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1. Tobias Moretti Tobias Moretti Actor, Kommissar Rex
2. Christian Berger Christian Berger Cinematographer, The White Ribbon 1973 founded own production company TTV Film. Extensive work as a documentary film-maker. 1977 building of experimental video studio. Work with and technical support for various young film-makers working under TTV Film. 1980/81 increasing work in TV plays, screen adaptations with various authors, director of photography for feature films and work as director...
3. Ronja Forcher Ronja Forcher Actress, Der Bergdoktor
4. Mirjam Weichselbraun Mirjam Weichselbraun Self, Dancing Stars
5. Judith Holzmeister Judith Holzmeister Actress, 1. April 2000
6. Bernhard Schir Bernhard Schir Actor, Labyrinth
7. Christoph Grissemann Christoph Grissemann Self, Willkommen Österreich
8. Signe Seidel Signe Seidel Actress, Boeing - Boeing
9. Ulrich P. Bruckner Ulrich P. Bruckner Producer, Mark Damon: From Gunslinger to Hollywood Player
10. Guntram Brattia Guntram Brattia Actor, In den Tag hinein
11. Kelle Riedl Kelle Riedl Actor, Mathias Kneissl
12. Sylvie Nogler Sylvie Nogler Actress, Des Teufels Kinder
13. Igo Sym Igo Sym Actor, Erzherzog Johann Igo Sym was born in Innsbruck, Austria in 1896. Before working as an actor he served from 1918-1921 in the Polish army. After working in silent films he was engaged by the theater in Warsaw, where he often appeared with his "Singing Saw". When in 1939 the Germans ran over Poland, Sym started to collaborate with them...
14. Angelika Rossaro Angelika Rossaro Actress, Der Lügner
15. Verena Wengler Verena Wengler Actress, Der Unbestechliche
16. Ilse Exl Ilse Exl Actress, Veronika, die Magd
17. Julius Horst Julius Horst Writer, Heaven on Earth
18. Birgit K. Schier Birgit K. Schier Stunts, Hook
19. Dagmar Rom Dagmar Rom Actress, Nacht am Mont-Blanc
20. Katharina Schnelting Katharina Schnelting Costume Designer, Schlussmacher
21. Alexandra Krismer Alexandra Krismer Actress, Chuzpe
22. Hermann Brix Hermann Brix Actor, Glück aus Ohio Hermann Brix was a singer, stage and film actor. He studied medicine and Germanistik in high school and university. Then he took private acting school. By 1936 he made his debut in Prague. From there he gained a contract with the Kamerspiele Theater in Munich. In 1939 he played Emperor Franz Joseph in "Maria Ilona"...
23. Hanna Wördy Hanna Wördy Actress, Zwei Nasen tanken Super
24. Carolina Inama Carolina Inama Self, Newton - Neues aus der Welt der Wissenschaft
25. Volkmar Parschalk Volkmar Parschalk Actor, Tarabas
26. Lois Egg Lois Egg Production Designer, Der Bauer als Millionär
27. Eckart Seeber Eckart Seeber Music Department, Spider-Man 2
28. Walter Riml Walter Riml Cinematographer, Triumph of the Will Walter Riml is the photographer of the famous portrait of Leni Riefenstahl as "Junta" in her first film "The Blue Light", working there also as second cameraman. Living in Berlin since the early 30s until the end of the war, he was cameraman for Arnold Fanck, the legendary founder of the German Berg Film...
29. Mathias Walch Mathias Walch Actor, Begierde und Sehnsucht - Arthur Schnitzler
30. Ferdinand Exl Ferdinand Exl Actor, Speckbacher
31. Mario Fiorani Mario Fiorani Actor, O Engano
32. Hans Jamnig Hans Jamnig Actor, Der verlorene Sohn
33. Monika Poeschl Monika Poeschl Actress, Ein Engel auf Erden
34. Wolfgang Pfaundler Wolfgang Pfaundler Writer, Tiroler Advent
35. Gabriele Sima Gabriele Sima Actress, Le nozze di Figaro
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