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1. Cedric the Entertainer Cedric the Entertainer Actor, Ice Age
2. Charlie Weber Charlie Weber Actor, Gacy
3. Anastasia Roark Anastasia Roark Actress, Rough Night in Hump Junction
4. William Rose William Rose Writer, The Ladykillers
5. John Farris John Farris Writer, The Fury
6. Janet Beecher Janet Beecher Actress, The Lady Eve Janet Beecher, daughter of the German vice-consul in Chicago, studied acting at the Art Students League in New York. For almost three decades she made a name for herself as a leading actress in plays on the Broadway stage, beginning with a bit part in 'The Two Orphans' in 1903. Her hits included 'The Lottery Man' (1909-10)...
7. Anthony Harris Anthony Harris Visual Effects, Spider-Man Born Robert Anthony Harris in Jefferson City Missouri, and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. He graduated from Ruskin High School before becoming a Navy Hospital Corpsman for four years during the Gulf War. Afterwards he attended Lincoln University in Jefferson City where he Majored in broadcast communications...
8. Chester Himes Chester Himes Writer, A Rage in Harlem
9. Michael Neeley Michael Neeley Actor, Firestorm Rising
10. Laura La Varnie Laura La Varnie Actress, Mickey
11. Tom Wescott Tom Wescott Actor, Party Crasher: My Bloody Birthday
12. Kay Loring Kay Loring Actress, Blind Alley
13. Brooklyn Garrison Brooklyn Garrison Actress, Wednesday's Farewell Brooklyn Joyce Garrison was born on the 19th of November 1994 in Jefferson City, Missouri USA. The youngest of 4 children, with 3 brothers in the home she was very determined to prove that being a girl didn't just represent ribbons, and dresses. She was never afraid of getting dirty, climbing trees, etc. Whatever the boys did, she did her best to do it too just as well...
14. Justin Smith Justin Smith Self, 2001 NFL Draft
15. Steve Rogers Steve Rogers Self, 1982 MLB All-Star Game
16. Joe Crede Joe Crede Self, 2008 MLB All-Star Game
16 names.