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1. Pam Ferris Pam Ferris Actress, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
2. Chris Barrie Chris Barrie Actor, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Chris Barrie was born Christopher Jonathan Brown on March 28, 1960, in Hannover, Germany. He was brought up in Northern Ireland, and was a boarder at a Methodist College in Belfast. He was Head Boy in his final year, and played the lead in a "Dial M for Murder" production. He eventually started a business course at Brighton Polytechnic...
3. Dennis Gansel Dennis Gansel Director, The Wave Born in 1973 in Hannover, Germany, Dennis Gansel studied at Munich Film School HFF. Remarkably his first feature length movie Das Phantom was shot while he was still studying. Between his movies Girls on Top, Before the Fall and The Wave he spent a long time struggling for the budget of the films. During these times he shot commercials. Dennis Gansel lives in Berlin.
4. Hakan Serbes Hakan Serbes Actor, Looker
5. Gustav Fröhlich Gustav Fröhlich Actor, Metropolis
6. Otto Sander Otto Sander Actor, Wings of Desire
7. Doris Dörrie Doris Dörrie Writer, Cherry Blossoms
8. Lena Meyer-Landrut Lena Meyer-Landrut Self, Mein bester Feind/De traurige Freschkopp
9. Lucas Prisor Lucas Prisor Actor, Young & Beautiful
10. Daniele Rizzo Daniele Rizzo Actor, Unter der Oberfläche
11. Grethe Weiser Grethe Weiser Actress, Die große Liebe Grethe Weiser (born in Hannover, Germany, as Mathilde Ella Dorothea Margarethe Nowka) was a singer, comedian, film and stage actress. She grew up in Kotsche and Dresden and went to the private school Höhere Töchter. At the age of 18 she married Josef Weiser, with whom she had a son in 1922. The family moved to Berlin...
12. Oliver Pocher Oliver Pocher Self, Sportfreunde Pocher - Alle gegen die Bayern!
13. Helmfried von Lüttichau Helmfried von Lüttichau Actor, Vicky the Viking
14. Oliver Kalkofe Oliver Kalkofe Actor, Der Wixxer
15. Michael Schiller Michael Schiller Actor, Schindler's List
16. Mareike Carrière Mareike Carrière Actress, A Dangerous Method
17. Frank Wedekind Frank Wedekind Writer, Pandora's Box
18. Martin Langer Martin Langer Cinematographer, Sophie Scholl: The Final Days
19. Malte Arkona Malte Arkona Self, Das Superfinale
20. Marcel Werner Marcel Werner Actor, Bananen-Paul
21. Tex Rubinowitz Tex Rubinowitz Actor, Before Sunrise
22. Hilde Hildebrand Hilde Hildebrand Actress, Great Freedom No. 7
23. Sabine Zimmermann Sabine Zimmermann Self, Episode #1.181
24. Eberhard Schröder Eberhard Schröder Director, When Mother Went on Strike
25. Anna-Katharina Samsel Anna-Katharina Samsel Actress, Episode #1.1572
26. Malte Jaeger Malte Jaeger Actor, Jud Süß
27. Florian Thunemann Florian Thunemann Actor, Das Ultimatum
28. Gisa Zach Gisa Zach Actress, Episode #1.500
29. Johanna Klemperer Johanna Klemperer Actress, Ludwig der Zweite, König von Bayern
30. Ulrich Pleitgen Ulrich Pleitgen Actor, Stammheim - Die Baader-Meinhof-Gruppe vor Gericht
31. Gabriele Libbach Gabriele Libbach Self, Marzipan - Süße Versuchung
32. Lutz Herkenrath Lutz Herkenrath Actor, Beim nächsten Kuß knall ich ihn nieder
33. Vinicio Capossela Vinicio Capossela Soundtrack, My Mother's Smile
34. Andi Slawinski Andi Slawinski Actor, Episode #1.1182
35. Melanie Anschütz Melanie Anschütz Actress, Bang Boom Bang - Ein todsicheres Ding
36. Dieter Weichbrodt Dieter Weichbrodt Actor, The Night a Village Vanished
37. Jan R. Wagner Jan R. Wagner Writer, Porno
38. Kurt Schwitters Kurt Schwitters Writer, Primiti Too Taa After studying at both the School of Applied Art and the Royal Academy of Art in Germany, Kurt Schwitters experimented with abstract and expressionist painting before becoming involved with the Dada movement, an artistic philosophy based primarily on incongruity, absurdism, and nonsense. Although he associated with the Dadaists and his works shared many similarities to theirs...
39. Frank Meyer-Brockmann Frank Meyer-Brockmann Actor, Twisted Sisters
40. Anja Gohde Anja Gohde Miscellaneous Crew, Luther
41. Patricia Schlesinger Patricia Schlesinger Actress, Panorama
42. Karl Krolow Karl Krolow Self, Die Wahrheit ist dem Menschen zumutbar
43. Wilhelm Meyer-Förster Wilhelm Meyer-Förster Writer, Alt Heidelberg
44. Hanne Brinkmann Hanne Brinkmann Actress, Das Mädel von nebenan
45. Günter Lampe Günter Lampe Actor, Miss Sara Sampson
46. Uta Prelle Uta Prelle Actress, Gekidnapped
47. Hanns-Joachim Marschall Hanns-Joachim Marschall Actor, Kakadu in Nöten
48. Karl Hasselmann Karl Hasselmann Cinematographer, Othello
49. Per Mertesacker Per Mertesacker Self, Deutschland. Ein Sommermärchen
50. Karl Fleischer Karl Fleischer Self, Tagesschau
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