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1. Philip Middlemiss Philip Middlemiss Actor, Coronation Street
2. Jim Parker Jim Parker Composer, Midsomer Murders
3. George Mallaby George Mallaby Actor, Homicide Best known in Australia as Detective Peter Barnes (1967-73) in the long running police drama Homicide. He later appeared in Cop Shop and began to make a name for himself in local and international movies before suffering the first of the strokes that would eventually kill him in the mid-1980s. He was confined to a wheelchair for the last four years of his life...
4. Ronald Herdman Ronald Herdman Actor, Four Weddings and a Funeral
5. Reginald Hill Reginald Hill Writer, Dalziel and Pascoe
6. Gwenllian Gill Gwenllian Gill Actress, Murder Tomorrow
7. Niel Bushnell Niel Bushnell Visual Effects, Lost in Space
8. Liam Howe Liam Howe Soundtrack, The Girl Next Door
9. Jeremy Spencer Jeremy Spencer Soundtrack, Fear No Evil
10. Cyril Sweetman Cyril Sweetman Miscellaneous Crew, From Russia with Love
11. Brian Glenny Brian Glenny Actor, Sweeney Todd
12. Reg Smythe Reg Smythe Writer, The Fantastic Funnies
13. Garry Brown Garry Brown Miscellaneous Crew, Humphrey Lyttelton: The Jazz Musicians' Jazz Musician
14. Bill Sirs Bill Sirs Self, The Glass Box
15. Elsie Day Elsie Day Self, Variety
16. Warren Tute Warren Tute Writer, The Forth Road Bridge
17. Richee Mathwin Richee Mathwin Editor, Unexpected Richee Mathwin was born on the 26th of March 1982 in the North Eastern English town of Hartlepool. In 2003 he studied for a HND and BSC in Multimedia Technology at Leeds Metropolitan University. in 2009 he completed his PGDip in Film at The Northern Film School in Leeds. Richee continues to work on...
18. Stanley Platts Stanley Platts Actor, Love Among the Ruins
19. Paddy Pallin Paddy Pallin Self, A Singular Woman
19 names.