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1. Haluk Bilginer Haluk Bilginer Actor, Winter Sleep After graduating from Ankara State Conservatory, he went to England (1977) and acted in British theater (My Fair Lady, Macbeth, Pal Joey, Belami, Phantom of the Opera) and TV series (Eastenders, Glory Boys, Murder of a Moderate Man, Bergerac, Memories of Midnight, The Bill) between year 1980-1993. Afterwards he established his own theater in Ankara...
2. Sahan Gökbakar Sahan Gökbakar Actor, Recep Ivedik Gökbakar grew up in Turkey's capital, Ankara, attending the primary school and high school attached to the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ). After completing high school in 1997, he went on to study music and visual arts at Bilkent University's Faculty of Fine Arts in Ankara. He graduated in 2002...
3. Meltem Cumbul Meltem Cumbul Actress, Lovelorn
4. Engin Altan Düzyatan Engin Altan Düzyatan Actor, Anadolu Kartallari Engin Altan Düzyatan began acting during his high school days. He joined Dokuz Eylül University to study theatre. He did complete his course and moved to Istanbul where he started his professional acting career. He made his screen debut in the television series Ruhsar and went on to appear in Yeditepe Istanbul...
5. Ezgi Asaroglu Ezgi Asaroglu Actress, The Fall from Heaven Ezgi Asaroglu was born in Izmir, Turkey. She first appeared on television in the TV series "Bir Dilim Ask", which marking her screen debut at age 17. During the years, she had roles in the top-rated TV series and the popularity of the series made Ezgi Asaroglu well known to audiences in Turkey. In 2005...
6. Yigit Özsener Yigit Özsener Actor, Losers' Club
7. Çagan Irmak Çagan Irmak Writer, Are We OK?
8. Nehir Erdogan Nehir Erdogan Actress, Broken Angel
9. Magali Noël Magali Noël Actress, La Dolce Vita
10. Semih Kaplanoglu Semih Kaplanoglu Producer, Bal (Honey)
11. Ece Uslu Ece Uslu Actress, Dark Spells
12. Vahide Perçin Vahide Perçin Actress, Zefir
13. Hülya Darcan Hülya Darcan Actress, Live Target
14. Begüm Kütük Begüm Kütük Actress, Romantik Komedi
15. Aristotle Onassis Aristotle Onassis Uncategorised Aristole Onassis was an ethnic Greek born in Smyrna in the Ottoman Empire in what is now Turkey, who became a billionaire shipping tycoon when the number of billionaires could be counted on one hand. He is known to history as the second husband of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. He was the son of Socrates Onassis...
16. Cansel Elcin Cansel Elcin Actor, 120
17. Gözde Mukavelat Gözde Mukavelat Actress, Episode #1.3
18. Tayfun Güneyer Tayfun Güneyer Writer, Keloglan vs. the Black Prince
19. Caglar Ertugrul Caglar Ertugrul Actor, The Mountain
20. Selen Soyder Selen Soyder Actress, Reaksiyon
21. Ümit Ünal Ümit Ünal Writer, Istanbul Tales Umit Unal was born in Turkey, 1965. He graduated from '9 Eylul University', TV-Cinema department, and started to shoot short films in school. His first scenario for the movie 'Teyzem' was very successful and awarded by Milliyet Newspaper. His first movie, 'Dokuz' was the Turkey's official submission to the Best Foreign Language Film Category 75th Anual Academy Awards (2003)...
22. Selen Ozturk Selen Ozturk Actress, Episode #1.1
23. Gülçin Santircioglu Gülçin Santircioglu Actress, Yumurta (Egg)
24. Dilek Serbest Dilek Serbest Actress, Conquest 1453
25. Ilker Kizmaz Ilker Kizmaz Actor, The Breath
26. Togan Gökbakar Togan Gökbakar Director, Recep Ivedik 2
27. Halit Refig Halit Refig Director, Birds of Exile Halit Refig, Turkish filmmaker, film critic and theoretician and an intellectual was born in Izmir, Turkey in 1934 to an industrial family. He attended Sisli Terakki High School and briefly attended Robert College Engineering Dept. During his military service he started making documentaries in Japan...
28. Selin Sekerci Selin Sekerci Actress, Bölüm 1
29. Ayhan Isik Ayhan Isik Actor, Bitter Life
30. Ebru Akel Ebru Akel Actress, Sicak
31. Kaan Urgancioglu Kaan Urgancioglu Actor, Karaoglan
32. Ahu Yagtu Ahu Yagtu Actress, Bir Avuç Deniz
33. Petek Dinçöz Petek Dinçöz Actress, Keloglan vs. the Black Prince
34. Kudret Sabanci Kudret Sabanci Director, Istanbul Tales
35. Funda Ilhan Funda Ilhan Actress, Gümüs
36. Esra Ronabar Esra Ronabar Actress, Sana Bir Sir Verecegim
37. Evrim Akyigit Evrim Akyigit Actress, Oog om oog
38. Salih Bademci Salih Bademci Actor, In Bar
39. Hande Kazanova Hande Kazanova Actress, In deiner Hand
40. Darío Moreno Darío Moreno Actor, The Wages of Fear
41. Cansin Özyosun Cansin Özyosun Actress, Gümüs
42. Zeynep Beserler Zeynep Beserler Actress, Alacakaranlik
43. Yildirim Önal Yildirim Önal Actor, The Poor
44. Gaye Gürsel Gaye Gürsel Actress, Episode #1.12
45. Senay Gürler Senay Gürler Actress, Döngel kârhanesi
46. Sevket Altug Sevket Altug Actor, Süper Baba
47. Ipek Tuzcuoglu Ipek Tuzcuoglu Actress, O... Çocuklari
48. Erdem Tepegoz Erdem Tepegoz Director, Zerre Erdem Tepegoz was born in 1982. Graduated from Dokuz Eylul University, Department of Economics. He studied film directing in Prag Film School. He traveled all around the world making many documentaries. Having worked in many feature films as the first director's assistant, young director has three award-winning short films...
49. Emrah Ertem Emrah Ertem Casting Director, The Physician
50. Hakan Boyav Hakan Boyav Actor, In Bar
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