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1. Matthew Waterhouse Matthew Waterhouse Actor, Logopolis: Part One Matthew Waterhouse was born the son of a company solicitor. He joined the BBC as a clerk, working in the news and information department, while also pursuing an acting career. His first TV role was as a public schoolboy in "To Serve Them All My Days" (1980). He had not even started working on that programme when he auditoned for and won the role of Adric in Doctor Who...
2. April Kelley April Kelley Producer, The One That Ran Away
3. Richard Elson Richard Elson Director, I Love London
4. W.E. Johns W.E. Johns Writer, Biggles: Adventures in Time
5. John Cazabon John Cazabon Actor, Crash of Silence
6. Geoff Beames Geoff Beames Editor, Why Didn't They Ask Evans?
7. David McLellan David McLellan Self, Whatever Happened to Marx?
7 names.