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1. Luis Moncada Luis Moncada Actor, Breaking Bad
2. Daniel Zacapa Daniel Zacapa Actor, The River Honduran-born Daniel Zacapa has established himself as one of the most effective character actors working. His varied and diverse film roles include Se7en, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, 'The Mexican', 'The Gene Generation', and 'Phenomenon', sharing the screen with such actors as 'Jack Lemmon', Walter Matthau...
3. Carlos Mencia Carlos Mencia Writer, Mind of Mencia Carlos Mencia is undoubtedly one of today's most popular entertainers and comics. Whether it is man-on-the-street interviews, studio comedy, commercial parodies, nationwide sold-out tours, or films, Mencia demonstrates an extraordinary ability to connect with a wide and diverse audience. Mencia comes from a humble background...
4. Rocsi Diaz Rocsi Diaz Self, Entertainment Tonight
5. Miguel Izaguirre Miguel Izaguirre Actor, Orange Is the New Black Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Miguel and his family emigrated to Miami, Fl where he was raised. Growing up in the tropical atmosphere of Miami inspired Miguel to see life in a new perspective and truly appreciate the beauty in nature and deep inside of us all. Always interested in all things related to the camera; both in front of and behind the scenes...
6. Edgar Flores Edgar Flores Actor, Sin Nombre
7. Nigel Miguel Nigel Miguel Actor, American History X
8. Anita Leeman Torres Anita Leeman Torres Actress, Bloody Bobby
9. Conrad Faraj Conrad Faraj Writer, The Wolf Family Treasure Born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Conrad Faraj and his family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in the summer of 2003, the same year he took an interest in filmmaking and began making short videos with his school friends and local actors. After spending multiple weekends and school holidays making over 100 short films...
10. Eva Fenix Eva Fenix Actress, Lesbian House Hunters 7
11. Illich Guardiola Illich Guardiola Actor, Appleseed Ex Machina
12. Maria Arita Maria Arita Actress, Universal Soldier: The Return
13. Sirena Lewis Sirena Lewis Actress, Black Anal Ecstasy 2
14. Satcha Pretto Satcha Pretto Self, ¡Despierta América!
15. Isabella De la Cruz Isabella De la Cruz Actress, Rocco's Dirty Dreams 8
16. Neida Sandoval Neida Sandoval Self, Hábitos sanos... Vida sana
17. Rigo Nova Rigo Nova Actor, GoForth Born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras - a native Spanish speaker. Raised by his mother and moved the United States at the age of 12 and only child. His professional background includes Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, and Information Technology. A very tech savvy and detailed person. Appreciates the diversity of many cultures and their customs which lead to his learning of French and Japanese.
18. Reginald Colin Rowley Reginald Colin Rowley Actor, Elf
19. Edmund Joyce Edmund Joyce Actor, Rudy
20. Lorena Vindel Lorena Vindel Actress, Siete mesas de billar francés
21. Berta Caceres Berta Caceres Self, Women Crossing the Line
22. Carmel St. Clair Carmel St. Clair Actress, Buttslammers III: The Ultimate Dream
23. Sami Kafati Sami Kafati Cinematographer, No hay tierra sin dueño
24. Jorge Marcos Jorge Marcos Actor, Intersect
25. Juan José Laboriel Juan José Laboriel Actor, La selva de fuego
26. Augusto Monterroso Augusto Monterroso Actor, Rarotonga
27. Steve Van Buren Steve Van Buren Actor, Triple Threat
28. Raul Matute Raul Matute Writer, Ecos De Dioses Raul Matute was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Graduated from The Center of Cinematography Arts & TV (Miami, Fl). He started his career in the entertainment world with Ramhaus Records in 2002 an indie record label from Miami. As a writer these are some of his novels: En el Jardin de mi madre, Deliciosa Angustia...
29. James Joint James Joint Actor, Awaiting Her
30. Alexis Hernandez Alexis Hernandez Actor, 10 Items or Less Alexis Hernandez was Born on September 21,1975 Honduras, Central America, moved to Los Angeles California on April 29,1988. While still in School He knew He had a Passion about acting. Soon an opportunity came up, to worked on a Music Video called " Dirty Little Thing " by Velvet Revolver as an Extra...
31. Nadia Cattouse Nadia Cattouse Actress, A World Inside
32. Helen Shields Helen Shields Actress, As the World Turns
33. Isaac Orlando Isaac Orlando Actor, The Most Dangerous Game As an actor, Isaac has worked in several Feature Films and short films. Studied acting at HB Studios in New York City and studied improvisation and comedy writing at the New School. Isaac was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras but was raised in the United States from the age of two. As a young entertainer...
34. Fosi Bendek Fosi Bendek Actor, Utopia
35. María José Alvarado María José Alvarado Actress, X-O da dinero
36. Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga Self, The Francis Effect
37. Carlos Gastel Carlos Gastel Producer, The Nat King Cole Show
38. Edmar Flores Edmar Flores Sound Department, Never Alone
39. Galel Maidana Galel Maidana Writer, La parte ausente
40. Skai Penalva Skai Penalva Sound Department, El Xendra
41. Roberto Gomez Roberto Gomez Producer, Don't Go in the Woods
42. Roberto Sosa Roberto Sosa Writer, Un crucero
43. Ruben Aleman Ruben Aleman Miscellaneous Crew, My Name Is Khan
44. Roberto Castillo Roberto Castillo Writer, Anita, the Insect Hunter
45. Rosibel Vindel Rosibel Vindel Actress, María querida
46. Gina N. Turcios Gina N. Turcios Director, Neccessary Discomforts an Artistic Tribute to Rozz Williams Gina N. Turcios, (AKA, Rabbit) was born in Honduras on October 6. Now lives in Sunny California since the age of 3. Her love for the arts was from a young age. Since she could hold a crayon in her hand she started to draw on anything, make anything out of scratch or use the camera to record everything around her...
47. A.J. Hicks A.J. Hicks Composer, Sharp
48. Gabriel Diaz Gabriel Diaz Editorial Department, The Dark Knight Rises
49. Jose David Yacaman Jose David Yacaman Producer, Second Coming
50. Antonio Moncada Antonio Moncada Sound Department, The Collector
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