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1. Michael Mosley Michael Mosley Actor, Sirens Michael Mosley has been bringing characters to life in film, television, and on stage for the past decade. Mosley can currently be seen starring on the USA series "Sirens," created by Denis Leary and Bob Fisher. The comedy based on the BBC show of the same name, follows three fast, ball-busting Chicago EMT's whose chief talents are saving lives and self-sabotage...
2. Laura Leighton Laura Leighton Actress, Pretty Little Liars
3. Hill Harper Hill Harper Actor, CSI: NY Hill Harper, an accomplished film, television and stage actor, stars in the hit CBS drama series, CSI: NY. He portrays "Dr. Sheldon Hawkes", a reclusive coroner who walked away from a promising surgical career after the traumatic loss of two patients. This February, he will star in the HBO movie...
4. Phil Morris Phil Morris Actor, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
5. Phyllis Somerville Phyllis Somerville Actress, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
6. Ashley Tesoro Ashley Tesoro Actress, The Bold and the Beautiful Ashley Tesoro is a Christian and country music singer. In 2007 she released her self-titled country music debut through Tesoro Records. In 2010 she released a Country-Gospel album titled "Oh You Angel." In 2012 she released a Gospel Hymns album titled "Simply Worship." All of her EP's were produced by Grammy nominated and multi-platinum record producer Ron Aniello, and were met with rave reviews...
7. Tim Chiou Tim Chiou Actor, Crossing Over
8. Jessica Sharzer Jessica Sharzer Producer, Speak Grew up in New York City. Holds a B.A. from Wesleyan University, an M.A. from Berkeley and an M.F.A. in film from NYU.
9. John Lacy John Lacy Actor, Hell on Wheels John was born in Iowa City where his father, the writer Robert Lacy, studied at the Iowa Writer's Workshop under the mentor-ship of Kurt Vonnegut and Richard Yates, alongside fellow students Andre Dubus, William Kittredge, Theodore Weesner, and detective novelist James Crumley. The family settled in Minneapolis...
10. Margaret Welsh Margaret Welsh Actress, Mr. & Mrs. Bridge
11. Emily Cline Emily Cline Actress, In the Company of Men
12. Jan Munroe Jan Munroe Actor, A Few Good Men
13. Randy Powell Randy Powell Actor, Days of Our Lives
14. Ben Rollins Ben Rollins Actor, The Orange Man Growing up, he moved every 2 years or so (including 5 years in Australia 1967-1972). A year after graduating high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. A back injury ended his career after only 6 years. After a hiatus of nearly 21 years, he answered his nation's call again and enlisted in the National Guard - taking training as a combat medic. He served a tour in Iraq in 2009-2010...
15. June Carryl June Carryl Actress, What Dreams May Come Playwright and actor June Carryl (born Lomena) grew up in Denver, Colorado. Starting out in Political Science at Brown, intending to be a lawyer, she bailed on the last round of LSAT's and pursued a Ph.D. in English Literature instead. She wrote a play for her midterm in a Drama survey course taught by Paula Vogel (How I Learned To Drive...
16. Jake Johannsen Jake Johannsen Writer, Jake Johannsen: This'll Take About an Hour
17. Daniel A. Greenwald Daniel A. Greenwald Sound Department, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
18. Emily Galvin Emily Galvin Actress, Long Distance Emily Galvin was born in Iowa City, Iowa, to the poets James Galvin and Jorie Graham. She was raised traveling between Iowa, Italy, and the mountains of Wyoming before attending Harvard in the class of 2004. She graduated from Harvard Magna Cum Laude with a degree in English and American Literature and Language.
19. Joseph M. Petrick Joseph M. Petrick Casting Department, Undercover Boss
20. Velinda Godfrey Velinda Godfrey Actress, Adonis
21. Chris Roe Chris Roe Producer, Bereave
22. Bob Barr Bob Barr Self, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
23. Christopher Edwards Christopher Edwards Production Manager, Junebug
24. Janet Guthrie Janet Guthrie Self, Fast Women: The Ladies of Auto Racing
25. Standish J. Lambert Standish J. Lambert Sound Department, The Wizard of Oz
26. Aighleann McKiernan Aighleann McKiernan Actress, Persephone: Pictures at the End of the World
27. Benjamin Patrick Benjamin Patrick Sound Department, The Office
28. Tom Bliss Tom Bliss Actor, I Am a Knife with Legs
29. Randy Brown Randy Brown Visual Effects, Captain America: The Winter Soldier
30. Tamar Salibian Tamar Salibian Miscellaneous Crew, Survivor
31. Ryan Overton Ryan Overton Actor, Arnolds Park
32. Gabe Fonseca Gabe Fonseca Miscellaneous Crew, Wizards of Waverly Place
33. Meredyth Lynne Meredyth Lynne Actress, Cyber Case
34. Greg Biekert Greg Biekert Self, ESPN's Sunday Night Football
35. Julie Noble Julie Noble Actress, Mischief
36. Michael T. Altfillisch Michael T. Altfillisch Miscellaneous Crew, The Planet's Funniest Animals
37. Joe Heath Joe Heath Actor, To Survive
38. Kelly O'Neil Jackson Kelly O'Neil Jackson Actor, Hiding in Plain Sight Kelly O'Neil Jackson was born in Iowa City, Iowa in 1966, but actually started his life in the town of Waterloo. His performing abilities first emerged at the age of 6 when he won an audition to appear with "The Young Americans" on a stage- with "Big Bird" from Sesame Street making a guest appearance...
39. Justin Kron Justin Kron Location Management, Kick-Ass
40. Dennis Tate Dennis Tate Actor, Shaft
41. Norm Breyfogle Norm Breyfogle Writer, Batman: Arkham City Norm Breyfogle is a cartoonist who helped to revive the Batman comics with Alan Grant. He also created the Ventriloquist, and Mr. Zsasz. With the help of Alan Grant again, he drew Batman for six years (from 1987 to 1993), penciled Detective Comics from 1987 to 1990, introduced the new Robin from 1990 to 1992...
42. Seán Patrick Judge Seán Patrick Judge Actor, Doctor Mayor Seán Patrick Judge was born and raised in Iowa City, Iowa, where he grew up to study Theatre and French at the University of Iowa. At age 25, he moved to Chicago and worked in theatre for 5 years, and then New York to work extensively on stage. Upon moving to Houston in 2004, Seán began working in theatre, small film projects and voice over work.
43. Roger Morden Roger Morden Actor, Interiors
44. Jamie Stone Jamie Stone Actor, Milking Table
45. Andrew Bentler Andrew Bentler Editor, Laid to Rest
46. Jenna Giovanni Jenna Giovanni Actress, On Account of Amber
47. Michael Helgens Michael Helgens Editor, Fortunate Misfortune Michael Helgens lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He spends his time making things to entertain folks. He enjoys acting of all sorts as he embodies Dr. Simon Pervarious in Jump Start from Fun & Games Productions and he lends his voice to Spencer Holmes, the grandson of Sherlock Holmes in Strobie Studio's The Watson Files...
48. Austin Carroll Austin Carroll Self, The One: Making a Music Star
49. Amanda Lensing Amanda Lensing Miscellaneous Crew, Stranger Than Fiction
50. Anderson Craig Anderson Craig Animation Department, The Crackpot King Anderson Craig was born April 15,1904 in Iowa City, Iowa, the son of Dr. Arthur Still Craig and Melle Campbell Craig. He took art and design courses in Kansas City, Missouri in the 1920 and in the late 1920's was a portrait artist in New York City. During the Depression of the 1930's he worked as an animation background artist...
1-50 of 70 names.