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1. Yifei Liu Yifei Liu Actress, The Forbidden Kingdom Liu Yifei Born in Wuhan, Hubei province of China 1987 August 25th, She began modeling at the age of 8 and was trained in singing, dancing and the piano. Moving to the United States at 10 with her mother, Liu lived there for four years. She returned to China in June 2002 to pursue a modeling and acting career...
2. Jayne Meadows Jayne Meadows Actress, David and Bathsheba One of four children born to American missionaries, Jayne Meadows (nee Cotter) and her family returned to America in the early 1930's wherein Jayne was forced to learn the English language, then speaking Chinese and other foreign languages only. She developed an early interest in acting and her quick...
3. Kai Wang Kai Wang Actor, Lang ya bang As a child, Wang Kai dreamt of being an actor. Despite some opposition from family, in 2003, he entered the prestigious Central Academy of Drama in Beijing. While still in school, Wang Kai starred in Cold Autumn (2006) as Huang Yuanshang. After graduating in 2007, Wang Kai's breakthrough role was as Chen Jiaming...
4. Fan Xu Fan Xu Actress, Tang shan da di zhen
5. Quan Yuan Quan Yuan Actress, Meili de dajiao
6. Qian Wu Qian Wu Actress, Wei wei yi xiao hen qing cheng
7. Yi Song Yi Song Actress, Wei zhuang zhe
8. Xiyue Cao Xiyue Cao Actress, Moon River
9. Julie Yeh Feng Julie Yeh Feng Actress, Du mei gui
10. Chiao Chiao Chiao Chiao Actress, Du bei dao
11. Chih-Ching Yang Chih-Ching Yang Actor, Ching nu yu hun
12. Chengyuan Li Chengyuan Li Actress, Jianshi liu baiyuan
13. Luo Li Luo Li Director, Tang huang you difu
14. Zitong Yang Zitong Yang Actress, Legendary Amazons
15. Li Zeng Li Zeng Actress, The Glory of Tang Dynasty
16. Sunny Xie Sunny Xie Actress, Kong bu jiang ying
17. Diana Chung-Wen Chang Diana Chung-Wen Chang Actress, Wu Ze Tian
18. Ke Shi Ke Shi Actress, Yi ma de hou xian dai sheng huo Shi Ke was born in Dangyang, Hubei Provice, China into an intellectual family as the youngest of 4 sisters. In 1981 she graduated from middle school and started to work as a self- employed labourer for 4 years. Because of her talented voice, friends persuaded her to try to get into a Music or Drama college...
19. Yuan Tian Yuan Tian Actress, Hu die
20. Zhi Cheng Zhi Cheng Actor, Biao
21. Nian Li Nian Li Actress, Love is Not Blind
22. Mingyang Jiang Mingyang Jiang Actor, Dai noi muk taam 009
23. Hong Yuan Hong Yuan Actor, She diao ying xiong zhuan
24. Yifei Tang Yifei Tang Actress, Mei loi ging chat
25. Yue Gu Yue Gu Actor, Jue zhan zhi hou
26. Mickey He Mickey He Actor, Palace
27. Junbo Sui Junbo Sui Actress, Zu zhou
28. Yilong Zhu Yilong Zhu Actor, Mi yue zhuan
29. Tan Xinpei Tan Xinpei Actor, In the Mood for Love
30. Fang Xie Fang Xie Actress, Two Stage Sisters
31. Wenhui Du Wenhui Du Visual Effects, Gotham
32. Xueshu Yan Xueshu Yan Director, Ye shan
33. Yaming Huo Yaming Huo Actor, Love Me If You Dare
34. Lihen Gao Lihen Gao Actor, Gua ming de fu qi
35. Han Ren Han Ren Actress, Mi yue zhuan
36. Ni Huang Ni Huang
37. Na Li Na Li Self, Wimbledon
38. Vina Zhang Vina Zhang Actress, Shi wan ren jia
39. Jinglu Sun Jinglu Sun Actress, Shan jian ling xiang ma bang lai
40. Yufeng Zheng Yufeng Zheng Actor, Shao nian shen tan Di Renjie
41. Shanshan Li Shanshan Li Self, Beijing 2008: Games of the XXIX Olympiad
42. Mi Zhou Mi Zhou Actor, Ting jian xia yu de sheng yin
43. Yifan Li Yifan Li Director, Xiang cun dang an
44. Xin Wang Xin Wang Self, Beijing 2008: Games of the XXIX Olympiad
45. Fu-Chien Chang Fu-Chien Chang Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Nan bei tui wang
46. Yin Chengxin Yin Chengxin Self, Rio Olympics
47. Wei Lu Wei Lu Actor, Ren she da zhan
47 names.