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1. Frank Oz Frank Oz Actor, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
2. Ellie Goulding Ellie Goulding Soundtrack, Kick-Ass
3. Matt Milne Matt Milne Actor, War Horse
4. Danny Ligairi Danny Ligairi Actor, Taboo Son of former SAS major Ilisoni Ligairi and adopted at the age of one by a Worcestershire family, Ann and John Badham. Danny is an ambassador for a number of charities globally. A former professional sportsman in three sports, alongside his acting work Danny travels around the globe playing sport and inspiring children with his world renowned training camps...
5. Beryl Reid Beryl Reid Actress, The Killing of Sister George Beryl Reid was the daughter of Scottish parents and grew up in industrial Manchester, England. She left home at the age of 16 to go and work in a shop. She lasted 6 weeks. She applied for and was accepted in a revue in the Summer season in Bridlington. She had no formal training but joined the National Theater in London as a comedy actress...
6. Jo Stone-Fewings Jo Stone-Fewings Actor, Wondrous Oblivion Jo was born in Hereford in 1967 and studied acting at the Welsh College of Music and Drama, first coming to notice for his stage work with the English National Theatre in the late 1980s. From 1994 through to 2001 he was a prominent member of the Royal Shakespeare Company in London, Stratford-on-Avon and in touring productions and it was the Company that brought him together with his wife...
7. Will Adamsdale Will Adamsdale Actor, Pirate Radio Born in England in 1974, Will was partially brought up in America, where his father was in the Army. It was here that he picked up the accent for his comic persona, the motivational speaker Chris John Jackson. He went to Eton College in England and the Oxford School of Drama and started to gain stage notice in 1999...
8. Rod Mullinar Rod Mullinar Actor, Dead Calm
9. Brian Hankins Brian Hankins Actor, Who Killed Menna Lorraine?
10. Gia Marie Barbera Gia Marie Barbera Producer, The Independent Session Gia Marie Barbera was born September 22 1984 in Hereford, England. At the age of 20, she was promptly spotted in a nightclub by a talent scout and signed up to a top modeling agency. Gia's life is dominated by one of her abiding passions, music. Having been taught to DJ by none other than Alan McGee...
11. Gilbert Harding Gilbert Harding Self, What's My Line Probably the most famous personality on British TV in the 1950s, Gilbert Harding was notorious for his rudeness and short temper as a panel member on the genteel parlor game What's My Line, a program he occasionally presented. He also appeared in several British films, mostly playing himself. His most celebrated (if not infamous) appearance on film or TV was on the interview show Face to Face...
12. Rosemary Rogers Rosemary Rogers Actress, Jack's Horrible Luck
13. James Honeyman-Scott James Honeyman-Scott Soundtrack, Lost in Translation
14. Peter Farndon Peter Farndon Soundtrack, Cheech and Chong's Next Movie
15. Martin Chambers Martin Chambers Self, The Pretenders: Live in London
16. Alan Leighton Alan Leighton Self, Channel 4 News
17. David Garrick David Garrick Writer, Richard III
18. Christopher Nichol Christopher Nichol Actor, Crocodile Shoes
19. Frank Owens Frank Owens Self, Six Men
20. Mary Webb Mary Webb Writer, Gone to Earth
21. Kenneth Hope Kenneth Hope Director, Superstition Kenneth was born in Hereford in the United Kingdom. Having attended the local boys' school and after a short tenure at Hereford School of Art Kenneth moved to London in order to pursue a career in photography. He quickly established himself in the area of editorial and advertising and in 1974 moved to Amsterdam where he collaborated with the internationally renowned magazine "Avenue"...
22. Mick Ralphs Mick Ralphs Soundtrack, Old School
23. Sean Hince Sean Hince Visual Effects, V for Vendetta
24. Lynn Carol Robinson Lynn Carol Robinson Miscellaneous Crew, Swept from the Sea
25. Mary Hatton Mary Hatton Actress, The Insect Play
26. Richard Johnson Richard Johnson Self, A Question of Sport
27. Leslie Law Leslie Law Self, Sport at Heart
28. John Blashford-Snell John Blashford-Snell Actor, Jackanory
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