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1. Gary Cooper Gary Cooper Actor, High Noon "Dad was a true Westerner, and I take after him", Gary Cooper told people who wanted to know more about his life before Hollywood. Dad was Charles Henry Cooper, who left his native England at 19, became a lawyer and later a Montana State Supreme Court justice. In 1906, when Gary was 5, his dad bought the Seven-Bar-Nine...
2. Dirk Benedict Dirk Benedict Actor, Battlestar Galactica It's a long way from the vastness of Montana's Big Sky country to the vastness of outer space, but Dirk Benedict is taking the transition in stride. The actor's hometown of White Sulphur Springs, Montana, was so small that it lacked a television station. White Sulphur Springs, MT did have a motion picture theater...
3. Patricia Belcher Patricia Belcher Actress, (500) Days of Summer
4. Rebecca Ferratti Rebecca Ferratti Actress, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Rebecca Ferratti was born in the "Big Sky Country", Montana. She is an active sports enthusiast and has been involved in many professional sports, including the arena of competitive martial arts, and has developed her talents as a weapons, sparring and forms champion. She attributes her positive attitude to setting high goals and achieving success...
5. Howard Freeman Howard Freeman Actor, Letter from an Unknown Woman With many years' experience on the stage, reliable character actor Howard Freeman entered the film industry in 1942. In a career lasting 23 years, the heavyset actor specialized in portraying oily businessmen, pompous government officials (as in The Snake Pit), gruff fathers or neighborhood busybodies, but often with a light comedic touch.
6. Timmy Everett Timmy Everett Actor, The Music Man
7. Nicolette Larson Nicolette Larson Soundtrack, Twins
8. Erik L. Brown Erik L. Brown Camera and Electrical Department, Nightcrawler
9. Meagan Flynn Meagan Flynn Actress, Up in the Air Meagan was born and raised on a cattle ranch in beautiful southwestern Montana and graduated from Gonzaga University with honors. Meagan works both acting in front of the camera and working behind producing and directing. As an actress, Meagan can be seen questioning George Clooney as the flight attendant in Jason Reitman's Oscar-nominated "Up in the Air"...
10. Kandi Cox Kandi Cox Actress, Faster Pussycat Fuck! Fuck! Lovely, busty, and shapely 5'2" blonde bombshell Kandi Cox was born on May 23, 1965 in Helena, Montana. Cox was raised in Butte, Montana. Kandi started out in the adult entertainment industry as a dancer in Las Vegas, Nevada; among the various titles she has won are Miss Nude Northern USA, Miss Nude Eastern Europe...
11. Tui Asau Tui Asau Actor, Silent Ballet
12. Esther Howard Esther Howard Actress, Detour Switching from Broadway to Hollywood in 1931, actress Esther Howard was an expert at portraying blowsy old crones, man-hungry spinsters and oversexed dowagers. Utilizing her wide, expressive eyes and versatile voice for both broad comedy and tense drama, Howard was equally at home portraying slatternly toss-pot Mrs...
13. Colin Meloy Colin Meloy Actor, Blunderbuss
14. Tom Wilson Tom Wilson Actor, Shoulder Arms
15. Julia Hayes Julia Hayes Actress, Almost Anything
16. Scott Duthie Scott Duthie Stunts, Bedazzled Scott Duthie brings a myriad of talents to the producer role on "September Dawn." An established producer and director of live action and animation, Duthie is devoted to staying on the forefront of the technological revolution in the production of film and television. Duthie began his career as a marketing technical consultant and creative director in Seattle...
17. Paul Jasmin Paul Jasmin Actor, Adaptation.
18. James C. Morton James C. Morton Actor, The Devil's Brother
19. Ward Ramsey Ward Ramsey Actor, Cape Fear
20. Helen Christian Helen Christian Actress, Zorro Rides Again
21. Will Mahoney Will Mahoney Actor, Come Up Smiling
22. Will Mahoney Will Mahoney Actor, Passion Fish
23. Robert Tobin Robert Tobin Actor, Fog
24. Kalafatic Poole Kalafatic Poole Actor, The Call of Cthulhu
25. Margaret Craven Margaret Craven Writer, I Heard the Owl Call My Name
26. Pat Donovan Pat Donovan Self, Super Bowl XIII
27. Harry Mayo Harry Mayo Actor, Sundance and the Fallen Sparrow
28. Roy Ringwald Roy Ringwald Soundtrack, Du Barry Was a Lady
29. Leo Seltzer Leo Seltzer Director, Jacqueline Kennedy's Asian Journey
30. Craig Brooks Craig Brooks Producer, The Evolution of an Artist: Thom Jones
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