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1. Clu Gulager Clu Gulager Actor, The Virginian Clu Gulager was born William Martin Gulager in Holdenville, Hughes County Oklahoma. His nickname was given to him by his father for the clu-clu birds (known in English as martins, like his middle name) that were nesting at the Gulager home at the time Clu was born. He grew up on his uncle's ranch as...
2. Bjo Trimble Bjo Trimble Self, Trek Nation
3. Bob Burrus Bob Burrus Actor, Tully
4. T. Boone Pickens T. Boone Pickens Self, Houston, We Have a Problem
5. 'Indian' Jack Jacobs 'Indian' Jack Jacobs Actor, Triple Threat
6. Zora Brown Zora Brown
6 names.