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1. Christian Lyon Christian Lyon Actor, The Replacements Before arriving in Hollywood, Christian was a NY state firefighter/ E.M.T. for 8 years. He was a drummer in David Carradine's band the Cosmic Rescue Team, featuring John York of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted group, the Byrds. In June of 2006, Christian led an expert group of cavers in recovering the remains of James Gentry Mitchell...
2. Phoebe Brand Phoebe Brand Actress, Vanya on 42nd Street Wife of Morris Carnovsky, famed Shakespearean actor. Original member of the legendary Group Theater with Clifford Odets. Blacklisted with Carnovsky in 1951 after director Elia Kazan named them as Communists in front of the House UnAmerican Activities Committee. Taught acting in New York into her late 90s.
3. Herbert Senn Herbert Senn Production Designer, Macbeth
4. Lucius Cooke Lucius Cooke Actor, Impact
5. Darren A. Mosher Darren A. Mosher Visual Effects, Avatar Darren A. Mosher is a Special Effects Engineer residing in New Zealand and specializing in both Physical and Digital Effects for Film and Television. He is known for his work on District 9, Avatar and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He also provides consultation to theme parks and themed entertainment installations worldwide.
5 names.