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1. Paul Scheer Paul Scheer Actor, The League Scheer is an American actor, comedian, writer, director, and producer. Scheer was born in Huntington, New York and graduated from New York University where he majored in Communication and Education. He stars on the FX series The League, the ABC sitcom Fresh Off the Boat, and Hulu comedy series The Hotwives of Orlando...
2. Candice T. Cain Candice T. Cain Writer, Unspoken Candice Cain was born and raised on Long Island, NY. Her mother, Juliette, raised her and her younger sister, Julienne, with no help from her father. She received her B.A. in Dramatic Literature from The George Washington University in Washington, DC in 1998, where she wrote, directed and produced three...
3. Mike Pollock Mike Pollock Actor, Pokémon
4. Franklin D. Roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt Self, United We Stand Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882, in Hyde Park, New York, to James and Sara Roosevelt. His father was 54 at the time of FDR's birth and already had a grown son, nicknamed "Rosy". Sarah was only 27 when FDR was born. Growing up, FDR had a happy but sheltered childhood. His family was very wealthy and FDR had a very privileged upbringing...
5. Lisa Mordente Lisa Mordente Actress, I Want to Keep My Baby!
6. Wally Van Wally Van Actor, Putting Pep in Slowtown
7. Max Miner Max Miner Actor, 12 and Holding
8. Andrew Greiche Andrew Greiche Actor, Flagpole
9. Liliane Klein Liliane Klein Actress, Men in Black 3 Liliane Klein was born and raised in Great Neck, New York. She graduated from Boston University College of Fine Arts, School of Theatre Arts in 2002 with her BFA in Acting, cum laude. She is known for her roles as Helen in Neil LaBute's, Fat Pig, and as Terry the Turtle in PBS television's, Kid Fitness...
10. Luke Cummo Luke Cummo Self, UFC: Ultimate Fight Night 5
11. Ryan Hare Ryan Hare Actor, The Young and the Restless
12. David Podemski David Podemski Producer, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
13. Keith Franceschiello Keith Franceschiello Actor, Callback
14. Alison Luby Alison Luby Miscellaneous Crew, Ivory
15. Andrew Poretz Andrew Poretz Actor, Two Family House
16. Regan McManus Regan McManus Actress, One Life to Live
17. Eric Sazer Eric Sazer Writer, A Portrait of Discomfiture Eric Sazer was raised in Great Neck, New York. Before getting into filmmaking, Eric studied acting at Stagedoor Manor. In 1991, he graduated from Great Neck North High School and then attended Boston University's College of Communications. His mentor at Boston University is Ray Carney. Eric's creative influences include William Gaddis...
18. David Kane Simon David Kane Simon David was born in Bayside, Queens NYC. Moved to New Hyde Park and graduated from Herricks High School in New Hyde Park. In 2008, David was motivated by Director Taylor Hackford, writer Ron Hutchinson to write about his family story that is currently being considered as a major motion picture or TV episodic...
19. Jeremy Kolomer Jeremy Kolomer Production Manager, Boiling Points
20. Brian Gyss Brian Gyss Visual Effects, I, Robot
20 names.