14 names.

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1. Dominic Minghella Dominic Minghella Writer, Knightfall
2. Martin Rayner Martin Rayner Actor, The Longest Week Born on the Isle of Wight, his father left when he was two years old and of an outbreak of polio and all businesses took a turn for the worst. All the hardships Martin Rayner faced took him down the path of acting. He began his career cleaning the brass in a West End theater, where he appeared a couple...
3. Angus Imrie Angus Imrie Actor, Kingdom
4. Tessa Dahl Tessa Dahl Actress, Royal Flash
5. Colin Southcott Colin Southcott Art Director, Die, Monster, Die!
6. Polly Toynbee Polly Toynbee Director, Women of Our Century
7. David Walbridge David Walbridge Actor, Take My Life
8. Pat Courtney Pat Courtney Actress, His House in Order
9. Uffa Fox Uffa Fox Self, This Is Your Life
10. Frank Stayton Frank Stayton Writer, A Woman in Pawn
11. Arran Corbett Arran Corbett Editorial Department, Beneath the Skin
12. Ingrid Cardon Ingrid Cardon Actress, Horrors of the Black Museum
13. Dimity Collins Dimity Collins Art Department, Dad's Army
14. Sandy Allison Sandy Allison Casting Director, The Riddle of the Sands
14 names.