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1. Nehemiah Persoff Nehemiah Persoff Actor, Some Like It Hot Born in 1919 (some sources say 1920) in Jerusalem, Nehemiah Persoff immigrated with his family to America in 1929. Following schooling at the Hebrew Technical Institute of New York, he found a job as a subway electrician doing signal maintenance until an interest in the theater altered the direction of his life...
2. Makram Khoury Makram Khoury Actor, Munich Palestinian-Israeli actor Makram Khoury was the youngest artist and the first Arab to win the Israel Prize, the highest artistic honor in the country. He is one of Israel's most respected actors, playing leads in all the major theatres as well as acting in films and on television. Khoury is an actor's actor: subtle...
3. Amos Kollek Amos Kollek Director, Fast Food Fast Women
4. Godfrey Quigley Godfrey Quigley Actor, A Clockwork Orange
5. Tsilla Chelton Tsilla Chelton Actress, Tatie Danielle
6. Sirhan Sirhan Sirhan Sirhan Self, The Killing of America
7. Shaike Ophir Shaike Ophir Actor, The Policeman Born In Jerusalem Novenber 4th, 1929. Fourth generation Israeli. Educated at "Alliance" school of Jerusalem. In his teens studied at "Haohel" Theatre Studio. at the age of 15 joined the "Palmach" underground forces and participated in safeguarding the convoys to Jerusalem. Also fought at the "Palyam" (Palmach's Naval section)...
8. Dan Wolman Dan Wolman Director, Tied Hands
9. Amos Oz Amos Oz Self, Censored Voices
10. Yusef Bulos Yusef Bulos Actor, Awakenings
11. Yehoram Gaon Yehoram Gaon Actor, Mivtsa Yonatan
12. Edward Said Edward Said Self, Edward Said: The Last Interview
13. Yossi Banai Yossi Banai Actor, Les patriotes
14. Chaim Banai Chaim Banai Actor, For My Father
15. Yitzhak Rabin Yitzhak Rabin Self, War
16. Mordechay Gur Mordechay Gur Writer, Azit Hakalba Hatzanhanit
17. Yehuda Burla Yehuda Burla Writer, Nashim
18. Dan Benaya-Serri Dan Benaya-Serri Writer, Elef Neshotav Shel Naftali Siman-Tov
19. Nurit Zarchi Nurit Zarchi Actress, Vicious Circles
20. Eliahu Inbal Eliahu Inbal Self, L'amour de la vie - Artur Rubinstein
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