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1. Lulu Brud Lulu Brud Actress, Entourage
2. Fantasia Barrino Fantasia Barrino Self, American Idol: Girls Rule
3. Gina-Raye Carter Gina-Raye Carter Actress, Path to War Gina-Raye Carter was born on June 13, 1972 in the city of High Point, North Carolina. Her father, Keith, has been working at Thomas Built Buses since he was 18 years old. Her mother Sindy, was mostly a housewife until she passed away in 1998 from a rare, (presumed hereditary) blood disorder called, Goodpasture's Syndrome...
4. Randy Spence Randy Spence Actor, Sand Castles
5. Anthony Lawson Anthony Lawson Actor, Girl Powered
6. Brandon Wardell Brandon Wardell Actor, The Hypnotist Brandon Wardell is a 5-time Tony Award and 4-time Grammy Award nominee and proud member of the Recording Academy who is equally at home in the spotlight or behind the scenes in film, on TV, on stage or in concert. Brandon is a film, theatre and album Producer with his company, Johnny Roscoe Productions...
7. Austin Carty Austin Carty Self, The First Exile
8. Sam Froelich Sam Froelich Producer, Cabin Fever Sam Froelich is president and co-founder of DownHome Entertainment, a North Carolina-based film and television production company, and owner of Carolina Props, the largest props/set dressing rental house on the East coast. With producing partner Lauren Moews of Tonic Films, Froelich produced the films Cabin Fever and Briar Patch (aka Plain Dirty)...
9. Michael Hayworth Michael Hayworth Miscellaneous Crew, Cabin Fever
10. Jerry Whittington Jerry Whittington Miscellaneous Crew, Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth
11. Matt Bivins Matt Bivins Uncategorised
12. Brad Hoover Brad Hoover Self, Super Bowl XXXVIII
13. Evan Bivins Evan Bivins Actor, An Occasional Hell
14. J.D. Hayworth J.D. Hayworth Self, Episode dated 9 April 2008
15. Tony Clemons Tony Clemons Actor, Solaris
16. Adrian Wilson Adrian Wilson Self, Episode dated 8 January 2009
17. Darrell Cathcart Darrell Cathcart Cinematographer, Final Exam
18. Luke Appling Luke Appling Self, 1982 Cracker Jack Oldtimer's Baseball Classic
19. Ted Brown Ted Brown Self, Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings
20. Adam Petty Adam Petty Transportation Department, China O'Brien
21. Ray Epperson Ray Epperson Actor, The Marshal of Windy Hollow
22. Evan Moseley Evan Moseley Producer, Contention
23. John Paton John Paton Art Department, The Last Musketeer
24. Maxwell Thurman Maxwell Thurman Self, The Panama Deception
25. Dustin McNeill Dustin McNeill Miscellaneous Crew, The Gravedancers
26. Greg Jeffries Greg Jeffries Self, 1993 NFL Draft
27. Brian Williams Brian Williams Self, Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers
28. Matthew McNeil Matthew McNeil Visual Effects, Rise and Fall of the Spartans
29. Tony Baker Tony Baker Self, 1986 NFL Draft
30. Mario Kearse Mario Kearse Actor, Life and Shit
31. Ray Hayworth Ray Hayworth Self, Hank Greenberg
31 names.