50 names.

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1. Anamaria Marinca Anamaria Marinca Actress, 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
2. Monica Barladeanu Monica Barladeanu Actress, Despre oameni si melci She was born in Iasi, Romania, in the South-East of Europe. She went to a local High School to prepare for a future kindergarten teacher career. She changed her mind (and her life!) one year before graduation and got transferred to a different high-school, to learn intensively for joining the University to study law...
3. Cristian Mungiu Cristian Mungiu Writer, 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
4. Cosmina Stratan Cosmina Stratan Actress, Dupa dealuri Cosmina Stratan was born on 20th Oct. 1984 in Iasi, Romania. She graduated in Journalism and then studied Acting at the National University of Theatre and Film "I.L.Caragiale" (UNATC) in Bucharest, Romania. After graduating, she played her first lead role in Beyond the Hills by Palme d'Or winner Cristian Mungiu...
5. Daniela Nane Daniela Nane Actress, BloodRayne She was born in Iasi, a big old city near the ex-Soviet border. An only child, she grew up being loved and she was a very good student. Briliant mind, she took part in Chemistry, Literature and English contests during school. At 18 she moved on to Bucharest and before studying Drama in Academy for Film and Theatre she won Miss Romania 1991 title...
6. Radu Andrei Micu Radu Andrei Micu Actor, Catacombs Radu Micu was born in Iasi. Romania. He has German, Russian and Romanian roots. He was trained at National University of Dramatic Art Bucharest. Since his graduation in 2005, Radu has worked regularly in Theater, Film and television shows. He has worked also for the BBC, in both independent and Hollywood film.
7. I.A.L. Diamond I.A.L. Diamond Writer, Some Like It Hot
8. Diana Stefanescu Diana Stefanescu Director, R'evol'UTION Diana Andreea Stefanescu was born in Iasi, Romania, daughter of Irina and Cristian Stefanescu, older sister of Alexandra Stefanescu, grand-daughter of the famous writer, Boris Craciun ( man of literature, TV, and radio), and Aurora Craciun, Literature Teacher, and Director of University, from whom Diana inherited the artistic talent of writing and performing...
9. Samuel Haus Samuel Haus Actor, Tsatsiki, morsan och polisen Samuel Haus was born in 1990 in Iasi, Romania. When his parents died, the teachers Ingrid and Stefan Haus, who live in Spånga, Stockholm, adopted him. He also has a sister named Calina. His biological grandmother is still alive and is still living in Romania. As he himself puts it: "My mother is dead...
10. Olimpia Melinte Olimpia Melinte Actress, Caníbal Olimpia Melinte was born in Iasi, Romania, on November 7, 1986. She is an actress, known for Cannibal (2013), My Baby (2013), Seven Acts of Mercy (2011), Killing Time (2012) and Cele ce plutesc (2010). Born on November 7, 1986, in Iasi, Romania, Olimpia Melinte has always wanted to be an actress. Supported by her parents...
11. Nineta Gusti Nineta Gusti Actress, Doi vecini
12. Meda Andreea Victor Meda Andreea Victor Actress, Nunta muta
13. Lupu Pick Lupu Pick Actor, Mr. Wu
14. Rodica Mandache Rodica Mandache Actress, Blood and Chocolate
15. Mugur Mugur Actor, Orgy: The XXX Championship
16. Cris Olariu Cris Olariu Production Manager, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series
17. Liana Petrescu Liana Petrescu Actress, Dupa dealuri
18. Radu Duda Radu Duda Actor, Capitaine Conan
19. Samson Fainsilber Samson Fainsilber Actor, Providence
20. Alexandru Cirneala Alexandru Cirneala Actor, Operation Zucker
21. Adrian Mihai Adrian Mihai Actor, Michael the Brave
22. Édouard de Max Édouard de Max Actor, Une vengeance d'Edgar Poë
23. Elena Lupescu Elena Lupescu
24. Petrica Gheorghiu Petrica Gheorghiu Actor, Terminus paradis
25. Benjamin Fondane Benjamin Fondane Writer, Tararira
26. Petre Gheorghiu-Goe Petre Gheorghiu-Goe Actor, Prin cenusa imperiului
27. Henri Burguet Henri Burguet Actor, Incriminating Evidence
28. Margareta Pogonat Margareta Pogonat Actress, Meandre
29. Constantin Ramadan Constantin Ramadan Actor, In sat la noi
30. Mihai Smarandache Mihai Smarandache Actor, De ce eu?
31. Costache Antoniu Costache Antoniu Actor, Telegrame
32. Adrian Rosley Adrian Rosley Actor, Roberta
33. Burnet Hershey Burnet Hershey Writer, Nutville
34. Petre Lupu Petre Lupu Actor, Restul e tacere
35. Ovidiu Ghinita Ovidiu Ghinita Actor, Domnisoara Christina
36. Elena Negreanu Elena Negreanu Director, Gelozia bat-o vina
37. Tatiana Iekel Tatiana Iekel Actress, Cine ma striga?
38. Crînguta Pînzaru Crînguta Pînzaru Cinematographer, Détritus
39. Meir Rosenne Meir Rosenne Self, Back Door Channels: The Price of Peace
40. Florin Vasiliu Florin Vasiliu Actor, De-as fi... Harap Alb
41. Tudorel Popa Tudorel Popa Actor, K.O.
42. Sorel Etrog Sorel Etrog Self, 28th Annual Genie Awards
43. Gabriel Andronache Gabriel Andronache Writer, Ho Ho Ho
44. Emile Natan Emile Natan Producer, Mädchen in Uniform
45. Ion Moscu Ion Moscu Director, Navigatori care dispar
46. Constantin Dembinski Constantin Dembinski Cinematographer, Un mester iscusit
47. Jean Bart Jean Bart Actor, Eruptia
48. Elena Albu Elena Albu Actress, Ilustrate cu flori de câmp
49. Fechete Cristian Fechete Cristian Writer, Be a Man
50. Anatol Vieru Anatol Vieru Composer, Iacob
50 names.