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1. Anne Douglas Anne Douglas Producer, Scalawag
2. Dennis Gansel Dennis Gansel Director, The Wave Born in 1973 in Hannover, Germany, Dennis Gansel studied at Munich Film School HFF. Remarkably his first feature length movie Das Phantom was shot while he was still studying. Between his movies Girls on Top, Before the Fall and The Wave he spent a long time struggling for the budget of the films. During these times he shot commercials. Dennis Gansel lives in Berlin.
3. Otto Sander Otto Sander Actor, Wings of Desire
4. Theo Lingen Theo Lingen Actor, M
5. Sven Garrett Sven Garrett Actor, Murder-Set-Pieces
6. Daniele Rizzo Daniele Rizzo Actor, Stung
7. Oliver Broumis Oliver Broumis Actor, Stalingrad Oliver Broumis was born in Hannover, Germany where he grew up. Right after College he went to the Hamburg University of Music and Dramatic Arts for a 4 years education in acting. Since then, he also did a lot of training in Los Angeles with M. K. Lewis (Film Tech), Sam Christensen (S. Chr. Process) and Frank Betzelt...
8. Edith Volkmann Edith Volkmann Actress, Men...
9. David Rodigan David Rodigan Actor, The Office Party
10. Cherry Lawson Cherry Lawson Actress, Amateur Thrills 6
11. Mark Morrison Mark Morrison Soundtrack, Speed 2: Cruise Control
12. Günther Neutze Günther Neutze Actor, Dem Täter auf der Spur
13. Gisa Zach Gisa Zach Actress, Forsthaus Falkenau
14. Stephan Bissmeier Stephan Bissmeier Actor, Talk of the Town
15. Renate Becker Renate Becker Actress, Stille Liebe
16. Peter F. Bringmann Peter F. Bringmann Director, Theo gegen den Rest der Welt
17. Roswitha Szyszkowitz Roswitha Szyszkowitz Actress, Würstelstand
18. Andi Slawinski Andi Slawinski Actor, Verbotene Liebe
19. Holm Dressler Holm Dressler Director, Zärtliche Chaoten II
20. Georg Wildhagen Georg Wildhagen Director, The Merry Wives of Windsor
21. Prince Heinrich of Hanover Prince Heinrich of Hanover Self, A Royal Family
22. Adolf Abter Adolf Abter Director, Der goldene Skorpion
23. Khyana El Bitar Khyana El Bitar Writer, Das System - Alles verstehen heisst alles verzeihen
24. Elly Beinhorn Elly Beinhorn Writer, Elly Beinhorn erzählt
25. Otto Brenner Otto Brenner Self, Zur Person
26. Simon J. Humphris Simon J. Humphris Actor, The Vicious Dead Simon J. Humphris was born in Hanover, Germany. Fanatical about film at an early age, he grew a great passion and drive in acting and performing. In 1990, influenced by his now late Grandparents and theatrical stage actors Victoria & Norman Hamling, he attended the Nuffield Youth Theatre Group, Southampton...
27. Herwig Walter Herwig Walter Actor, Die Geschichte von Joel Brand
28. Werner Rehm Werner Rehm Actor, The Tin Drum
29. Utz Claassen Utz Claassen Self, Sabine Christiansen
30. Erich Gerberding Erich Gerberding Actor, Reise ins Ehebett
31. Wilhelm Busch Wilhelm Busch Writer, Max und Moritz Wilhelm Busch was a German painter, poet and satirist, best known for his drawings that were accompanied by wise, satiric, doggerel verse. His Bilderbogen (pictorial broadsheets) are considered to be precursors of the comic strip. In 1859, after study at academies in Duesseldorf, Antwerp, and Munich...
32. Theo. A. Metz Theo. A. Metz Soundtrack, Batman Composer of the rousing ragtime classic "A Hot Time in the Old Town", which became the theme song of the Spanish-American War in 1898. (Theodore Roosevelt once conducted the tune and commented that he was "proud to shake the hand of the man who wrote the song that stirred a nation.") Metz maintained a desk at the Marks Music Corporation offices in New York and...
33. Friedbert Pflüger Friedbert Pflüger Self, Klipp und klar
34. Ernst Albrecht Ernst Albrecht Self, Je später der Abend...
35. Prince George Prince George Self, Duke of Cambridge Opening Earl's Court Exhibition
36. William Davis William Davis Self, Budget '68
37. Markus Rhoten Markus Rhoten Music Department, Live from Lincoln Center
38. Erich Ude Erich Ude Actor, Jaider, der einsame Jäger
39. Benno Ohnesorg Benno Ohnesorg Self, Der Polizeistaatsbesuch - Beobachtungen unter deutschen Gastgebern
40. Armin Biehler Armin Biehler Director, Chicken mexicaine
41. Rudolf Augstein Rudolf Augstein Self, Einige Tage im Leben des ...
42. Iain Overton Iain Overton Producer, Places That Don't Exist Iain Overton is a British documentary maker born on 3rd August, 1973. He mainly works for the BBC and has filmed in over 35 countries around the world -including Somaliland, Nagorno Karabakh and Taiwan. Educated at Downing College and Gonville & Caius, Cambridge, Iain Overton's film work has won him a BAFTA Scotland, a Prix Circom and a One World award, amongst others...
43. Marc Bator Marc Bator Actor, Ostpreußens Küste - Elche, Sand und Seeadler
44. Alexa Hennig von Lange Alexa Hennig von Lange Writer, Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten
45. August Wilhelm von Schlegel August Wilhelm von Schlegel Writer, König Richard II
46. Eva Gerson Eva Gerson Actress, Street of Sinners
47. Yasmin Fahimi Yasmin Fahimi Self, Pelzig hält sich
48. Hans-Lothar Domröse Hans-Lothar Domröse Self, Leben und Sterben für Kabul - Wie Deutschland am Hindukusch die Freiheit verteidigt
48 names.