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1. Cara Theobold Cara Theobold Actress, Downton Abbey Cara was born in Yorkshire in January 1990 and attended Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Whilst there she won the part of Ivy in period drama 'Downton Abbey' and the school allowed her to finish her final year early in order to appear in the series. In 2012 she was a joint recipient of the Screen Actors' Guild award for the best ensemble cast in a television series...
2. Jim Carter Jim Carter Actor, Downton Abbey
3. Hugo Speer Hugo Speer Actor, The Full Monty
4. Claire King Claire King Actress, Emmerdale
5. Helen Cherry Helen Cherry Actress, Flipper's New Adventure Although her career was somewhat eclipsed by that of her internationally-renowned husband/actor Trevor Howard, blue-eyed, reddish-haired, patrician-looking actress Helen Cherry valiantly managed a long and enviable career throughout on stage, film and TV reputation. Born Helen Mary Cherry on November 24...
6. Ilona Rodgers Ilona Rodgers Actress, Sons and Daughters
7. Giles Alderson Giles Alderson Actor, The Damned United Giles was born in Harrogate, Yorkshire, UK. He has starred in the films, I Want Candy, The Torment, The Harsh Light of Day, The Damned United and is the founder of Gold Films & Figi Productions where he has produced and directed eight awards winning films including 'Barry Brown', '47 Cleveland' 'Taken' and the first 3D short drama to be filmed in the UK 'SportsDay 3D'...
8. Ian Sharrock Ian Sharrock Actor, Emmerdale
9. Edward Chapman Edward Chapman Actor, Things to Come
10. Ian Paul Cassidy Ian Paul Cassidy Actor, Highlander: Endgame Ian Paul Cassidy was born in Harrogate, England. Born to a Royal Marine and an aspiring world-class equestrian, Ian lived in more than 11 countries by the time he was nine. When his father retired from the army, he moved Ian and his family to Perth, Australia. After graduating high school in Rockingham...
11. Chris Clough Chris Clough Producer, The Bill
12. Peter Birch Peter Birch Actor, Casualty
13. Roderic Noble Roderic Noble Actor, Nicholas and Alexandra
14. Genevieve Barr Genevieve Barr Actress, Admit None Genevieve Barr was born on the 12 December 1985 in Harrogate, North Yorkshire to parents Robert and Caroline. She is the oldest of four siblings, with a sister Antonia, 25 and twin siblings Robbie and Sabrina aged 17. Born profoundly deaf, the doctors told her parents that she would never learn to speak or fully adapt to a hearing world...
15. Stuart Colman Stuart Colman Self, Blue Suede Shoes
16. Lynn Dalby Lynn Dalby Actress, Budgie
17. Dewey Bunnell Dewey Bunnell Soundtrack, American Hustle Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Dewey Bunnell was born on January 19, 1952 in Harrogate, Yorkshire, England. His father was an American serviceman stationed in England. Bunnell met fellow musicians Gerry Beckley and Dan Peek in high school. The trio formed the folk-rock group America in 1969...
18. Howard Ella Howard Ella Producer, An Inspector Calls
19. Clare McIntyre Clare McIntyre Actress, A Fish Called Wanda
20. Zayne Bracken Zayne Bracken Actor, End of Term
21. Dave C.G. Hare Dave C.G. Hare Editor, Monday
22. Alex Lovell Alex Lovell Actress, BrainTeaser
23. Jonathan Bradd Jonathan Bradd Actor, An Angel for May
24. Russell Whaley Russell Whaley Actor, One Man's Goal Russell Whaley was born 28 January 1981 in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England. At 21 he left a financially stable career in Accounting to train at Leeds Metropolitan University, studying Performing Arts. Upon completion, he saved for a year and moved to Los Angeles, California in 2005 with only $2,500...
25. Laurence Mitchell Laurence Mitchell Actor, Cold Warrior
26. Ben Thompson Ben Thompson Writer, Dreamer
27. Sam Watts Sam Watts Composer, The Sarah Jane Adventures Sam was born in Harrogate on 17th March, 1982 and brought up in a town called Wetherby in West Yorkshire, England. He started playing the piano at the age of five and singing at nine. He studied for a BA (Hons) in Music at the University of Nottingham and graduated in July 2003 with a First. He moved...
28. Linda Gray Linda Gray Actress, Up the Front
29. Christian Steel Christian Steel Actor, Zombie Women of Satan
30. Emily Wright Emily Wright Actress, Heartbeat
31. David Yelland David Yelland Self, The Daily Politics
32. Anne Turner Anne Turner Self, Six O'Clock News Having been diagnosed with incurable progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) in 2004 and having watched her husband 'Jack Turner' die from a closely related illness, Dr Anne Turner chose to end her life using assisted suicide, illegal in the UK, travelling to Switzerland to do so in January 2006. Turner chose to make her case known to the press and in particular to the BBC...
33. Freddie Stevenson Freddie Stevenson Actor, Official Selection
34. Tim Kellett Tim Kellett Soundtrack, High Crimes
35. Jonathan Armandary Jonathan Armandary Composer, Forget Paris
36. William Wright William Wright Actor, Heartbeat
37. Laura Bradd Laura Bradd Actress, Heartbeat
38. Barney Potts Barney Potts Actor, Burns Chuckwagon from the Stampede Corral
39. Andrew Brown Andrew Brown Producer, Stoned
40. Ray Taylor Ray Taylor Writer, The Naked Bunyip
41. Mark Upton Mark Upton Producer, Pam Ann Live: Come Fly with Me
42. Nic Wistreich Nic Wistreich Actor, Till We Meet Again
43. Stuart Gray Stuart Gray
44. Vicky Craggs Vicky Craggs
45. C.H.B. Kitchin C.H.B. Kitchin Writer, Shades of Darkness
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