his earlier pivotal career is literature. He used to teach Chinese Literature at Yanbian University in Jilin and wrote novels before changing his path to the film industry. He is a third-generation Korean Chinese and this background has provided him with a special attention on Korean diaspora which extends to North Korean refugees.
8. Hongshen Jia Hongshen Jia Actor, Suzhou he
9. Shutong Guo Shutong Guo Actress, Shei de qing chun bu mi mang
10. Guang Yang Guang Yang Actress, House of Flying Daggers
11. Jialin Zhao Jialin Zhao Actor, Di Renjie: Tong tian di guo
12. Yi Sun Yi Sun Actress, Wo de qing chun qi
13. Joe Wong Joe Wong Actor, The Invention of Lying
14. Hao Zheng Hao Zheng Actor, Wo de fu qin mu qin
15. Baihui Xu Baihui Xu Actress, Mi yue zhuan
16. Xiaoying Song Xiaoying Song Actress, Zhu guang li de wei xiao
17. Liu Xianying Liu Xianying Self, OL Salt Lake City 2002 Liu Xianying was born on 8 July 1977 in Jilin, China. She is a former biathlete. Her first year in biathlon was 1991 and her World Cup debut happened in 1996. Liu is known to be the most successful Chinese biathlete ever in the history of the sport. She has 4 individual podiums and 10 times finishes in the Top 10...
18. Chao Jiang Chao Jiang Actor, Da Tang Xuan Zang
19. Rei Nakanishi Rei Nakanishi Writer, Nagasaki burabura bushi
20. Kaili Zhang Kaili Zhang Actress, Ke wang
21. Yuan Ling Yuan Ling Actress, Gu ling jie shao nian sha ren shi jian
22. Lan Gu Lan Gu Actor, Zhou Enlai
23. Fanxi Xu Fanxi Xu Actress, Mi yue zhuan
24. Zhiguo An Zhiguo An Cinematographer, Mo dai huang hou
25. Qi Da Qi Da Actor, Bian zai feng huo
26. Rentang Li Rentang Li Actor, Bei gao Shangang ye
27. Zhang Chengye Zhang Chengye Self, Vancouver 2010: XXI Olympic Winter Games Zhang Chengye was born on 20 May 1982 in Jilin, China. He is a retired biathlete, who competed also in cross-country skiing. His first year in biathlon was 2002 and he made his World Cup debut in 2003. In 2004, Zhang made a historical placing as he finished 2nd in the 20 km Individual event in Antholz-Anetrselva...
28. Xin Liang Xin Liang Writer, Hong se niang zi jun
29. Vivian Wang Vivian Wang Writer, Wo shi nv wang After graduation from Art School of Peking University with a MA degree in 2009, Vivian Wang started working for film companies as creative executive while part time writing her own scripts. In 2012 she quit her office job and became a full time screen writer. While working for DMG Entertainment and...
29 names.