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1. Keith David Keith David Actor, Platoon Keith David was born in New York City's Harlem district and raised in East Elmhurst, in the Queens section of the city. He is the son of Dolores (Dickenson), a New York Telephone manager, and Lester Williams, a payroll operations director. As a child, he realized he wanted to act after playing the cowardly...
2. Mekhi Phifer Mekhi Phifer Actor, 8 Mile Mekhi Phifer was born in Harlem, Manhattan, and was raised by his mother, Rhoda, a high school teacher. Phifer's acting career began when he auditioned at an open casting call for director Spike Lee's Clockers and was selected for the leading role. Working alongside Harvey Keitel and Delroy Lindo...
3. Yaya DaCosta Yaya DaCosta Actress, TRON: Legacy Yaya Alafia was born and raised in New York City along with her sister and two brothers. She got her first acting gig at the age of eleven when her junior high school drama teacher, Ann Willis Ratray, encouraged her to audition for educational films. She continued to perform in school shows throughout high school and college and in 2005...
4. Tupac Shakur Tupac Shakur Soundtrack, Django Unchained Born in New York City, Tupac grew up primarily in Harlem. In 1984, his family moved to Baltimore, Maryland where he became good friends with Jada Pinkett Smith. His family moved again in 1988 to Oakland, California. His first breakthrough in music came in 1991 as a member of the group Digital Underground...
5. Sammy Davis Jr. Sammy Davis Jr. Actor, Ocean's 11 Sammy Davis Jr. was often billed as the "greatest living entertainer in the world". He was born in Harlem, Manhattan, the son of dancer Elvera Davis (née Sanchez) and vaudeville star Sammy Davis Sr.. His father was African-American and his mother was of Puerto Rican ancestry. Davis Jr. was known as someone who could do it all--sing...
6. Rob Brown Rob Brown Actor, Coach Carter Rob Brown was born in Harlem and raised in Brooklyn, New York. A natural who never studied acting and who had no professional acting experience, made his acting and motion picture debut in Finding Forrester. Rob celebrated his 16th birthday just before the start of production. He is a talented athlete in high school playing both basketball and football.
7. Kathrine Narducci Kathrine Narducci Actress, A Bronx Tale
8. Joan Hackett Joan Hackett Actress, Support Your Local Sheriff! Joan Hackett was never one of your conventional leading ladies. Directors sometimes found her difficult to work with. Yet, this strong-minded perfectionist had an unquenchable individuality that came through in her performances and she never hesitated being unglamorous whenever the role demanded. Born of an Italian mother and an Irish-American father in East Harlem on March 1 1934...
9. Tony Denison Tony Denison Actor, Pilot
10. Allen Payne Allen Payne Actor, The Perfect Storm
11. Azealia Banks Azealia Banks Soundtrack, The Heat
12. Seth Peterson Seth Peterson Actor, Hate Crime
13. Cam'ron Cam'ron Soundtrack, End of Watch Rapper Cam'ron was born and raised in Harlem, attending Manhattan Center High School, where one of his basketball teammates was Mason "Mase" Betha, who also became a successful rapper. Though his playing earned him scholarship offers from top colleges, Cam'ron was unable to take advantage of them because of his poor academic record...
14. Tommy Savas Tommy Savas Actor, Roger Dodger
15. Biz Markie Biz Markie Actor, Men in Black II
16. Lil Mama Lil Mama Self, Episode dated 19 January 2009
17. Darryl McDaniels Darryl McDaniels Soundtrack, Die Hard Darryl Matthews McDaniels was born on May 31, 1964, in Queens, New York. His birth parents are unknown. At the age of 3 months, Byford and Banna McDaniels adopted him. He attended Catholic schools in New York City and after graduation, he attended St. John's University in Queens, New York. During this...
18. Sasha Allen Sasha Allen Actress, Camp
19. Leo O'Brien Leo O'Brien Actor, The Last Dragon
20. Noel MacNeal Noel MacNeal Actor, Elmo Saves Christmas
21. A. Rahman Yoba A. Rahman Yoba Actor, A Woman Like That A. Rahman Yoba has been involved in some aspect of the entertainment industry for over two decades. Yoba, the second of six children was born Abdul-Rahman Kwame Yoba in Harlem, New York to Mahmoudah Young Lanier and Erutan Abdullah Yoba. Having witnessed the birth of hip-hop culture in the mid 1970s...
22. Vanessa del Rio Vanessa del Rio Actress, Soul Men
23. Ronnie Spector Ronnie Spector Soundtrack, Jingle All the Way
24. Michael Hawkins Michael Hawkins Actor, As the World Turns
25. Dolores Hope Dolores Hope Self, Bob Hope's Bag Full of Christmas Memories
26. Paul Bogart Paul Bogart Director, Torch Song Trilogy
27. Perry Moore Perry Moore Actor, The Tuskegee Airmen
28. Fritzi Jane Courtney Fritzi Jane Courtney Actress, Jaws: The Revenge
29. Norma Miller Norma Miller Actress, Malcolm X
30. Kelis Kelis Soundtrack, Step Up
31. Tyler Collins Tyler Collins Actress, A Rage in Harlem
32. Juelz Santana Juelz Santana Soundtrack, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
33. Frankie Lymon Frankie Lymon Soundtrack, American Graffiti
34. Kent Williams Kent Williams Actor, WarGames Born in Manhattan, son of big band leader Glenn Williams and Marilyn Williams, a former June Taylor dancer. Studied music and theatre at SUNY Oswego where he graduated in 1973 along with classmate Christine Estabrook ("Desperate Housewives"). Studied acting at the American Conservatory Theatre in San...
35. Jim Jones Jim Jones Self, This Is Jim Jones
36. Joe Budden Joe Budden Soundtrack, Mean Girls
37. Freddie Jackson Freddie Jackson Self, King of New York
38. Alberto Vazquez Alberto Vazquez Actor, Michael Clayton Alberto Vazquez was born in Spanish Harlem, New York. His parents are from Puerto Rico. Alberto was interested in acting since his childhood. He was a television junkie and would imitate characters from popular TV shows in the sixties. He started studying acting in 1975 with Julie Bovasso (Travolta's mother in Saturday Night Fever)...
39. Jane White Jane White Actress, Klute
40. Kurtis Blow Kurtis Blow Soundtrack, It's Kind of a Funny Story
41. Izzy Ruiz Izzy Ruiz Actor, Lola Versus Born in New York City's Spanish Harlem, Izzy Ruiz was born to act. He moved to the south Bronx at the age of 5, where he spent most of his life since. Izzy has experienced so much in life, that others would find unbearable or unrealistic. From seeing a man shot in the head when he was 6 years old to seeing a bus run over another child's head when he was 8 years old...
42. James Baldwin James Baldwin Writer, Where the Heart Is
43. Joe Suba Joe Suba Actor, Opium War Joe Suba had no intentions of being an actor. An only child, Suba was born and raised in Harlem, New York. A super productive, type A over-achiever who was never known to do anything half-heartedly, boxing and martial arts came naturally to him, and he became a black belt in karate at a young age. Suba...
44. Bre Scullark Bre Scullark Self, Nicki Minaj Bre Scullark, from America's Next Top Model, Cycle 5 is a dynamic young woman who after ANTM, did correspondent work for the Tyra Banks Show, BET and a few other outlets. Bre has been a blogger for Global Grind, Essence.com and Honey magazine while focusing on acting and continuing her correspondent work. Her latest campaigns are Garnier Fructis, Ambi Skincare and Dove Chocolate.
45. Agnes de Mille Agnes de Mille Self, Martha Graham: The Dancer Revealed
46. Shorty Mac Shorty Mac Actor, Little Red Rides the Hood 2 It goes without saying that Shorty Mac is quite diminutive. However, this performer, hailing from the streets of Harlem, New York has made an distinctively-colossal mark in the adult film industry. Big things come in small packages, as the old expression goes and it is undoubtedly true when women come face-to-face with Shorty Mac...
47. Shabazz Ray Shabazz Ray Actor, Zoolander Shabazz Ray was born in Harlem New York. He moved to South Carolina with his father and mother at 2 years old. He lived between Bronx, New York and South Carolina until he was 17. This is when he went to New York for a summer vacation with no plans of returning to South Carolina. He decided over the...
48. Derron 'Smokey' Edington Derron 'Smokey' Edington Self, Episode #1.7
49. Felipe Luciano Felipe Luciano Actor, It Could Happen to You
50. Ed Cambridge Ed Cambridge Actor, Deep Cover
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