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1. Jodie Whittaker Jodie Whittaker Actress, Attack the Block
2. James Mason James Mason Actor, North by Northwest James Mason was a great English actor of British and American films. He was born in Yorkshire, attended Marlborough and Cambridge, where he discovered acting on a lark and abandoned a planned career as an architect. Following work in stock companies, he joined the Old Vic under the guidance of Sir Tyrone Guthrie and of Alexander Korda...
3. Gorden Kaye Gorden Kaye Actor, Brazil
4. Nicholas Bell Nicholas Bell Actor, Mission: Impossible II
5. Buster Reeves Buster Reeves Stunts, The Dark Knight Rises Buster started training at the tender age of eleven in traditional Wado Ryu karate and moved into freestyle, a move which would map out his life for the better. Under the guidance of his Instructors he claimed the British junior title and a place in the "Guinness Book of Records" for the most kicks done at head height in a minute (218...
6. Zoe Lucker Zoe Lucker Actress, Episode #3.7 Yorkshire-born Zoe Lucker has been on our screens a lot in recent years in TV dramas such as "Holby City", Episode #4.1, Barabara, Brazen Hussies and Coronation Street, where she played Sonia Leech, owner of the beauty parlour where Raquel worked. But it's her role as Tanya Turner in Footballers' Wives that she really loves...
7. Sally Wainwright Sally Wainwright Writer, Emmerdale
8. Stephen Uppal Stephen Uppal Actor, Freight
9. Kenneth Waller Kenneth Waller Actor, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
10. Dan Cadan Dan Cadan Miscellaneous Crew, Snatch.
11. Jonathan Le Billon Jonathan Le Billon Actor, Bright in the Dark Jonathan Keith Le Billon is a British actor, known for work in film, television and stage. He was born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, is a graduate of Greenhead College and the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and began his professional career at the age of thirteen. He made his debut television appearance in 1997...
12. Sophia-Amber Moore Sophia-Amber Moore Actress, Episode #1.6685
13. Nina Hossain Nina Hossain Self, Episode dated 7 March 2014
14. Simon Armitage Simon Armitage Self, Gods & Monsters: Homer's Odyssey
15. Deborah McAndrew Deborah McAndrew Actress, Episode #1.3570
16. Lena Kaur Lena Kaur Actress, Episode #1.2585
17. Janine Mellor Janine Mellor Actress, All You Need Is Love
18. Larry Noble Larry Noble Actor, The Meaning of Life
19. Adam Wimpenny Adam Wimpenny Director, Roar Adam is an award winning television and film director living in London. He has been making films since he acquired his first film camera when he 14 years old. In 1997 he moved to London to study BA Film and Television Arts at the University of Westminster, specialising in directing and graduating in 2000...
20. Harold Wilson Harold Wilson Self, Episode #1.4 Harold Wilson was born in Huddersfield,West Yorkshire in 1916. He had a sharp mind and after graduating from Oxford University, he became a lecturer in economics in 1937. He represented Huyton in parliament from 1945 until his retirement in 1983. He became President of the Board of Trade in 1947 and succeeded Hugh Gaitskell as the Labour party leader in 1963...
21. Amanda Owen Amanda Owen Self, Episode #2.12
22. Harold Huth Harold Huth Producer, Look Before You Love
23. Herman Whitaker Herman Whitaker Writer, 3 Bad Men British/American writer Herman Whitaker was born on 14 January, 1867, a son of James Whitaker, a wool merchant in Huddersfield, and his wife Annie Walton. Herman was the second to the youngest of seven children. James Whitaker may have died around the time of the birth of his seventh child for he is...
24. Zaid Munir Zaid Munir Actor, Britz
25. Howard Harling Howard Harling Actor, A Short Introduction to Cooper's Rules
26. Billy Currie Billy Currie Soundtrack, Laurence Anyways
27. Hannah Harford Hannah Harford Actress, Worried About the Boy
28. Ben Szoradi Ben Szoradi Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Episode #6.16
29. Megan Thomas Megan Thomas Actress, Cockneys vs Zombies
30. Abdul Popoola Abdul Popoola Actor, Survivor Born to a Nigerian father and a Ghanian mother in Huddersfield, England. His early childhood was spent in Lagos, Nigeria. He went to Command Secondary School Lagos and then went to Ahmadu Bello University Zaria to study Chemistry. While in the University,he became more interested in the entertainment world...
31. Wilf Lunn Wilf Lunn Actor, Vision On
32. Rayner Heppenstall Rayner Heppenstall Writer, Leviathan Rayner Heppenstall was born in Huddersfield in 1911 and educated at Leeds University, studying English and French. Moving to London in the 1930s, he became a journalist and poet, writing for T. S. Eliot's 'The Criterion' and befriending Dylan Thomas, Herbert Read, Eric Gill and many other literary figures...
33. Lesley Sanderson Lesley Sanderson Self, Episode #2.33
34. Matt Brown Matt Brown Director, Scratching
35. Millie Martin Millie Martin Actress, R.S.V.P.
36. Mollie Martin Mollie Martin Actress, R.S.V.P.
37. Jackie Lam Jackie Lam Actor, Dead End
38. Catherine Aird Catherine Aird Writer, De prooi
39. Ajamu Ikwe-Tyehimba Ajamu Ikwe-Tyehimba Self, The Homecoming: A Short Film About Ajamu
40. Derek Birch Derek Birch Actor, The Haunted Strangler
41. Suki Ardawa Suki Ardawa Transportation Department, Altitude
41 names.