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1. Jesse Birdsall Jesse Birdsall Actor, Eldorado
2. Cyril Shaps Cyril Shaps Actor, The Pianist The son of a tailor, Cyril studied at the London School of Broadcasting aged 12 years. His first professional appearance, at 12, came on Radio Lyons and Radio Luxembourg in such commercials as O.K. Sauce and Quaker Oats. After demob from the Army, he enrolled at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art which was followed by Guildford rep and the West End...
3. Mary Norton Mary Norton Writer, The Secret World of Arrietty
4. Victor Platt Victor Platt Actor, The Drayton Case
5. Stanley W. Sayer Stanley W. Sayer Visual Effects, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
6. Robert W. Paul Robert W. Paul Producer, The '?' Motorist Robert Paul was an electrician and scientific instrument maker, with offices at Hatton Garden in London. He was approached by two Greek businessmen who had obtained an Edison kinetoscope (a slot machine that ran film in a continuous loop, that the customer viewed through an eyepiece). It should be noted that all the early Thomas A. Edison films were made for these machines--they were not projected...
7. Constance Backner Constance Backner Actress, Bluff
8. Albert Rebla Albert Rebla Actor, Forty Winks
9. Ernie Farrer Ernie Farrer Costume and Wardrobe Department, From Russia with Love
9 names.